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Best places to get married in Tuscany

Looking for the right place for the wedding reception is a big challenge. I can hardly imagine how difficult have to be searching for it from abroad. There're a lot of beautiful places to get married in Tuscany, but finding the ideal fit is very tough.


As a wedding planner I can help you now to find the best places to get married in Tuscany:


  • The Lazy Olive


PODERE FINERRI or Lazy olive is a very old town of some house placed near Asciano. It's certainly the place with the most elegant view of the complete Tuscany! Just from here, you can please 360 degrees of elegant Tuscan sight and wonderful sunsets. There're so many places here to arrange the touching events. The reception might take place close to the main villa; the holders offer a remarkable house caterer with a local meal, and you can rent the whole village for you and your wedding guests weekly. You can take benefit of the pool with a sight for the cocktail period and marriage potshots as-well-as relax during the completion of the vacation.


  • Borgo Santo Pietro


This gorgeous venue is a luxury hotel situated in the south of Tuscany. It is close to the wonderful Abbey of San Galgano, lost in the landscape and covered by the natures. It is an exceptional place to arrange marriage ceremonies and receptions, thanks to the many of villas for the accommodations of guests and spouses. In my own opinion is the best place to elopement wedding and honeymoon. It gives well-known restaurants, an enormous pool with sight and a lot of activities to cover up your days with fun!


  • Casa Cornacchi


This is a charming farmhouse situated among the provinces of Siena and Arezzo, lost in the Tuscany landscape. The property has several accommodations for bride and groom and guests, who can book rooms and villas weekly, take benefit of the usual places and the swimming pool. The villa has several many places and arranging events and reception. This palace is the dream of each wedding couple; in addition to the breathtaking sight, there're several spots for bridal and couple portraits!


  • Villa of Ulignano


Delightful, tiny and with tons of features. This is the villa a gemstone located between the mountains of the Tuscany landscape. It is situated a few Km away from Volterra. The villa provides many rooms for newlyweds and guests, also to the elegant garden with a scene for the wedding event. The reception and cocktail period might take place in diff spots. Entire around nature is the king. This is a remarkable place to get married in Tuscany! Book it in advance more than a year before due to high demand.


  • Castello di Casole


This is an ideal option for those looking for luxury in the ease of Tuscany atmosphere. The place has remarkably renovated and antique abandoned Tuscany town, which is now homes a luxury hotel and many of villas with stunning views. This castle can host wide wedding ceremonies, and it is an ideal fit for the honeymoons and elopement. The huge theatre with an amazing view can perfect for any event. It is well linked to the major cities of Tuscany such as Siena and Florence.


  • Buranco Vineyard


This is located in Monterosso al Mare, less than 3-5 minutes walking from the elegant white washed sand beaches of the Monterosso al Mare. The place is located on a terrace with acres of vineyards around. It does not offer any accommodations for the wedding guests, but many of areas each phase of the reception. It's the ideal option for big or small marriages in the Cinque Terre.


  • Tenuta Mocajo


This place is situated in southern Tuscany, close to Bolgheri and Volterra, in the land of the ideal Italian wines. If you are looking for a rustic wedding venue in the countryside, this is the best fit! You can plan the reception on the pretty terrace or inside. You can also advantage from a remarkable swimming pool with a stunning view and a small wonderful church. You can remain one of the villas of the place and spend the complete visiting wide cellars and drink best wines. What'd be better?


  • Villa Sermolli


This is one of the most singular places of Tuscany. It is situated in Buggiano Castello, north part of Tuscany, half an hour away from the City of Florence. The villa is a great example of the union of architecture and nature. Preserved by some massive villas and it seems like staying in a gorgeous garden with many orange trees. This place is perfect for a small wedding and if you are looking for something to impress your every guest, the Cinque Terre is one of the most reliable places in Italy!


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How to elope in Italy?

If you're thinking about a small, cost-effective and intimate solution for your place wedding eloping in Italy could be the ideal option! Elope is easy! Only the 2 of you in an amazing Italian destination to make your dream come true, The Elope in Italy is sharing with your sole emotions and Spouse magic that'll be a special and memorable event for a lifetime.


How to elope in Italy?


We love photographing elopement wedding in Italy. We want to send you home with stunning images to share with your best buddies and family. Though, a remarkable elopement in Italy is not only about the images, to make it so special we also need to think about a few of the details that'll make it more special. We welcome the eloping marriage in Italy might look like a daunting job so to make it simple for you here I can facilitate you with your wonderful elopement wedding in Italy.


A destination marriage could be the perfect reason for an elopement in the similar way an elopement could be the ideal reason for destination marriage! I've had the privilege to be present at to photograph lots of elopements weddings in Italy.


In my own experience, elopement marriages in Italy are extremely intimate, significant and romantic event. And while occasional grooms and brides might feel a bit guilty or momentarily sad that their family, friends and other loved ones are not there to witness the great event, I've yet to meet a groom and bride who has been actually disappointed by the final decision to elope in Italy.


In fact, the exact opposite looks to be real! An elopement wedding in Italy means you truly banish concerns as well as consideration of everyone but yourselves. There's no need to follow trick, convenience, and tradition; you can make an individual and sole event that actually represent you, your connection and the step you're taking.


Ideas for your Elopement Wedding in Italy


If you're going to elope to Italy we can help you in the following ways:


  • Unique location


You're going to need a stunning place for your marriage. We know a lot of amazing destinations and also have access to a few very unique ones. Furthermore, as it's just going to be you 2 (or at least an extremely small number of people), we can also be creative with the place.


