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There are so many compelling reasons to get married in Italy. Tying the knot with the love of your life should be the happiest and most memorable event in your life, and it can be when stunning Italian landscapes provide the backdrop.

A combination of stunning scenery and centuries of tradition make weddings in Italy particular romantic. Whether you get married by the shore of Lake Garda or high in the mountains, you and your partner are assured of an occasion you'll never forget. But to ensure your day is the best it can possibly be, it's always a good idea to place its planning in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable wedding planner in Italy.


What Is So Special About an Italian Wedding?


You will find almost every type of landscape and scenery in Italy. Weddings here are often spectacular, whether they take place on secluded beaches, in the mountains or by breathtaking natural lakes.

Italian weddings are also known for their incredible food. Depending on where in Italy you tie the knot, you can expect to feast on classic pasta dishes, fresh seafood and a wide range of locally grown fresh vegetables. Italians are known for their love of food, so you can rest assured this will be high on the agenda of any Italian wedding planner.

Italy is also famous for its unique marital customs. For example, the bride often wears a traditional garter, which the groom is expected to remove and tear in pieces - before sharing it with family members. In some regions of the country, the garter is thrown into a crowd of guests. If a garter isn't worn, a shoe can be used.

Another interesting wedding tradition in certain areas of Italy is one that forbids the bride from even looking at herself in a mirror before she's fully dressed in her wedding attire. In areas such as Tuscany, women were once married in a black dress and white hat. And in Venice, an old tradition calls for the finest of two wedding dresses to be worn after the ceremony.

You can sample many of these wonderful traditions by getting married in Italy yourself. Allow HeraEl to guide you through the wedding process from start to finish. From organising the food to booking a premium wedding venue, Elena and her team will work tirelessly to ensure your big day in Italy is one you'll remember forever.


Spectacular Wedding Venues Across Italy


We can arrange the wedding of your dreams in some of the most spectacular beauty spots in Italy. Whether you want to get married in the mountains or on the incredible Amalfi Coast, we can make your dreams come true.



Lake Garda

Lake Garda is located in the north of Italy, and is the country's largest lake. Spread across three regions, Lake Garda is surrounded by pretty towns and villages - many of which have majestic mountains as their backdrop. This area is littered with Medieval castles, picturesque streets and romantic locations on the shoreline. If you want to get married while surrounded by mountains, centuries of history and Italy's most famous stretch of water, Lake Garda weddings are ideal.


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Lake Como


Lake Como has an international reputation for natural beauty and romance. Along the shores of Italy's third largest lake you will find quaint villages, castles, villas, gardens and many areas of outstanding natural beauty. Of all the amazing places to get married in Italy, Lake Como is one of the most popular with foreign tourists. A combination of its proximity to Milan and its relatively mild climate makes this stunning area ideal for al fresco wedding ceremonies.


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Luxury Hotel Lake Como


Lake Maggiore

Located in the north of Italy on the outskirts of Milan, Lake Maggiore is spread across two regions: Lombardy and Piedmont. This area is steeped in history and tradition, and was once the venue for one of Queen Victoria's extended holidays.
Lake Maggiore offers a quintessentially Mediterranean atmosphere, yet its cool climate makes it perfect for weddings all year round. The area is known for its landscaped gardens too, which include Isola Madre, Isola Bella and the Alpinia garden. Whether you want to get married in an historic country home or outside by the lake, this area of northern Italy is ideal for almost any type of wedding.


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If ever there was a city of romance, it has to be Verona. This stunning ancient metropolis is famous for its architecture and Roman heritage, but it also has the privilege of being the setting for William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." You can get married in the shadow of ancient Roman ruins, or in one of the city's stunning historic homes. This is a great place for getting married in italy if you're looking for the luxuries of city living without the hustle, bustle and noise.


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Located on the breathtaking west coast of Italy, Tuscany is a romantic location famous for its rolling hillsides and sprawling vineyards. This really is a place that's great to explore by car. Take to the long and winding coastal roads, and you'll come across countless picturesque villages with their own charm and historical context. This beautiful region is characterized by its red farmhouses, small castles, and exceptional cuisine.
Tuscany is home to a wide range of rustic Italian wedding venues, as well as some more modern ones. Whether you want to tie the knot in a quaint fishing village or in the majestic city of Florence, you'll be spoilt for options in Tuscany.


