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Weddings in Italy
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Wedding Planner Puglia

 HeraEl is 1st agency specializing in the organization of intimate weddings in Puglia



Unlike all the others, we don't organize carbon copy weddings in Italy and other events such as Christenings, First Communions, Birthdays,

and any other type of event,thereby distracting the attention needed to be given to a bride and groom, particularly a couple from the other side of the world.


HeraEl ensures the complete assistance needed for a destination weddings in Italy, so that it is INTIMATE / ITALIAN / EXCLUSIVE.


You will be constantly supported by our wedding managers throughout the organizational process.....YOU WILL NEVER BE LEFT ALONE!


Organizing a destination nuptial in Italy requires a great deal of attention and, today, to better enhance the location and style chosen by you, it is indispensable to rely on a professional wedding planner.


The importance of being supported by HeraEl for your marriage in Italy, means being able to make the most of the territory, from the food and wine, the landscapes,

the traditions to the most innovative ideas that distinguish us.


Design, creative ideas with full organizational support throughout the entire planning process are available to American, British and Australian couples,

to guarantee and fulfill their dream of an intimate marriage in Italy.


HeraEl agency, specialized in the realization of intimate weddings in Italy, a marvelous country, with breathtaking landscapes, promises you and your guests the magic of a personalized event, with attention to every detail.


The secret to the outstanding success of a wedding? Personalization based on the wishes of the bride and groom.


HeraEl is able to properly grasp and develop your suggestions, to make your wedding day INTIMATE, ITALIAN AND EXCLUSIVE,

from choosing the invitations to the wedding attire for the bride and groom, an original seating chart, the décor for the symbolic ceremony and reception,

to the color scheme of the event, including the important choice of flowers, to guarantee successful results.


SMILES / JOY / SERENITY and intense emotion will be the essence of your "I Do".


Would you like an lovely intimate wedding in Italy?




I show you this beautiful video presentation of Italia made by View from Above



"Creating a lifetime of memories"
Weddings in Italy | Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
Create memories that will last a lifetime. Puglia is the perfect place to fulfil a dream of love. I should know, because I first fell in love with this land, its colours and flavours, crystal blue sea and beautiful landscapes dotted with charming villages and farms bathed in light. You and your sweetheart want to create the most beautiful day of your life together and I am here, at your side, to lead you hand in hand through the most exclusive locations and fascinating places where you can tie the knot.
Weddings in Italy | Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
Weddings in Italy | Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
Elena's immense passion, innate style and keen sense of responsibility are qualities that inspire confidence and trust when selecting a professional. Born and raised in Verona, Elena now lives in the beautiful region of Puglia, where she has created and given life to HeraEl, a brand dedicated to wedding planning. Elena's professional journey began while she was still living in Verona, where she attended courses to become a Wedding Planner, and then went on to obtain a Master in Executive Management
Weddings in Italy | Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
Weddings in Italy | Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
Wedding Planner
Weddings in Italy
Weddings in Italy
Wedding planner in Italy
Wedding Planner Puglia Italy
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Best Locations To Get Married In Italy


Getting married in Italy enchanting venue in cities, castles, coastline, and countryside!


Marrying in the state, the land of love and romance, with so many stunning landscapes provides elegant backdrops to your marriage day. From, the north part of the country, embroidered by the amazing snowy Alps to the beguiling good-looks of your lake destination.


The sun-kissed terraces overlooking amazing Amalfi Coast and exceptional glittering sea or the amazing city landscapes of Venice, where your love story will be blessed by the history of the planet, now, imagine a romantic wall alongside the Venetian canals, up and down the amazing bridges or by a gondola to our Palazzo. Driving down rolling stunning Tuscan mountains or a vintage Vespa, arriving in unique style to your wedding ceremony!


Gorgeous sandy beaches of Sardinia never ever fails to impress, or the un-spoilt elegance of Puglia, whatever your option – jointly we as wedding planner Italy always find the ideal fit for you. Art designations to explore, countryside, relaxing, lakes to sail, hills to challenge and unique landscapes to keep in mind forever!


The incomparable boot shape of Italy provides so much elegant coastline with historical places and landscapes in between leaving you spoilt for choice and the possibilities are limitless.


Best Locations to Get Married In Italy


Amalfi Coast wedding


Amalfi Coast marriages are a wonderful and memorable experience!


The Amalfi Coast is so charming, with its unique white and pastel shade villages, tightly clung to the hill, a seductively gorgeous stripe of hilly land, very rich different and range of panoramas that range from the plunging ravines to the stylish medieval towers in small villages. Little colored boats dot the amazing blue sea like shiny tropical fish, the coastal air is rich with amazing ocean spray scents.