  • Hair Stylist and Makeup


Hair styling and makeup are extremely vital in every wedding as well as for photo shoot. We can do a much of help photographically to help you get remarkable images but if the hair stylist and makeup are done wrongly there's not much we can do a fix to it, retouching and postproduction can help, but it's so much better to get the correct in the initial place. We can provide you with a stylist who'll help you to look amazing at your elopement in Italy. We work with some of the best stylists that do wedding makeup and hair in Italy.


  • Bouquet and boutonniere, decoration and flowers


To start, you'll at least wish an amazing bouquet and a boutonniere. If you'd also like a few followers for the event, like flower arch or free-standing compositions and any other products of a decoration than that is remarkable completely up to you. You might also wish some candles and flowers for the evening time.


  • Wedding ceremony


You're getting married on your own, so it's an extremely intimate experience. We believe you'd have an extremely personalized event that links with you as a bride and groom. Your event should not be only a symbolic gesture that you thought you need to do because tradition says that's what you'd do, it has to be meaningful and emotional, and therefore it'll be truly memorable. We work with super symbolic blessing wedding celebration in Italy.


  • Photos in amazing locations


If you wish images in a vineyard, with rolling mountains, cypress trees, open views with olives and countryside, or if you like the antique streets of a very Old Italian town we'll take you to the ideal places.


  • Romantic wedding dinner


Finally, after entire your event concluded, you can sit down for an elegant, romantic wedding dinner and enjoy a few delicious wine and Italian food. A perfect end of wedding elopement in Italy!


Elopement wedding with some budget aboard packages


To get the process quite easy to suit your requirements, we've made a couple of solutions for groom and bride that is looking for an elopement in Italy. These are not closed we could forever customize any of them for you.


Our planners will be glad to support and happy to assist you to plan this exceptional intimate occasion for you. If you like what you see feel free to contact us via the form here!


A kiss from the HeraEl Team!

Best Beach Wedding Ideas - Tips

It is no wonder that a lot of couples wish to get married on the beach venue, among the sand, the sun and the stunning sea breeze, a seaside wedding can look like a magical ceremony. But planning beach wedding in your city can be challenging, so how can you ensure correct if you are getting wedded miles away? From decoration ideas to packing vital tips, we have put together some of the top beach wedding ideas to help you get over a few of the hurdles you will undoubtedly be faced with. Now take a deep breath, take every element in stride, and reveal in the plan that your marriage day can - and will - be all you wish it to be.


Top beach wedding ideas


  • What Type of outfit should I Wear? When it comes to moment to pick your outfit, remember that you wish a design that looks like it fits in with the beach style. Forget that stain marriage gown or that beaded ball gown you have been actually dreaming about since you were a small girl. A beach marriage calls for a lightweight and airy look, and it is an enormous choice to prefer for a casual outfit in its place of the conventional bridal gown. When picking your fabric, pick something breezy and soft such as chiffon. As-much-as you might like lace, you do not wish your dress to be clumped with some wet sands at the below, and lace can make attention grains of dust and sand with simply. While a lengthy gown blowing in the breeze can seem exceptional in person and images, you may wish to consider trying on a few short themes and tea length silhouettes as well.
  • What'd the Guys Wear? Please do not dress the men in a black suit if you are getting married in the humid, hot or tropical atmosphere. In its place of a conventional tux, prefer for a more calmed look such as lightweight pants with button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled-up or a vest/tie/shirt combo without a jacket. If you do wish your men in the jackets, pick suits in lightweight colors and a bit breathable fabric. No one wishes to sweat through the event.
  • What kind of should does I purchase? One of the ideal things about most beach events is that shoes are optional. If you are relaxed going barefoot, do so, if you are set on wearing shoes, flat shoes (sandals) are likely to be your ideal bet. One of the ideal beach wedding tips we can provide you is that it is crucial to have the correct shoes on your feet. Have you ever see someone try to walk in heels in the sand beach? It is not pretty.
  • What Colors Should I outfit My Girls In? There is no actual law to be broken here - you can outfit your bridesmaids in every color you pick, but soft, smooth, pastel color palettes tend to seem gorgeous against the backdrop of the waves and sun. Consider the kinds of colors you'd find in sea galls, such as light greens and soft blues, or add a punch of tropical color by selecting colors of coral, pinks, peaches, and turquoise. Whether you go soft or bold, it is more vital to make sure you pick dresses in a lightweight, air stuff that your girls will be totally comfortable in.
  • How Do I appoint My Vendors when they're A Thousand Miles Away? If you wish to know how to plan a beach wedding without going wild, and the answer is not to go at it lonely. Apply your resources and trust in the experts to do their job, but be diligent and ensure that things are running according to your desire in the weeks leading up to the biggest day.
  • What'd I Do With My Hair? Avoid the fancy updo and go for something pretty and soft. A messy knot with an elegant hair clip, a tousled ponytail with cute braid, and long, loose flowing locks are entire remarkable options for a beach wedding celebration.
  • How Should I Decor? The Internet is loaded with beach marriage ideas about decoration, and it is easy to spot the style and get inspired. A lot of couples like to play-up the beach style by incorporating starfish, shells and nautical accents into their decoration, but if you do not wish quite that literal, consider making apply of vines, lush greenery and some natural materials such as raffia. Do not go overboard flowers; there is nothing more natural than having the sand under your feet and the waves lapping at the shore behind you. The whole flowers on the planet would not be capable of topping that.


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10 theme wedding ideas to get you inspired

Picking out theme wedding can be one of the difficult planning pieces that each one faced with. Do you wish to get the pure romantic route, or remain things fresh and modern? One you pick the theme wedding of your dreams now you can officially move forward with the completion of your wedding plans. But if you remain on the fence about which side you wish to go, we rounded up the best ten theme wedding ideas to get you inspired for any style and venue, no matter how exclusive. Apply this as a comparative guide to ultimately cross the main decision of your planning list and set your tone for the biggest day.


