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Getting married in Sorrento

Is there something more romantic than a getting married in Sorrento, Italy? Every year, more and more brides and grooms from across the world select to get married in this elegant venue. Most of the couples who're not Italian citizen but to plan to marry in Sorrento use the services or our expert wedding planner, but if you are a simple and intimate affair, you can pick or arrange your marriage celebration by yourself.


Wedding Ceremony Venues in Sorrento


Here're all the destinations brides and grooms can pick from to hold their marriage event:


Villa Antiche Mura


With it is stunning cliff top place and amazing views of the bat of Mount Vesuvius and Naples it is no wonder that villa ANTICHE Mura is one of the most required after marriage destinations in Sorrento. When you book the destination for your marriage, you'll have exclusive use of the villa ANTICHE Mura, and the expertise and friendly staff will work to make a special day that's completely unique to you. The place can host several marriages services on the elegant terrace including protestant, Persian or Hindu. For Catholic events, there's no nearby Positano in SANTA MARIA Church or there're a number of suitable places nearby for civil marriage.


You'll pick your wedding breakfast from a huge number of Italian foods; whether it's an intimate lunch you've been dreaming for or a bit more formal sit down dinner, the meal is freshly prepared on site. Also music and dance rapidly after! A wedding planner will completely take care of each detail of your day, helping with a document for the event, decorating the place and organizing accommodation for your marriage guess.


La Favorita


Hold your unique marriage in the LA FAVORITA in the mid of the antique town of Sorrento. The 5-star hotel is complete of advance luxury while keeping a sense of conventional Italian theme and a unique environment. The professional staff will be at your service taking complete care of whole the info to make sure a magical and memorable marriage day for you and guests.


You can hold your wedding reception outdoors in the warm air, utilizing the elegant gardens and amazing courtyard with lush panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast. There're over 80 rooms, every beautifully decorated, ideally combining a modern style with classic Italian style. One of the most amazing features of the five-star hotel is the roof with a seating place, swimming pool, and a bar. This is the ideal place to relax and unwind before or after the marriage.


Castore Eventi


CASTORE EVENTI in the green mountains beyond Sorrento is the perfect setting for a gorgeous, unforgettable marriage. From courtyards, you have a splendid sight of the Isle of Capri Island, the popular bat of Vesuvius and Naples, an amazingly suggestive, magical and romantic climate, particularly at sunset. The wedding reception can be held either in the hot, elegant climate of the internal mountains or on the spacious courtyards or both as the CASTORE place was made especially to cater for special wedding events, their reserve the whole place for your exclusive use.


There're no time restrictions, and as there are disco lights and sound ecosystem across, you can dance till dawn if you desire. Our food menus, the fruit of fantasy, tradition, the culinary art of the expert chef and the top quality of the local produce, warranty of the range of dishes natural of the Mediterranean cooking.


Religious marriage Ceremonies in Sorrento, Italy


In the stunning Sorrento district, just natives scan celebrate catholic religious marriage event; exceptions can be created by the archbishop just in reasons in which either groom or bride is a local citizen.


The most elegant churches Sorrento for celebrating a Catholic marriage are:


  • Church of San Francesco
  • Cathedral of Santi Filippo e Giacomo
  • Basilica of San'Antonino


Civil marriage Ceremonies in Sorrento, Italy


The city and town of Sorrento allow civil marriages events to be performed in a range of stunning venues:


  • Museo Correale: such an amazing venue, one of the stunning halls of the Museo Correale di Terranova, today a museum but actually an aristocratic home, is applied to celebrate marriages. This is a stunning location for a winter or fall marriages.
  • Cloister of San Francesco: this exceptional cloister dating from 13k is the most charming and romantic in entire of Sorrento, and has to be booked well ahead of time.


Essential Papers for a Civil marriage in Sorrento, Italy


  • For Italian citizens: valid identification
  • Foreign citizens: verification (NULLA OSTA al MATRIMONIO), Valid passport granted by the Embassy or consulate of your home state in Italy, specifying: complete name, date of birth and location, father/mother, citizenship and marital status.



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Getting married in Rome from the UK

Are you planning on getting married in Capital of Italy from the UK? We have put jointly all you need to know about the wedding in the city of Romance, Rome. If you are looking at weddings abroad, particularly getting married in Rome from the UK, take a deep look at the Italy Capital.