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Amalfi Coast


For a special wedding with a Mediterranean influence, Amalfi Coast in the south west of the country is perfect. Whether you're looking for historic locations or areas of natural beauty, you'll find everything you need for a romantic wedding you'll never forget right here.
One of the most spectacular backdrops can be found on the Isle of Capri, while history abounds in the infamous city of Pompeii. If you want the trappings of modern life, however, Naples offers some of the most impressive locations in Italy. Italy wedding venues with real character and history are strewn across this beautiful region, and the experienced team of wedding planners at HeraEl can secure them for your big day.


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Puglia is located in the "heel" of Italy's famous "boot", and it's home to golden sands, blue seas and a warm climate. Whether you want to get married by the sea or in the regional capital Bari, you can enjoy an unmistakably Mediterranean wedding in this part of Italy. Another popular location for Italian weddings is Lecce, which is often referred to as the "Florence of the South" - thanks to its Baroque architecture.
Nowhere else in Italy will you find the combination of hot weather, traditional music and stunning coastal vistas. Along with the region's Mediterranean cuisine, these unique benefits persuade thousands of happy couples to get married in Puglia every year.


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Why Choose HeraEl for Your Wedding in Italy?


Many couples have a dream of getting married in a foreign land, but the logistics involved in such a feat often get in the way. Italy is a country of many different terrains, climates and cultures, which means you will need an experienced wedding planner with detailed knowledge of the country. Elena and the HeraEl team have been organised Italy weddings across Italy for several years. When you put your dream Italian wedding in the hands of these experts, you know your big day is in the best of hands.


Organising Your Big Day with HeraEl


Elena will be there with you throughout every stage of the planning process, as well as on the big day itself. You can discuss your wishes and requirements at length at the very beginning of the process, so nothing is left to chance. Using her vast experience and knowledge of wedding planning in Italy, Elena then gets to work planning every aspect of your wedding.
One of the biggest aspects of any wedding involves finding the perfect wedding dress - which isn't easy if you don't live in Italy. Elena enjoys productive working relationships with some of the most talented and renowned dressmakers in Italy, so she's always able to provide a range of ideas and ensure the dress is delivered on time and to specification. She'll also arrange the men's attire if required.
HeraEl is a one-stop-shop for a luxury wedding in Italy.


Elena takes care of booking the venue, interviewing musicians, ordering flowers, booking the photographer and all of the other major tasks involved with organising a memorable wedding. But she also takes great pride in ensuring all of the tiny details are taken care of. It's often the little touches like wedding favours, table decorations and reception drinks that make the difference.


The HeraEl Process


HeraEl aims to take away the stress and strain of organising a wedding in one of Italy's most stunning regions. Through a series of meetings and consultations, Elena will create a wishlist of all your preferred wedding choices. She will then work closely with all third parties to ensure even the tiniest of details isn't left to chance.
You will get the chance to discuss your budget right at the beginning of the planning process. Working within those constraints, Elena and the HeraEl wedding specialists will strive to deliver all of your requests and requirements. This process will also involve creating a detailed timeline of events, to ensure everything comes together on the big day.
Of course, organising your big day isn't the only thing HeraEl will take care of - there's also the big day itself. Elena will be your wedding day coordinator, ensuring every aspect of your wedding is perfect. This could mean liaising with catering teams, photographers, musicians and venue representatives, or it could mean being by your side throughout the day to make sure you're where you need to be.
Elena has a great working relationship with wedding contractors and specialists all over Italy. She can secure the best talent available, whether it's a wedding band or a renowned cake maker. She has worked with all of her collaborators before, so excellence and on-time delivery are assured.


Wedding Theming


The chances are you already have an idea of what your wedding in Italy will look like - and it's Elena's job to make your dreams a reality. She will listen intently to what you have to say, and work tirelessly to ensure your vision is realised. Elena will take care of everything, from the colour of the table cloths to ensuring ribbons, lights, candles and accessories are in keeping with the overall theme.
A wedding's theme is often inspired by the setting. Whether you want to get married on the Amalfi Coast or in a quaint Puglia village, Elena will work with you to develop staging and theming that are perfect for the backdrop - whether that's a huge lake or the majestic Italian Alps.


Make Your Italian Wedding Dreams Come True


Getting married in Italy is a big step, and requires a huge amount of planning and organisation. The team at HeraEl can take full control of Italian marriage laws, booking venues, planning travel, ordering food and designing the setting. By putting your big day in the hands of experienced wedding planners, you can spend your time and energy and savouring what should be a magical experience.
If you want the wedding of your dreams in Italy without all of the stress and hard work, contact Elena at HeraEl for a friendly chat about your requirements.