  1. Greenery: a mother nature had it right with lush greenery: it looks expensive, and it can be molded to fit every place that you need to treat. It is forever way a classic touch, and even though it is now considered trendy, it'll never go out of trend. Our schemer and incitements have amazing nature touches, and we have the ideal shades of green to manage with this theme marriage.
  2. Garden theme: As like plants, the bride did not let us down with some fresh roses either. A garden theme marriage is exceptionally romantic setting, and fresh floral create whole the difference. We have a huge range of florally inspired invitations for this kind of theme wedding that'll leave your guests saying simply stunning, and they're sure to say the similar about you and your marriage day.
  3. Barn: There something totally charming about barn marriage. Whether it's truly an antique barn filled with a lot of years of age or one that has been freshly built to provide you the touch of that nostalgia, a barn marriage is only filled with charm. Whether your invitations are elegant and romantic or something a little more rustic, we're sure to have an invitation suits your barn marriage plans.
  4. Bohemian: calling the entire Bohemian brides – if this connects your theme, then say I DO to the corresponding theme marriage. Just like your marriage dress will most likely look, a Bohemian marriage stays carefree and cool but remains very beautiful. Keep your location decorations simplistically gorgeous, with some oriental rugs lining the altar and aisle, hanging macramé decors and decorative
  5. Modern: for a modern theme wedding, think arithmetic styles, clean lines, and nominal design. A modern theme wedding knows some bounds, so channel it although you see fit. Place a modern spin or something from your wedding outfit (take a break from the traditional white) to your place decorations, like a cool structural backdrop, like sleek seats or a bold color scheme.
  6. Southern Inspired: cannot resist the pure charm of the south? Whether you are born and raised southerner or just wish to tie the knot at the place at Sothern Italy, make sure that your theme wedding aligns with your locale with hints of Southern charm. Treat wedding guests to bites of comfort meal and bourbon-infused cocktails and showing off your monogram or walk down the aisle in your most loved cowboy boots if you are included inclined. Décor with pops of color in pastel hues and deep blue to Chanel more elements of the south and do not forget about the actual hospitality.
  7. Vintage: Draw unique inspiration from years old if you wish to vintage style for your theme wedding – and one of the simple methods to channel this is via your wedding dress and look of your beauty. As for the reception and ceremony, you can trust on very old looking decoration, like worn-in woods seats and weathered doors, to additional, exemplify a vintage-inspired theme wedding. For your last HOORAH, end off the vintage style driving away in a classic getaway vehicle, like an antique VOLKSWAGEN or PORSCHE.
  8. Forest: For the brides that are lucky enough to have an elegant forest for their landscape for their marriage, the possibilities are countless. You've invited yourself into forest and nature theme weddings are idea done when your work with the backdrop and not opposite it. Pops colors help to define the area and candlelight provides a sense of romance that no structure could even hold.
  9. Alternative: more of an off-beat bride who is never one to take the usual route? We get you buck convention with an alternative theme wedding and roll with it though you see fit. If cool colors palter and some artistic stand-ins link your theme better than charming flora and been there done marriage decoration, then an alternative style has your name written completely over it. Push the lines as-much-as your wish.
  10. Fairytale: Walking into a vision is ideally how I fairytale marriage should feel. A fairytale marriage is one of lushness, grandeur, and beyond all, romance. They call it the huge day for a reason, and fairytale marriage marriages live up to that our magical, inspired invitations are certain to wow your wedding guests long before the wedding day comes around.


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Is the opinion of guests at your wedding so important to you?

The wedding day has always been one of the most important moments of a man and a woman, both in their lives as individuals and then as a couple; this is the thought that enriches the load of emotions, anxieties, and worries of each of the future spouses.



"Will, everything is okay, will we forget something, will it really be a perfect day?" These are the questions that reverberate in the heads of the engaged couples and their families, but above all "Will the guests are satisfied?" And here the donkey falls! One of the most frequent doubts before and after the marriage remains just that: the opinion of the guests. Although everyone knows that you can not please all tastes, needs, and expectations of the guests, to receive a positive comment at the end of the day is still the main desire of newlyweds.


Is it really that important?


Organizing a wedding is an important commitment, a long and tiring work made of months of preparation, continuous accounts to round up expenses, proof of clothes, changes in dates and locations to get what you want, choice of menus and favors, endless lists to be drawn upon the guests and the participation.



In short, a mountain of things to do, yet it seems that a bit is enough to ruin everything. And we are not talking about the mistakes that the spouses can make, how to organize everything quickly, delegate important choices, worry too much about saving or forgetting various details, nor are we talking about conditions that depend little on the couple, such as the presence of late guests, or worse dressed in white, pestiferous children, adverse weather conditions or unwelcome gifts; much more simply, we are talking about those little words often not very nice that you could hear passing between the tables during the reception. In fact, there are no complaints about the menu, the comments on the bride's dress, the criticism of the location, etc.



As much as we may wish that all the guests have the tact of not expressing judgments, but simply the joy of sharing one of the most beautiful days of their loved ones' lives, very often it is not so. So, if you are getting married, here's a tip: whether you like it or not, there are some things that will always be talked about during your wedding.


The wedding dress is the topic par excellence of the guests, the curiosity that drives everyone to participate in the religious ceremony, the choice that more or less all feel questionable: all the guests ask if the look gives the bride, if the dress is nice or ugly, if it is too low-cut or too overburdened. Secondly, the victim of the opinions of others is the catering: the food could be excellent, and yet not satisfy everyone's palate.