This extensive, cosmopolitan city joints century's worth of age with buzzing street life stunning meals and drinks. There're many amazing ruins to include in your marriage images - such as the stunning Colosseum and you'd even zip around on Vespa for that antique, Italian city feel!


Find out some more about getting married in Rome from the UK


There're 4 simple steps the UK national, resident in the UK, have to follow to get the correct paperwork for marrying in Rome.


Paper of No Impediment


You must get what's named paper of No Impediment, which is released in Britain. To do this you have to offer notice of wedding to your local office of a registry. After your file has been submitted for the needed term you'll be released with a paper of No Impediment to the wedding, dated and signed by your native registrar. It's vital that the names you provide to the registrar, which will look on your paper, are perfectly the similar as written in your passports. For instance, Jim Harry on the certificate and James Harry found on your passport might be that the Italian officials will reject your document and refuse to permit the wedding go ahead. Please take your passport with you to the office, only to be absolutely certain.


The Statutory Statement


While you're waiting for your paper you'd make a statutory declaration earlier than a solicitor or public attorney in the UK, (all based on our company's experience with all other clients, it'd be superior to go via solicitor which are usually cheaper). We can deliver the declaration form will be needed to you through E-mail. The declaration is needed by the Italian officials and provides further info that is not detailed on your paper of impediment. The public attorney or solicitor will change a charge for this service. The fee will differ so it may be worth shopping abroad.


Legalizing your docs for the Italian officials


When you've your paper of no obstruction and you've made your statutory statement, now you need to send them both to the FCO office legalization in Milton Keynes for any to be legalized with a HAGUE APOSTILLE. The legalization office will charge for this work. Please check the present charges and process on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office official website.


Your docs of No obstruction Translation


When both these papers have been legalized, you'll need to have the legalized paper of no Impediment translated. As it'll become an Italian lawful doc it'd be translator based in Italy and sworn the courts of Italy or an Italian integrity of peace. We can give you a list of the suggested translator. Charges will be charged fees differ all depending on the translator. They'll also charge a delivery charge to have the translation curried back to you or our native office (since we'll be in charge to lodge the documentation work on your behalf).


The statutory statement doesn't need to be translated since it's before now in both languages.


Every United Kingdom national occupant in Britain should have eventually had:


  • A documentation of no obstruction released in the U.K, legalized in Britain and then translated officially in Italy. A bilingual legal statement legalized in Britain, A U.K passport
  • Once the entire of these papers have been ready, they'd be sent directly to officials and send to the town hall where you'll get married in Rome.
  • There are no longer needs for marriage paperwork for UK nationals resident in the UK to be sent any UK consular or Embassy in Italy for additional processing.
  • Please note that, under Italian rule, a lady's husband died or separated and wishes to re-wedding in Italy can't do so until three hundred days have gone passed from the date of her death of Husband or divorced, though, to apply for dispensation to this via the Civil rule courts.
  • Lastly please note that your paper of No impediment will be valid for six months from the day on your English Northside Ireland CNI or Welsh or 3 months of presenting a Scottish CNI


If you're UK Citizen Living outside of Italy want some further information on the process as it does vary, feel free to contact us!

Getting married in Rome from Ireland

If getting married in Rome from Ireland is the dream, this complete guide is very helpful to get you started...


So for this getting in Rome from Ireland, we have decided to focus on the land of Romeo/Juliet, Pizza, and wine, romance, and Opera, no wonder lots of people wish to have their marriage Italy. Italy is an ideal location for getting married for a fine reason, with its elegant towns, villages steeped history, amazing wine and food is offers a bounty of elegant places.


For those who are religious, the churches and cathedrals truly are breathtaking, for the non-religious it is mutually appealing with scenic villas, vineyards, and castle. Unluckily having a lawful event in Rome is not perfectly straight, so ready yourself for quite a small paperwork, and a small of the back and forth with the mayor.


But I have done a few of the initial work for you and pulled jointly a handy list of entire you need to know, including the procedure of arranging a marriage in Rome, and all the documents you will need for a religious wedding or civic events. It's completely manageable, do not worry, only have a read and get started. It'll all be worth it!