It's hard not to fall in love with this place and its elegance. An elegance that lies not just on the areas themselves, but also in their history: here you can find a few of the greatest churches, historical villas, and hotels of Italy.


Pedestrians are simply outnumbered by speeding Vespa and the voice of lively sounds echoes in the alleys out loud relatives and friends from their terraces... this is real folklore, and no other venue on the planet will be just as real and physical.


• Amalfi Wedding Locations


Our marriage planner Italy can help you in planning a romantic wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Atrani, Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano are amazing places whether you pick to have a religious or civil marriage. Our planner has been cooperating deeply for almost a decade with the most elegant hotels and places in the areas, organizing a unique many of successful destination marriages for couples for entire over the world.


On this venue you can find a huge selection of marriage venues, from panoramic porches overlooking the sea to exotic lawns, historical villa or a Saracen's towers with Arabian and Moorish temples surrounded by a luxuriant lawn dominating the coast. Mediterranean Villas Medieval palazzos with incredible views, sophisticated and stylish hotels on this venue for marriage receptions, sailing boats...the destination offers the finest you can imagine and wish for your marriage day.


Tuscan wedding


Tuscany marriages are unique! Not anything surpasses the exquisite elegance of the venue countryside. It's clearly romantic and amazing. If you meander into the rocky towns of Tuscany any time of the whole year, entire senses are gifted with splendors that this amazing place of Italy has to offer.


Almost, each hillock is crowned with image perfect walled village; fields are amazing with vibrant red color poppies, vineyards in entire their fame and promise lace the fields; olives dress the hillsides in the frock of dusky grey and green. And if these are not enough, in this village can be found some of the best small hotels. Let us not forget about local wines and foods, which are clearly amazing.


Our Weddings' planners will help you in the creation of a fabulous Catholic, Civil, and Jewish, Protestant or Symbolic wedding ceremonies in charming venues of unequaled loveliness. Antique Palazzos, secluded Farmhouses, Medieval Castles, Botanical gardens, Medician Villas, gorgeous vineyards!


• Tuscan Wedding Locations


The magnificent Chianti Region, Cortona, Certaldo, Monteriggioni, Volterra, Montepulciano, Siena, Montalcino, Arezzo, S. Quirico D'Orcia is just a few of the possible choices for a Tuscan wedding.




Italian Lakes Wedding


Getting married in small and poetic Lake District which includes Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Orta, beloved by some romantic poets as-well-as musicians, writers royalty and celebrities, this place has amazing landscapes of stunning beauty, fascinating towns lost in time and a range of villas rich in history and character.


Heaven is right here, and we make this your dream comes true in the political villas bougainvillea and hanging gardens with wisteria, rose-laden belvederes and dreamy hills vitas and some lakeshore romantic restaurants. Destination weddings Italy in the Lake District combine the pure blessed geographic spot of the lakes with a few of the most exclusive places for marrying and banquets and best cuisine.


• Lakes Wedding Destinations


Select to celebrate your Italian marriage in one of the Italian Lakes: includes Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or small and intimate Lake. Unbelievable venues for Catholic, Civil, Protestant or Symbolic marriage ceremonies are available for unforgettable and romantic Italian weddings.


Venice wedding


Venice city is situated in the North-East of Italy, well-known all over the world for being a floating place of unique loveliness. This is a city of water where there're no cars and no streets, only canals. The entire buildings are surrounded by the water and the single means of transportation available are gondolas or boats. The city stretches across 115 small islands, while the city is divided into 6 areas. Winters are little cool and summers are extremely warm but this doesn't affect the attractiveness of this unique place where any time of the year is simply ideal for a romantic wedding.


Only in Venice, a Bridal can arrive at the marriage Hall by gondola and you'll also provide your guests the chance to experience such an astonishing ride after the civil marriage along the genuine Venetian callas. The city is also one of the most fine-looking cities of art, millions of tourists arrive every year to just visit the city or enjoy attractions such as the Film Festival or Biennale or the well-known Carnival.


• Venice Weddings Venues


Exclusive Italy marriages have selected the most stylish and appealing hotels, palazzos, restaurants were to rejoice your marriage in Venice. Our Venice based marriage planners will share with you their high experience and help you plan a unique and romantic Venetian marriage.


There's no place in the earth romantic as Venice, where else can you get wedded in a 16 century old Palace facing the Rialto's bridge and Grand Canal? Where else on the planet can you take an unforgettable gondola ride after your marriage while watching the inspiring show of the sun vanishing into the Venetian lagoon?


Its world known landmarks, the Doge's Palace, St. Marks Basilica, Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge are well-liked by all. Here you'll discover tiny, delightful piazzas, silent palazzos quaint, old churches and fascinating old shops.