There will also be comments on other guests, questions about the possible budget used, comments on photos and schedules. In short, if you want the day of your wedding to be more stressful than it already is, worry about what your guests will say; otherwise, here is some advice: prepare everything according to your personality, your tastes and your desires, worry about how your couple life will be and how that day will change only the life of your spouses. In doing so, no comment will ruin that wonderful day, no criticism will shake your security and no complaint will jeopardize your love and your future together.







Capri wedding: Best vanues and Advice

Capri wedding is your ideal option if you're dreaming of a great seaside gateway for your marriage day. No place is super than the Italian Capri Island for this goal. Here, you have the option to organize an outdoor event with a stunning sea view and magnificent climate. Capri is an amazing island which impresses with its sights and caves, tiny village squares and narrow medieval. Capri Island becomes more popular after the discovery of its exceptional Blue Grotto.


The Phoenicians and later Romans and Greeks were the initial to discover the amazing natural beauty of these Capri Islands. Caesar Augustus from Roman Empire chose Capri as his vacation place and Tiberius made here. More than 12 private Villas to spend the complete of his life, Legends and several myths linked to Capri make this place even more interesting.


Video realized by SHOOTME photo & videography



  • Capri wedding planner

Two major towns on the island are Ana-Capri and Capri. The town of Capri is somewhat lively thanks to the boutiques, luxury hotels and restaurants, and its well-known square PIAZZETTA. On the other side, Ana-Capri makes a stunning gateway due to its tranquility and seclusion. The Island's remarkable vegetation and amazing blue sea make it the perfect setting for such a romantic Capri wedding and honeymoon. Our planner of Capri wedding can arrange your event and reception in one of the wonderful wedding places: in the stunning gardens of the wonderful hotel or a terrace with a wonderful view overlooking the sea. Your Capri wedding can take place in a stunning individual villa with civil marriage in Capri's antique town hall palace.


  • Getting married in Capri Island

Capri Island is an ideal place for organizing a luxury wedding, available for symbolic, civil or Protestant events. Catholic marriages are allowed only to local people or residents of Island. Get in touch with us to start planning your elegant celebration on Capri wedding.


Best Capri wedding venues
The Capri Island has a stunning selection of stylish Capri wedding venues to organize your memorable wedding in Capri Island.


  • La Canzone del Mare

This is a private beach club, restaurant, and mooring for boats in the charming Marina PICCOLA. This venue is glamorous and luxury option for your Capri wedding. This location gained its high value in the 1950th when global stars of that time begun spending their Italian vacation here. Now visitors are drawn here to joy the sun, sea, and relaxation in the amazing surrounding of the setting. For your Capri wedding, this restaurants can offer 2 interior banquet areas, a full of light veranda and patio ignoring the swimming pool and the amazing sea. Your marriage guests will enjoy a conventional Cuisine with yummy emphasis seafood as well as seasonal dishes. Tasty creations of the chef are accompanied by the most excellent Campania wines or a conventional local drink, with some white Peaches.


  • Capri Tiberio Palace


This is a luxury hotel providing a stunning view of the sea from the cliffs. Since the starting of the 12th century, this place has improved the charm and elegance of the Island. The design of this place comprises the Mediterranean architecture and regency style. The wide courtyards and trimmed charming gardens bring the sense of harmony. The visitors joy the refined modern design, ideal blend of shades and charm in the interiors and the superior of the art hospitality.
Restaurant (TERRAZZA TIBERIO) is an ideal option for your Capri wedding event. Your wedding dinner can also take place in the modern chic atmosphere of the restaurant. The chef updates the food menu basing on excellence regional items and conventional Mediterranean creations.


  • Villa Marina


This amazing location is a luxury 5-star hotel placed in the private garden on the coastline overlooking hill Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, a house of elegant Sorrento. It's within a few yards away from the PIAZZETTA, the mid of the Island's nightlife. It'll be simply to fall in love with this stunning boutique hotel, graciously increasing above the clean water of the shiny sea. The rooms offer sophisticated style and the charm of individual residence from the 19th century, as-well-as entire modern facilities.


The wedding guests will joy the discreet comfort hospitality made at a country house. At this hotel, any detail has been developed to make you feel the touch of the Capri style of life. You'll experience the full relaxation on the grounds of the hotel surrounded by the scents of our Mediterranean field. You'll feel like a house in the villa's elegant rooms and suites. Your guests will esteem Capri lit-up in the sunset from the room's windows. Every room is diff from one more and treasures a thing or work of stunning art that belonged to one of the wells know artists who applied to reside here in Capri.


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History, food, landscapes, and art: the Italian "Dolce Vita" has hit the hearts of the many Hollywood stars!


The Italian beauties area unit celebrated and appreciated everywhere the planet. No surprise thus if many Hollywood celebrities have chosen our country to mention the fateful "yes". From north to south, from the lake to the ocean, the places that have welcome important person weddings in Italy country have beat common the surprise of the landscape and therefore the luxury of the placement. and the way will we tend to forget history, art, and smart food? To crown the dream of affection their area unit those that have chosen tiny villages and massive cities, passing through fairytale castles and therefore the extremely popular Lake Como.


The first of the important person weddings in Italy country was between Tyrone Power and Linda Christian, WHO were married in Rome within the Basilica of Santa Francesca Romana on 27 Gennaio 1949. Since then the created in European country weddings are numerous: here directly from Hollywood seven couples and their fabulous Italian weddings!




After five years of relationship, on 19 Ottobre 2012, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel set to consolidate their union with orange blossom. plenty of waiting, however, it absolutely was worthwhile as they organized a brilliant luxurious wedding (it looks to own price five million euros). wherever is it? In European country in fact, in an exceedingly resort in Borgo Egnazia, a tiny low village near Fasano, Salento.