Before deciding on marriage in Rome from Ireland, you need to know


There are no official residency needs for civil events


  • Civil and Catholic ceremonies are both lawfully binding. Making Rome a remarkable option for any of you wishing a church wedding with a bit more sun, for a few gorgeous church marriages in Rome inspiration.
  • Getting married in a Catholic churches needs similar papers as any other states, expect you must have proof of being a bachelor person. You can get these quite easily from your local solicitor.
  • A civil event can just happen at the native town hall and building handled by the town hall. Luckily lots of these building are elegant including villas and castles to name a few.
  • Your celebrations are normally performed by the Mayor or Assistant to the Mayor.
  • Mayors in most of Italy will not do outside events; though the list of outdoor places is growing so do be sure to check it out if it is something you interested in. You may get lucky like the stunning real married couple Sarah and Sean whose marriage in Rome performed outsides in a sunny location.
  • You'll need at least two witnesses.
  • It's running that Italy that there have to be an interpreter at your marriage (regardless of whether you speak Italian language or not)
  • If you would like to have a symbolic event you can marry in diff wedding place with the permission of the person who holds it. Typically, this'd not prove an issue, and you could not get super inspiration than this dreamy rustic Italian photo shot.


Religious marriage Ceremonies in Rome


  • The only church events that can organize lawfully in Italy without the need for a civil event beforehand is a Catholic event.
  • Either you or your lover or both have to be a Catholic, and neither of you can be divorced.
  • It's a lengthy procedure, start six months before, and ensure the church in the city has the documents 60 days before.
  • Docs should be complete at home, normally via the Bride's parish
  • You'd make contact with priest well in advance as they might not agree to marry you and you'll need to set day.
  • Entire doc for a Catholic wedding is in addition to the civil document listed below
  • For all other religions, proof of civil marriage is needed before you can celebrate in church.


Civil Wedding Ceremonies


  • Civil events are typically performed in Rome by the city mayor.
  • You must have an interpreter, but the interpreter doesn't have to be an authorized translator so one of your persons is fluent, do not be tricked into paying.
  • You can boost your civil event with your vows.
  • You'll need two witnesses over 18 age, and they'll have to present at the time of your marriage and sign the registrar.


Paperwork for an Italian Wedding


  • A legitimate passport
  • The official, signed with birth ID, Long form
  • Proof of any old weddings have ended
  • Guardian Consent or Parental if one of your partners is below the age of 18
  • Fee (this adjustment year-to-year so it is ideal to check FDA in the Irish embassy before land)
  • Forms linking to your present marital status (MP2D, MP2E MP2B, MP2F or MP2A)
  • All of this statuary declaration has to made and signed in the presence of a Notary Public, Solicitor or a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Application for NULLA OSTA should be submitted to at least four months before the day of the marriage. Your paper of freedom to marry will be sent by the officials to the Irish embassy in Rome who'll then forward it to the place where you'll be married.


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Getting married in Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most famous places to a destination wedding, both because of its stunning views and because of the huge number of exceptional venues ideal for flawless event and reception, including villas and hotels overlooking the vivid coastline and very deep and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.


Here is some practical advice to help you get married in Amalfi Coast Italy. With enough planning, you can take much of entire the arrangement yourself. However, we suggest appointing a very experienced wedding planner to get married on the Amalfi Coast, especially if you live way from Italy. An expert wedding planner like us can help you with paperwork, manage transfer and handle the entire complicated logistics of planning a wedding ceremony on the Amalfi Coast, and even suggest musicians, photographers, florists and all other trusted local vendors.


Main Note: try to start your marriage planning at least 12 months in advance, as several of the most well known and beautiful destinations on the Amalfi Coast book up quick. In a few cases, including the Duomo in Amalfi Coast, you've to reserve at least two years in advance!


Before talking to you about the wonders of the Amalfi coast, I want to share with you the video of  W & P Photo 



Church Weddings in the Amalfi Coast


The whole churches on the Amalfi Coast are Catholic, you can keep a Protestant marriage in individual venues. As opposed to Sorrento and Capri Island, the diocese of the Amalfi Coast will let marriages in local churches even when the bride and groom are not native people of the Amalfi Coast.


