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Jeff Sutton, the Manhattan real estate tycoon and 522nd wealthiest man in the world, chose the breathtaking scenery of Puglia for his daughter's wedding. The fairytale wedding between the young Renee Sutton and Eliot Cohen was celebrated on August 31, 2017, at the Lido of Santo Stefano in Monopoli, at a cost of approximately 25 million dollars.


Over 400 guests were flown in from New York, by private jet, to attend the billionaire Sutton-Cohen wedding and were treated to $500 per night accommodations at the Borgo Egnazia Resort, with private beach, and dinner selected from a 20-page menu prepared by international chefs. Former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, was among the many VIPs attending.


The staggering budget was certainly not a problem for Sutton, known as "King of Retail" and member of a Syrian Jewish community that dominates business in Manhattan and whose fortune of over $3.5 billion, according to Forbes, surpasses that of Donald Trump.


Here is a small glimpse of this breathtaking wedding held in Monopoli.


The couple was married in a traditional Jewish ceremony near the ancient Abbey of Santo Stefano, on a spectacular platform suspended over a rocky outcrop.


Meanwhile, the nearby beach of Lido Santo Stefano of Monopoli was transformed into a party area, complete with stage and dance floor.


Creativity and elegance reigned at the dinner held in the magnificent Borgano resort. Guest tables were set up in natural rock formations, dressed in exquisite lavender details, lavish flowers and original star-shaped decorations.


The eight trucks needed to transport flowers and decorations for the ceremony and banquet halls have now become legend.
The strictly kosher menu was put into the capable hands of Chefs Domenico Schingaro and Antonio Scalera of Puglia.


For the music, Sutton hired New York's Elan Artists agency, who turned to Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile del Levante, directed by Federico Morresi. The Bride and Groom chose a mix of classical and pop music with Bocelli and the inevitable notes of Coldplay.


In conclusion, the request that is now most often put to wedding planners is for a wedding in Monopoli. One of the reasons is certainly to follow in the footsteps of billionaire couples, such as Sutton-Cohen, but another very important reason is that an enchanted wedding atmosphere, such as that offered by Puglia, will certainly lead to the writing of a beautiful fairytale.


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Organizing a perfect wedding that pleases family and friends and, most importantly, the Bride and Groom, is certainly not child's play. Once the date has been chosen, it is time to seriously think about the ceremony and the first step is to book a location. Today there is a vast choice of locations, to please all tastes and budgets: discotheques, farmhouses, villas with swimming pools, seaside restaurants, historic residences, agritourisms immersed in nature and much, much more. It is important to choose the location according to your preference, as well as the style of event you desire, perhaps with the help of an industry expert such as a Wedding Planner, to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure that your Wedding Day is truly unforgettable.




As gracious hosts, the Bride and Groom should consider the comfort of their guests, with special attention given to the elderly and to children.
One unwritten, but very pertinent rule, is to opt for a reception location that is not too far from the location of the ceremony (not more than a thirty-minute drive) to avoid inconveniences, especially during the hot summer months. Remember to provide your guests with clear and precise driving directions.
Another important element to keep in mind is the weather. You have found a fairytale location, with beautifully manicured lawns, but with no solution in case of rain? Costs for last-minute tent rental can be quite high and installments require a deposit which is usually non-refundable. Better to opt for a practical and already well-equipped solution.




Historically, couples have preferred to celebrate their wedding during the mild season, under clear blue skies, during the period of April through September. However, winter weddings are becoming the new "must have" for the more original and trendy Bride and Groom, especially during the Holiday Season.
Despite the cold, the advantages of a winter wedding are numerous: the flowers are especially fresh, suppliers are not as busy and there is a wider selection of locations to choose from, such as castles and countryside farmhouses, that lend a particularly unique atmosphere.


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Organizing a wedding is a very emotional, stimulating and captivating experience, but also very demanding. It is as if the Bride and Groom are making a movie, where the director and producer work together as a team to create a quality product while respecting budget and deadlines, to everyone's satisfaction.
It is always best to plan ahead for the wedding invitations, locations, apparel, menu, wedding favors, honeymoon, and anything unexpected.
How to create a picture-perfect wedding? Simply follow a timeline and rely on trustworthy and experienced people such as a Wedding Day Coordinator or Wedding Planner.




Once the date for the Big Day has been decided, it is time for the preparations to begin. A Wedding is a memorable occasion and not only for the Bride and Groom. Everything must be perfect, a wonderful celebration of love to be shared with family and friends. At the initial stages of the preparations, there are multitudes of things to do and it is often difficult to know where to begin. Relax, buy an agenda to record your "step by step" action plan, without stress: the important thing to remember is to respect the timeline.




The first step towards a successful event is to choose the date, and this should be done at least one year ahead. The reservation for the restaurant/location and the preparation of the guest list should also be done within this timeframe. Although this may appear to be excessive, time really does fly and things don't always go as they should, so it is wise to give yourselves extra leeway.
Six months before the event is time to select the Maid of Honour and Best Man, the wedding bands, suppliers and very importantly, the wedding dress.
Other things such as the accessories, floral arrangements and various decorations can wait to be chosen up to one month before the wedding.
A final word of advice: take up offers of help and delegate whenever you can.


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