The ceremony was heavily armored, with solely eighty guests coming back from Hollywood within the Apulian country. The guests were diverted with a celebration by the ocean, fireworks, live music and a dinner of native cheese, olives, and wine.


It additionally looks that Justin has dedicated Jessica's favorite song "It's Gonna Be Me" by N adjust, the previous singer's band, in the middle of a special dance. Jessica and Justin fell smitten with Apulia country throughout a visit to the gorgeous country: the way to blame them?




Tom Cruise asked the hand of Katie Holmes in Paris on the tower, they got married in Italy country at Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano on 18th Novembre 2006 then flew to the Maldives for his or her honeymoon. A global love! Additionally, during this case the ceremony was super-armored.


The staging, fully medieval vogue, was amended by Roberta Armani, whereas guest of honor was Andrea Bocelli, WHO herb for the newlyweds.


Their wedding witness was David Miscavige, leader of the Church of religion, and it's exactly the affiliation of the actor to the front that was one among the causes of the divorce some years later. It looks that this castle doesn't bring a lot of luck: in 1998 they additionally married Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker within the same location.


Katie and Tom with very little Suri and Tom's 2 sons adopted with Nicole Kidman.




Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were married in 2010 on Lake Como. the marriage, celebrated in nice secrecy, passed off within the garden of Villa fern genus, the residence of Saint George Clooney, inevitable among important person guests at the side of Elisabetta Canalis and Matt Damon.


After the ceremony, the festivities continuing off the Concordia yacht then within the attractive Villa D'Este in Cernobbio. The associate attempt|tries} of the paparazzi to steal an exclusive ikon of the marriage were in vain; their area unit even rented a plane and people who tried the assault offshore, while not success!




Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, in August 2011 married Thomas Mars, leader of the Phoenix. the marriage passed off in Bernalda, in Basilicata; not a random selection, provided that it's the country of origin of Sofia's father.


To host the ceremony, the nineteenth-century residence of the Coppola family, wherever some VIPs flocked to the event - seventy guests were invited, as well as the director-screenwriter, WHO owns a house in Italian region and sometimes involves European country in disguise , role player Talia Shire, sister of Francis Coppola and aunty of Nicolas Cage and Sofia, and therefore the different members of the Phoenix.




On September twenty-seven, 2014 Saint George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin fazed much paparazzi and took 1/2 Hollywood to Venice for his or her wedding fashionable at Palazzo Papadopoli (the Aman Canal Grande Venice building, a building with seven stars), with the ceremony officiated in English by director Veltroni.


Some details of the - terribly secret - wedding: the chosen flowers were solely and strictly white roses provided by Munaretto, a widely known Florist from the Lido; in keeping with North American country Weekly, the complete organization was the work of the fogeys of Amal, Ramzi, and Baria Alamuddin.


The bride wore a creation by accolade Delaware La Renta, her make-up was created by Charlotte Tilbury, and Clooney selected a dress designed by Giorgio Armani. Amal's sister, Tala, was her maid, whereas Saint George wished Cindy Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber as a marriage witness.


Venice for the occasion was armored for three days, as happens for the festival. And decision making by the guests, this wedding wasn't for less: among the guests were Cindy Crawford, Bill Murray, Bono, Matt Damon and Pakistani monetary unit Wintour, director of Vogue America, WHO had the exclusive of the ceremony. The party continues throughout the night, till four in the morning, with a conclusion fully Italian style: pasta, garlic, oil, and chili!




The British actor Colin Firth married Livia Giuggioli in Città della Pieve, in Umbria, on twenty-one June 1997. She is currently referred to as Livia Firth, a number one figure in international moral fashion and Italian movie maker.




The couple met in 1995 in a South American country on the set of the film Nostromo, wherever Livia was the assembly assistant, and once 2 years she selected to require the massive step within the tiny Italian city. It looks that Colin has additionally taken Italian lessons before about to apprehend the in-laws! are blithely married for twenty years and have two sons, Luca and Matteo.




The reality star Kim Kardashian was married on Empire day, 2014 in Florence with Kanye West. once a celebration with concerning 600 guests in Versailles, they flew to European country wherever, at Forte Belvedere, the marriage was celebrated.


It was one among the foremost followed and chatted marriages: to forestall the curious to require photos, that they had a wall of flowers erected ahead of that the ceremony was celebrated.

The bride walked to the altar in the middle of the voice of Andrea Bocelli, wrapped in an exceedingly marvelous white Givenchy dress and impeccable makeup, as always.


The fabulous location, in keeping with the municipality of the town, was rented for over three hundred thousand euros and to celebrate the marriage was wealthy Wilkerson Jnr., a pastor arrived from Miami.


And you future brides that of those locations would you've got chosen? Italy country is really marvelous from the north and south, yet as banning an awfully romantic country, apparently excellent for celebrity fairy tales!


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How and Where to Get Married in the splendid Florence by HeraEl

Marriage is one of those anniversaries that occur only once in life (or at least, hopefully!) And its organization that requires so much coordination and attention on all fronts.

It is important that everything is taken care of and studied in every detail, from the location to the reception, and that all the guests are at ease. Unfortunately, when there is so much to think about all together, the risk of forgetting something or running into something unexpected is always around the corner.


If you have decided to get married in Florence or in the surrounding areas, however, you may have an advantage: among all the Italian cities, known for their historical and cultural wealth, Florence retains the everlasting charm and unique romanticism of the Renaissance era. You will not be hard-pressed to find fabulous locations, like not even all the professionals who will contribute to the success of your wedding.