Getting married in Positano is normally commemorated in the Chiesa dell'Assunt, placed right beyond the Spiaggia Grande. In Amalfi Coast, brides and grooms can exchange their vows in the majestically Duomo di Sant'Andra. A lot of couples pick to keep their marriage in the well-known church of San Pancrazio in Conca dei Marini. The church San Gennaro in Pariano is a gorgeous background, with a church portico overwhelming the sea water. The entire these places, particularly the Duomo in Amalfi Coast are booked far in advance so if you wish to get married there try to reserve your data at least a 12 months ahead of time.


Papers needed for Catholic marriage on the Amalfi Coast


  • Pre-Cana certificate
  • Confirmation and Baptism certificates
  • Pre-Nuptial Investigation or Pre-Nuptial Inquiry
  • Sworn Statement for Australian, Canadian and American citizens
  • Photocopy of your ID, Passport
  • No obstruction for EU citizens


Civil Weddings in the Amalfi Coast


Civil events in Positano hold on the patio of town hall overwhelming the sea. In Amalfi Coast, they're held inside an old Benedictine convent timing from 1200. Bride and groom getting married in Ravello can pick among PALAZZO TOLLA (the town hall) and the Giardini Della Principessa di Piemonte gorgeous gardens.


Papers needed for a Civil Wedding on the Amalfi Coast


  • A marriage license from your city of residence
  • Birth paper with an apostle stamp
  • Copy of passport of your interpreter
  • Divorce certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of the passports of your 2 witnesses


Some additional Tips to Get Married in the Amalfi Coast


  • Always consider airlines that have straight flights to the airport of Napoli Capodichino: this is the nearest airport to the Amalfi Coast, from there you'll need to acquire transportation to the Amalfi Coast destination. You might rent a car and get a transfer to the Napoli Port and get a ferry from there or book an individual transfer for your wedding guests to access your marriage destination and hotel.
  • Be sure your wedding guests know how to move from the Sorrento, Amalfi, and Napoli to Positano, Capri Island or another town where you'll get married. Managing their transfer from the airport to Amalfi Coast is actually something you need to plan if you do not wish them to get lost.
  • If you're looking for civil marriage, Please keep in mind that most of the wedding destinations in the Amalfi Coast as well as in Italy in general, cannot host a civil marriage celebration. They normally take place in the town hall, but the mayors of the cities have the power to allow civil marriages celebrations in specific villas and sites.
  • Consider a transfer your religious or civil ceremony site to your marriage reception place: it's forever vital to plan it in advance, thinking how complicated it may be for you and your respectable guests walking from one place to another in Amalfi Coast. Earlier than signing any agreement, consider where your marriage location places and if it'd simply to transport tables, and the entire of the decors required there. As described, the logistics aspect is one of the multifaceted in Amalfi Coast due to it's charming, good-looking, but also very complicated streets.


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Exclusive wedding venues in Italy

Are you looking for exclusive but super chic wedding venues to get wedded in Italy? I've covered in our blog post of some of the best Exclusive wedding venues in Italy. Why should you think about getting married in Italy and every bride and groom should fall in love with Italy for the following facts."


  • Well, the marvelous food is my number 1 reason.
  • Who does not like great food?
  • I know all do. The thought of food has my mouth watering.
  • The next and simple yes for you'd be incredible wine.
  • Intimate venue weddings are less stressful
  • Breathtaking views
  • Endless sunny weather
  • Should I say more reasons?


Best Exclusive wedding venues in Italy



Palazzo Gori Pannilini


Are you looking for an Exclusive wedding venue in Italy, or are you just pure romantic when it arrives at sceneries overlooking nature? Think about Tuscany, oh yes! One of my most favorite Exclusive wedding venues in Italy has to be Tuscany! It's known for its elegant vineyards and medieval towns. Because of all its historical views, its amazing village, and the town filled with many medieval castle and elements. This lone feature makes this the ideal venue to choose Italy for their wedding. Tuscany is one of the wealthiest parts of the country as it's known for its wealth, architecture and art as-well-as its grassy mountains and rolling green.


Masseria Salamina


Next venue we travel to Puglia or Apulia for an exclusive wedding venue in Italy. Let's dive into this place for our wedding spot. This wonderful castle is to die for. If you're planning an intimate wedding with around 30-40 persons that this is the ideal intimate wedding venue for you, this venue is located a few miles from exceptional beaches and its olive trees. Make it the exclusive wedding venue to host your next event. Want to be capable of tasting Puglia meals? Then you've come to the ideal place as this destination makes delicious foods that'll have your mouth watering.