Getting married in Florence Wedding in Florence


If you are planning your wedding you will certainly have many things on your mind: the choice of location, restaurant, wedding dress, wedding invitations, wedding favors and so on.

This is why we decided to build a small wedding guide in Florence, able to guide you in choosing some aspects of your wedding day.


Florentine villas for fairytale weddings


It is useless to state the opposite: the key to a successful marriage is the choice of location.
Here is a selection of the best villas in Florence and surroundings, where you can organize a dream reception.


Villa Le Maschere Resort


This ancient villa from the sixteenth century is located on the hills of Mugello, immersed in the peace and bright colors of the Florentine countryside.
Villa Le Maschere takes them well, thanks to numerous restorations that make it one of the leading wedding locations today.

The villa actually houses a magnificent luxury resort, whose style blends meticulously classic and modern. Inside you will find delightful stuccoes, frescoes and decorated floors, which are the background of modern furnishings with a contemporary taste. Getting married in a place of such style and refinement will make your great "yes" absolutely unique.


Villa La Borghetta


Born as a lookout tower and then transformed into a noble summer residence, Villa La Borghetta stands among the Florentine hills in all its charm.
Surrounded by the greenery of the Chianti countryside, among the vines, olive trees and meadows that stretch as far as the eye can see, Villa La Borghetta is also suitable for smaller and intimate ceremonies, and for those who generally prefer to marry in privacy and tranquility, compared to a more chaotic ceremony.
The Resort is also an excellent solution to stop and sleep, together with friends and relatives, to complete celebrations. At guests' disposal also the indoor pool and the wellness center, to regenerate after the "efforts" of the wedding party!


Vicchiomaggio Castle


From the aristocratic and refined air, the Castello Vicchiomaggio rises in the Greve area, in the immediate outskirts of Florence.

What makes it a dream location for your wedding? The majestic interior spaces, the elegance of the Renaissance rooms, the care of the outdoor spaces with the delightful courtyard and the large swimming pool that opens up in the garden: getting married in this corner of paradise will assure you and all the guests an unforgettable day.


Getting married in Florence with a civil ceremony: here's how


If you have decided to marry in the Municipality of Florence with a civil ceremony, then you must organize yourself with the necessary bureaucratic process and consider the times required.

The average time required by the City of Florence for the drafting of the documents is 150 days, and as indicated by the official website of the municipality of Florence, the union must be celebrated within 180 consecutive days of the proclamation of the wedding.

As for the location, all weddings are celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, one of the symbolic beauties of the city, which is located right in the heart of the historic center of Florence, in Piazza della Signoria.


The rooms available for getting married in a civil ceremony are the Sala Rossa, the Sala di Lorenzo, and the Salone de 'Cinquecento. The latter is certainly of great impact thanks to its width (54 meters in length and 23 in width) and the wonderful historical frescoes that decorate all the walls: the regal atmosphere and the majesty of the environment make this one of the most beautiful places of the city where to get married.


As an alternative to the rooms of the City of Florence, you can also celebrate your wedding with a civil ceremony at the Rose Garden, a park of extraordinary beauty located on the hill of San Miniato, from which you can enjoy an enchanting view. Thanks to the wide presence To reach it is necessary to go in the Oltrarno area and reach Piazzale Michelangelo: the Garden is located in via Poggi.


There is another alternative for newlyweds who want to get married in Florence with a civil ceremony: the Bardini Municipal Museum, in via de 'Renai 37. With its vast collection of more than 200 works of art including sculptures, paintings, and objects of art, it is a location without a doubt unique in its kind.


Finally, much sought after by the promised spouses who chose Florence to join in marriage, there is Villa Vogel, all'Isolotto. Thanks to its immense park that extends for more than 1000 square meters with adjoining pond and equipped space, it is the perfect location for the most romantic ceremonies. In addition to enjoying the enchanting green that is king here, Villa Vogel will be an excellent photo set for your wedding album.


The most beautiful churches in Florence for your "yes"


If you have decided to get married, Florence is definitely a perfect city to fulfill your dream: every corner of the historic center and the neighborhoods in the immediate outskirts preserve historical and artistic beauties.
Here is a selection of the most beautiful churches and basilicas to celebrate your wedding in Florence and surroundings.


Basilica of Santa Croce


Characterized by a facade of colored Carrara marble of extraordinary beauty, the Basilica of Santa Croce is known worldwide for housing the remains of some of the most famous Italian artists, they are an example: Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo. Getting married here is the dream of art and literature lovers of our country.
Suitable for weddings with many guests, this historical location is able to convey a sense of solemnity and prestige to the ceremony as perhaps no other place.


Basilica of the Holy Spirit


Another example of Florentine architectural beauty is the Basilica of Santo Spirito, also in the Oltrarno district, south of Florence. Not far from Forte Belvedere, this church is characterized by its three large Renaissance naves designed by Brunelleschi.

The position of this Church, in the heart of the historical center but perhaps less "at hand" for the average tourist, makes it a suitable location for those smaller and more intimate ceremonies.


Basilica of San Miniato al Monte


San Miniato al Monte is perhaps one of the most romantic churches to get married around Florence.
Being in one of the highest points of the city, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city, with a privileged view of Piazzale Michelangelo and the historic center.

A real gem, smaller and more intimate than the other sisters in the city, certainly does not lack charm and obviously, history: it is indeed recognized by many as the oldest basilica in Florence.


Wedding album: the most suggestive corners for your shots in Florence and surroundings


Another aspect that should not be underestimated on your wedding day: the location for the photo shoot!