Castle Castello Di Vincigliata


This well-known place caters to an intimate wedding. When in Italy, I am very sure you know just how stunning the food is. The meal at this place lives up to its name and gives the best menu known in the country. The destination is latterly a fort, and we know that Italy is complete with castles. The place can host outsides which allows you to enjoy the elegant native Skies, rain-free of the boat. With Florence being more than 20 minutes drive you'll wish to ensure that you take time out and visit!


Therasia Resort


Italy is the perfect venue for you to host your exclusive wedding reception with entire its amazing sights, remarkable landscape and once again more amazing meals. So book your marriage right now! Our next exclusive wedding venue is Sicily and if you're looking some more of modern experience, look no more, the spot is the wonderful THERASIA RESORT. It's situated on its Island, covered by sparkling green and volcanoes and blue colored water sea; the venue is hidden heaven.



Why is this the ideal Exclusive wedding venues in Italy?


Your guests will like its jaw-dropping scenic sight and look out into the distance and those rolling mountains and just sigh. Image the sun rising from above the Mediterranean setting back down behind a backdrop of hills, memorable skies bursting with colorful clouds. To top it entire off you receive a spoil yourself with the peak of modern glamour?


Hotel Danieli


Have you ever wished to discover Venice as one of your best Exclusive wedding venues in Italy? This well-known place is a marvel, and if you pick this exclusive wedding venue you need to be completely prepared with a checklist of entire the places to see, to make sure you're not missing out! Why not stay in the hotel with stunning, world-class hotel, because not anything but the most excellent is what you're looking for!


So what best Exclusive wedding venue in Venice?


Think elegant and classy hotels. This time we take you Hotel DANIELI placed in Venice. Keep in mind that Venice is very famous for a wedding, so we recommend booking way in advance.


Ca Sagredo


 If not anything short of a royal palace on the canal and the atmosphere of the aristocratic-royalty is a must for you. Then this wonderful exclusive wedding venue ticks whole the boxes. Not anything comes near to the pure magnificence and drama this place commands. The place is amazing testaments to time, boasting a few impressive works of architecture, statues, tall vaulted ceilings, well... Truly this should be a museum!


  • A lot of rooms has a landscape of the grand canal outdoor
  • Dinner facilities up to 140
  • Open throughout the year


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Barefoot Beach Weddings - A Special Decision

When the time comes to plan a wedding, the barefoot beach wedding theme is among the most popular one you should consider. Remember you can also have a barefoot beach weddings which is considerable affordable in many places in Italy I think it is most likely if more people had access to the beach it would be far and away the most common wedding style today.


The barefoot beach style wedding is so romantic. Again, to be wedded with the sound of the waves in the background and an environment of the grandeur of nature providing the decor is about as impeccable a setting as one could expect. Put the warm sun, the feel of the sand under the couple's bare feet, and the breeze mildly flapping the bride's hair along with all their darling friends and family at the beach were so many happy recalls exist in and it is no wonder a wedding on the beach is so much admired.


Besides, couples often select a beach wedding because it creates the opening to be less formal. After all, who wants to put on their most formal attire out onto the sand? Luckily, the beauty of the setting alone makes that needless. Honestly, I think barefoot beach wedding remains the most affordable and romantic wedding destination. Normally, the outcome is that every detail can be less formal.


Supposing the local authorities permit beach weddings in many occasions it would have always been the people's choice. Planning for a beach wedding is directly affected by the site of the beach.


Planning a beach wedding can be a simple affair. After all, the casual nature of the beach itself will naturally inform a lot of decisions to be made. For instance, unless you import a runway and stage on to the beach, and local ordinances might disallow such a move, high heels are out. Instead pick a flat or even a crystal or pearl barefoot sandal under your knee or ankle length wedding dress.


Because of the gorgeousness of the coast line, in a beach wedding a couple can limit their use of flowers and other decorative choices if they choose. Depending on how formal or informal the couple desires their event to be, white chairs, a tent, and an archway might be needed to help define the parameters of the ceremony and party.


Maybe the biggest issue to be well-thought-out when planning a beach wedding is how any food will interact with the warmth of the sun, the blowing sand, and any animal life. This comprises the wedding cake. Since wedding cakes are iced in frosting they do not do well in the heat and insects are attracted to them. Similarly, we all know that certain food spoils fast in the heat.


The solution is to either decide on to rent a banquet room in a local restaurant fronting the beach for the reception or to have any food brought down to the reception just in time for it to be served. This can be accomplished through careful planning with the caterer, or by simply keeping everything in coolers stored in the shade until they are wanted. It all depends on a couple's budget and how formal they want their affair to be.


Apart from these practical concerns, a beach wedding is a reasonably simple way to mount a beautiful and remarkable event. Virtually anything goes in such a casual atmosphere and that is good, because the whole point of throwing a wedding is to celebrate the beauty of their new life together.

Chianti wedding castle: 15th-century castle ideal location for a wedding in Chianti

What setting could be more enchanting and romantic to celebrate a marriage than an antique Chianti wedding castle in Tuscany, set in the enchanting view of the delicious Chianti wine production countryside? 15th century Chianti wedding castle in Tuscany blend amazing landscape with impeccable services and organization in fairytale place for your marriage in Tuscan!


The stunning views will make your dream, and the estate's items are appreciated by single and all. Wines, grapes and many more exclusive and unique items add further feel for organizing your marriage in this fairy tale venue. Wedding in castles, particularly famous in Chianti, Tuscany, are extremely famous not only locals and also with international visitors: what makes them so special in this sole mix of nature and amazing cuisine.


A memorable time: staying in the 15th-century fort in the heart of the region, with its outdoor views and its supernatural setting of olive groves and wine growers. The entire suites and hotels are harmonicons blend of the stunning period of modern comforts and architecture for the happy bride and groom, their friends and guests who pick to stay in the stunning venue.


15th Century Chianti wedding castle


The castle is a very old manor built in 1500 placed in the heart of Florentine Mountains, 20 miles from Florence, 40 miles from Siena and well linked with the most elegant and gorgeous places of Tuscany. It's an exclusive place for special marriage reception. Generally, Tuscan Wine tasting and Diners, farm holiday hotels accommodations, cooking course and many more.


Lorenzo de' Medici; Leo X, Paul III, the Popes and Clement VII; the majestic Duke of Tuscany, the King of Italy and Ferdinand III are a few of the castle's illustrious wedding guests. Built in 14th century by the king Dei Pucci family of Florence, the Florence castle is one of the area's most good-looking historical home. What is more? It gives the perfect setting for a memorable Chianti wedding in Tuscany. Joint 600 years of history, the panorama of the Florentine mountains, and the tastes that render Tuscany a Gourmet's heaven, and you'll have the ideal combination: a distinctive and warm ambiance in which your reception stands above to complete the rest.


Open air receptions and wedding banquets can be hosted in the outsides places or the stunning historical salons. The exceptional frescoed receptions areas, and the open arcade, the terrace, and its stunning gardens become the perfect stage for prestigious and elegant events.


Centuries of historical art will help you arrange and celebrate your memorable day. The Castello's individual hall is ready to host your Chianti wedding castle event; the sight of the mountains from its towers memorable photo shots, and the amazing receptions rooms, Renaissance arcade, and native garden provide a perfect setting. For those who admire them, the unique thrill will take you away.


Key Features


  • Options for holding civil marriage at the castle
  • Enchanting native gardens for cocktails - wonderfully lit at night with candles and torches.
  • The catering is at home, and the castle is well known for its authentic, exceptional meals
  • A piece of an estate producing fine extra virgin olive oil and finest wines singled out for their top quality in the most excellent Italian wine guides. Visit the very old wine caller can be organized.
  • Castle cooking classes! The castle's special cooling classes are between their specialties. Weddings guests can learn to make traditional Italian meals, from usual Tuscany appetizers to the most beautiful deserts.
  • When the cooking is completed, it is time for each one to gather in the convivial company to example their creations.
  • Lodging nearby: above the castle walls lies the Agriturismo, nestled in the mountains between olive groves, vineyards, and amazing sunflower fields. The lodge boasts ten apartments, all furnished in pure country style. Sports fan can relax at swimming pool and in a tennis court or head out on hill bikes between hills and woodlands, following trails that link the historical towns of the fine corner of Tuscany. The castle is offered pleasing diversion at the nearby Riding Club


Wedding Info
Chianti castle wedding receptions


A real Grand reception venue, especially at night when the walls, rooms, gardens, and pathways are lit by candlelight! The 15th-century castle's very antique ballrooms and salons offer the perfect atmosphere for the Chianti castle wedding reception or a gorgeous gala supper. The ambiance communicates fine taste and distinction and makes sure that every wedding guest experience being a part of a once a lifetime ceremony. Extremely pleasure in each sense of the word.