Whether you have decided for a religious or civil ceremony, the city of Florence will undoubtedly be the perfect setting to capture your special day and with a city so rich in historical and artistic beauties, finding a location for wedding photography will be a game to play boys.


The old town offers numerous views suitable for newlyweds, just pay attention to tourists visiting the city, to avoid that they can "accidentally" appear in your photos.

For example, the area of Santa Croce with the majestic square in front of the basilica certainly represents a perfect set for your shots.


How not to mention the Boboli Gardens in this regard? Thanks to its numerous dirt paths with ponds and ancient statues, many romantic shots are guaranteed!
As long as the bride remembers bringing a pair of spare shoes with her ...

To find another location suitable for the occasion you have to go to the Belvedere: Piazzale Michelangelo, San Miniato al Monte, Fiesole offer a wonderful view of the city and will be a perfect background for your photos.


And again, Ponte Vecchio, another symbol of the city of Florence, ideal for original evening shots, when the influx of tourists drops, leaving the scene to you protagonists.

On average, for the success of a photo shoot, it takes at least an hour, even if the location and the harmony between a couple and a photographer definitely make the difference!

In any case, it is better not to prolong too much time dedicated to the photo shoot: do not forget the guests who in the meantime are already waiting for you at the restaurant, maybe with a nice stomach hole!


Wedding invitations: a detail not to be missed!


Another essential element of every self-respecting marriage: wedding invitations. If you and your soul mate have already set the wedding date, you just have to officially communicate the happy event to all the guests.


How to do it? By sending your personalized wedding invitations, which in addition to communicating your union to friends and relatives, invite them to take part in the festivities.

How long before should wedding invitations be sent? Usually from 3 to 5 months before, but taking into account some variables.


If you have decided to get married during the summer months, it may be prudent to advise guests on time: many, especially families with children, book their summer holidays well in advance. Notify them 5 to 6 months in advance, you will avoid their organization problems.


Another possibility: if the city in which the ceremony takes place is very far to reach for the guests, it is appropriate to "prepare" them both at a psychological and organizational level: 8 - 9 months should be sufficient to book any transfers by train or plane.


In any case, it is advisable never to be taken at the last minute: handing a wedding card a month before the date will risk slipping into a very ugly figure.

Whom to contact? The most popular options are three, depending on the budget and time available. You can make your own investments:


  • To a specialized typography, which in Florence are very widespread. Choose a store that is sufficiently stocked and allows you to customize the model you like best.
  • To a specialized online website. Many companies offer a complete service of personalization and printing of the wedding card. Here you could find a wider choice than a classic city typography, receiving the test print directly at home.
  • To a graphic artist, a friend or a relative. Clearly consider this option only if you know a trusted, creative and skilled person enough to do such a long and precise job. It 's true, creating a wedding by hand will save you money, but skimping in these cases is risky: the quality of the materials is important and the result must fully reflect the style of marriage.


Wedding planner: yes or no?


Does organizing your wedding in all its aspects seem like a cyclopean enterprise? Do you have so many things to think about that you do not sleep at night?


In these cases, it is better to contact a specialist wedding planner, a professional who organizes wedding ceremonies and who will be happy to assist you in preparing your wedding.

Infuse, think of everyone -. but just for everyone - the aspects of the big day is not a walk! Even more so if you thought about getting married on the other side of the world.


The challenge is tough, but nothing is impossible, at least if your decision is to get married in Florence!


If your dream is to get married in Florence and Tuscany fill out the CONTACT FORM.
A kiss from the HeraEl Team!


For other information on Florence, consult:

How to get married in Italy? Tips to Get You Started

And so you're creating plans to have your marriage in Italy, the world's most beautiful and romantic wedding vane: congratulations: you pick the right place for your exceptional wedding celebrations! But one main question comes to mind about how to get married in Italy? Here're a few vital tips to get started!


These days in Italy there are 3 types of weddings: religious, civil and provided by the concordat. Unlike a lot of other states, in Italy, you would be capable to celebrate your wedding day into antique catholic church having a civil value, too. This is so special kind of wedding, called "MATRIMONIO CONCODATARIO": a religious wedding celebration according to the canon rules that after the record into the register of weddings, deaths, and births, too.


Let's see now which type of system of government you will need to acquire in through to get married in Country...


The civil wedding can be only be performed by the marriage register


If you're a citizen of Greece, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Holland, Switzerland or UK, you have to provide to the registry office of the city you've picked:


  • Documentation of the legal capacity to contact wedding issued by the Registry Office of the City where you reside (into your Home State);
  • Birth papers with your Mom and Dad's names issued completing the worldwide form.


If you're US citizen, you have to provide:


  • A sworn declaration, placed by yourself to the US Embassy or consulate in Italy, showing that, according to the United State rules and regulation, there is no impediment to contract to wed in Italy (the US Consul's signature have to be real)
  • Attested affidavit given by the 4 witness in the presence of an Italian official (in Italy: Abroad: Pretura: Italian Consulate) that, at the example of yourself, say publically that: According to the rule and regulation of United States, there is no Impediment in the direction of the wedding that surname and name, born in, civil status, born in, (in matter of divorced or widower and widow, identify the effective time and date) son, daughter of.. Mother, father, and residence in, Domiciled in... intends to the marriage contract.


If you're an Australian citizen you have to provide:


  • A sworn declaration, placed by yourself to the Australian Embassy in Italy, showing that, according to the rule and regulations of Australia, there's no impediment to contract to wed in Italy (the Australian Consul's signature have to real);
  • The attached affidavit was given by the four witnesses in the presence of an Italian official (in Italy, Italian consul, Pretoria: abroad) that, at the case of yourself, speak out that
  • According to Australian regulation, there's no impediment towards the wedding that: Name/surname, date, civil status, date (in a matter of divorced or widow and widower, identify the efficient date), daughter and son, of Mother and father, live in, domiciled in.. Intends to contract to wed.