A huge open gallery and courtyard compose the 15th-century castle were wedding tale place in summer or spring (max - up to 170 guests) and amazing reception room, main hall, where it's possible to dispose of max 100 guests plus 40 in every one of 2 smaller adjacent rooms.


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Puglia, with golden, unspoiled beaches that appear to embrace the crystal-clear waters.The glorious scents of the sea, of traditions and culture. Those simple fragrances that the Puglia region is capable of offering. The breathtaking views and deeply rooted traditions are the perfect blend of romance and strong values.


The glorious scents of the sea, of traditions and culture. Those simple fragrances that the Puglia region is capable of offering. The breathtaking views and deeply rooted traditions are the perfect blend of romance and strong values.


Wonderful video by Oliver Astrologo that shows me Puglia in all its beauty



Getting married in the beautiful region of Puglia means celebrating a wedding that is understated and elegant, accompanied by beautiful music and traditional dance, in a natural context with soft lighting and a refined and elegant décor. In this enchanting region, the lush colours of nature gloriously blend together to create a unique background resembling a masterpiece that has been painted using a multitude of shades. 

In this enchanting region, the lush colours of nature gloriously blend together to create a unique background resembling a masterpiece that has been painted using a multitude of shades.




The wedding date has been set, but you now realize that trying to get everything organized in time is not as easy as you thought? By choosing to work with specialized professionals for your wedding in Puglia, you can be sure that the organization and preparations will not be as daunting and will leave you free to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day, knowing that it will be absolutely perfect!




Every couple dreams of having a perfect wedding, with special attention given to even the smallest detail. For this dream to come true, it is important to turn to a competent and serious professional who has dedicated years to the profession. The experience acquired is a guarantee that the Bride and Groom can choose a location, amongst the vast selections available, that reflects their personal tastes and desires, whether by the sea, with a sea view, or beautiful farmhouses immersed in nature. Every couple is sure to find the perfect solution for the classic setting of their dreams, while respecting their budget. Truly a wedding of their dreams!




For a wedding to be perfect and to make your day even more special, accurate care and attention must be given to even the smallest detail. In addition to the setting, which includes tables, gazebos, etc., other details such as elegant glass bowls for the "Confettata" help make the difference. You may also want to choose beautifully designed containers with an incorporated candle holder for additional charm, to blend with the dramatic backdrop created by the Pugliese landscape dotted with century old olive trees, sumptuous wines, and gastronomic delights. You can select a location overlooking the sea or opt for one immersed in the bright splendor of the typical white houses characteristic to the Martina Franca area. You can choose anything your heart desires.


For more information on weddings in Puglia and to know the other destinations please contact me.

I look forward to planning your special day!

Best Tuscany wedding ideas

Tuscany, a mountainous region of Italy, is well known for its red wines, simply sophisticated cuisine, and amazing views... not to explain the medieval of its walled villages, towns, fortress, and castles. Then, there're vineyards, olive groves and rambling farmhouses, and that stunning blue sky. If you or your fiancé has Italian ties, a Tuscany wedding style is a remarkable way to celebrate them. And if you do not, the Tuscany or Italian state style is an enormous way to make the most of any outside setting.


Tuscany wedding ideas


The cornerstone of the Tuscany wedding is simple and elegant. Often this style shows-up in country clubs, vineyards, and manicured gardens. It is also a fine option for Italian style banquet rooms or restaurants (particularly those with columns, arches, or warmly shaded stucco).


Decorating for your Tuscany style wedding


Begin with the signature shades of Tuscany: gold and color of truly known as Tuscany red, that leans toward Brick. Olive makes a remarkable and conventional accent. But you can pick any color mixture you wish. After that, simply what makes a vineyard most romantic? Hanging lanterns allow your greeting linger into the evening. Parasols provide your bridal event a remarkable, antique world look. Some tiered fountains add pure gallons of feel.