If you don't know the Italian, you must have a translator to assist you


The wedding register (that officiates the marriage), will have to interview the next newly married in order to identify their value and complete the so-called verbal procedure: a document stating that there's no impediment to contract that wedding.


You'll be capable to pick the Italian rather than your home state laws to officiate the wedding contract.


Right after the officiation, the marriage registrar will submit a copy of your wedding documentation to your home city.


The religious wedding can have civil effects just if organized into a Catholic church


If you're planning to tie the loop into a Catholic church, you have to meet the parish priest of the venue you've earlier chosen. You and your life partner should offer the right docs to the local diocese of the town where you're willing to get married in Italy. Each paper much have been earlier signed by the own diocese. You'll have to offer documentation of baptism, confirmation and an official document attendance to the pre-marriage course. When the priest has got the NULLA OSTA also from the Italian district, he'll finally capable to officiate your wedding.


Just in case you're planning to the agreement of a wedding provided by the concordat, the priest will have to share the docs acquire by the diocese in change, to the marriage registry. The marriage registrar will write down the Verbal procedure, as a paper civil wedding. After this, the priest has to deliver the wedding document, signed by the couple, to the marriage registry within five days. After a week, the marriage registrar confirms the document and delivers or mails it to the wedded couple.


Anyway, you have to publish the bonus 3 hundred days before getting married and pay stamp charges according to the local rules.


If your dream is to get married in Italy fill out the CONTACT FORM.
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Southern Italy wedding venues

Charming hills, villages, towns, and castles for a fairytale marriage in Italy!


Celebrating a marriage in southern Italy wedding venues will be as living in a fairy tale... could you feel anything more charming and romantic? Just let us know and you marriage visions and we'll be happy to guide and help you find the southern Italy wedding venues that'll suit you just remarkably!


Leave nothing to chance: advantage from the assistance of A skilled team of marriage planners: we've planned various ceremonies in the most elegant southern Italian wedding destinations and can therefore simply help you fulfilling your wishes and desires.


These wonderful towns, villages, castles, and buildings are so beautiful that we could not help falling in love with them: appealing and charming, they forever offer the complete possibility of organizing something romantic and new.


Enjoy this unique choice of venues and discover your charming and romantic southern Italy wedding venues:


We've carefully picked the ideal locations for a truly matchless, unique Italian marriage: our grooms and brides want to experience the real Italian touch and atmosphere during their life's biggest even and we, therefore, pay the enormous attention in finding the most charming and typical destinations. Every groom and bride differs from one another and every marriage is a unique, incomparable celebration that'd be tailored and thoughtfully planned: whether you would love to celebrate a little, intimate marriage or luxurious huge even, we'll help you find the ideal place for you! discover the possibilities you'll advantage from you in romantic southern Italy wedding venues!


Top Southern Italy wedding venues :


Amalfi Coast Weddings


Amalfi Coast marriages are an unforgettable and joyful experience!


This destination is so wonderful, with its tightly clung to the rock, pastel color towns and villages, a seductively gorgeous stripe of rock landscape, fill with diff and various panoramas that choice from the plunging ravines to the decorated medieval towers in small villages. Small colored boats dot the clear blue sea line like charming tropical fish, the coastal air is filled with fresh ocean scatter scents.


It's difficult not to fall in love with this place and its romance. A charm which lies not just on venues themselves, but also in their time: here you can find some of the exceptional hotels, churches, and one Italy's historical villas.




A stunning castle for an exceptional wedding in Rome!


The CANCELLIERI was built among the 10th – 13th centuries by the noble CANCELLIERI family, children of the Orsini on the ruins of an antique Roma Villas. Through the times CANCELLIERI has seen the rise and fall of the lot of noble that have owned it. Now this similar magical atmosphere, the romantic corners, and the stunning gardens await you, inviting you to dive into the age... over 20 double rooms with wedding ceremony for up to 100 people.


Weddings in Puglia


Apulia is a charming place located in the southern part of Italy, it's rich of elegant landscape, tradition, history, tastes, and spirituality and due to this, it has largely to offer to its tourists. Sea is one its precious thing as the area extends itself along with it – amazing beaches stretch over 850 Km of coastline spotted with steep and cliffs and pure white sand beaches that'll relish each visitor of the Ionian sea combine with those of the Adriatic sea. For sea, lovers have various options in Apulia where to enjoy the amazing beach or discover the shoreline from the sea on a boat!


But this venue is not only about its sea: one more great reason to pick Apulia is the charm and beauties of its inland towns, villages full with history and divine tradition; it's pleasant indeed to walk through the age, along the antique stone alleys, between stunning frescoed churches and retreats excavated in the stone. For a complete immersion in conventional age, Alberobello is a much. The village of the Trulli, antique and peculiar pure while stone round homes are a unique and valuable destination for a wedding.


Extraordinary Castle for a wedding in Apulia


A magical castle filled with romance in Puglia for a gorgeous wedding in south Italy!


This is an amazing destination with elegant gardens and historical furniture for an individual high-end ceremony in Puglia. The castle is one the most known Italian wedding venue in the location and they provide an exceptional service for the demanding couple. The area is well located near Lecce, one of the most stunning cities in Sothern Italy with such an extremely special and unique development. There're rooms for the main family as well as for guests and it's possible to stay for a minimum quantity of nights. Celebrations can last until a later time as a tradition in a wedding in SALENTO Italy.


If your dream is to get married in Southern Italy fill out the CONTACT FORM.
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