How you go about the bolts and nuts from here truly depends on your likes. For a smooth look, draw on the vivid of vintage vine poster, or antique world maps. Scan you liked and use these to move out one of a type table cards or invitations. Show your table cards over bottles of wines topped with a slotted cork. You'd also make rustic cork place card holders. For a whimsical touch, light-up key tables and focal spots with grape cluster string lights.


Ivy will provide any glass canister rapid vineyard flair. More laid back plans for table decors: images filled with breadsticks in appealing spiral themes, mason jars full with Gerber daisies, miniature sunflowers and the occasional roses or urns heaped with gilded fruit.


The cake is the major point for any reception after the bride, so a lot of brides like to take this uptown even if the reception's period is more calmed. A Tuscan styled cake is an amazing option to dabble in the forefront of cake artistry, like texture, gold leaf or even designed on a rendition of an elegant Tuscan china pattern. But if you wish to keep things very simple, 3 clean tiers banded by rending and gold ribbons will work just as good-looks. Set off your cake table with the conventional cake letters, but the spell AMORE in its place of I DO.


Taste of Tuscany wedding


A lot of caterers will have a fine idea where to begin if you ask for a Tuscany buffet, a Tuscany meal station or even an entire over Tuscany food menu.


Tuscany cuisine prides itself on presenting a simple mean that only knocks you out with its quality. Every Tuscany food menu is going to highlight natural but ideally done combinations of currant bread, beans, tomatoes, olive oils, soft cheeses and wine. Generally appearing the manure starters like breadsticks, antipasto, and Tuscan white bean!


You also might get an option of fines olives, fruit compotes, and yummy cured meats like Tuscany ham and salami. Or in the Italian Tradition, golden pears poached in a delicious red-wine, then knocked over the up with honey and goat cheese. Tuscany ravioli full with spinach, eggplant and a range of cheeses would draw raves as a major course.


For drinks, sever San Pellegrino to whet your wedding guests and Prosecco for toasts. When it is time to dish up the cake, create it even more joy able by bringing out the barista and giving cappuccinos and espresso. Also, remember that no style offers a better excuse to joy guests during cocktail time with a fine wine tasting. Hire a professional to help bring out the touches of your wines and truly create things memorable.


Sweet Sounds of Amore
Romantic music is indispensable to every Italian Tuscany wedding. But vineyard marriage call for intimacy: classical music or a string Quartet, say. Other option a small operatic choir will have your wedding guests leaping from their positions. As the night period goes on, and conventional Italian band will get your respectable guests stamping to the twists of the Tarantella.


Gifting Your Guests


There is a lot of possibilities for a favor at your Tuscany wedding ideas. Let's start with the food: consider bottles of imported, real balsamic or vinegar herbed olive oil or Italian truffles. Also famous are bottles of hearty Tuscany wine, customized with wine labels bearing the bride and groom's wedding day. The errand market's bursting with the appealing super wine accessories, such as wine charms and wine stopper favors. Certainly, Jordan almonds are not at all out of place at any type of Italian wedding.


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Matrimonio Ferragez


La location della festa e il party


La cerimonia del matrimonio dei Ferragnez, così soprannominati dai media, si è celebrata nel salone degli Specchi di palazzo Ducezio, ossia la sede del Comune di Noto.

È stato il sindaco della città Bonfanti a sposare la coppia.


Ma ovviamente, quello che interessa di più in un matrimonio del genere non è tanto il rito ma i festeggiamenti che si sono svolti nella bellissima Dimora delle Balze la quale, per l'occasione, è stata riempita di migliaia di lucine soffuse.


Dopo la cerimonia che ha visto unirsi in matrimonio Chiara e Federico i due sono entrati nel tendone per salutare i loro ospiti, accompagnati da diverse canzoni famose, la prima non poteva che essere A Sky Full of Stars. I due non si sono risparmiati predisponendo un vero e proprio luna park per intrattenere gli invitati.


E gli ingredienti per un divertimento a 360° non sono davvero mancati: insieme a festosi tendoni a spicchi rossi e bianchi spiccano una ruota panoramica tempestata da luci, giostre con cavalli e carillon, tirapugni, tiri al bersaglio, bancarelle con zucchero filato e pop corn, tutto circondato da luminarie degne di Hollywood e dall'inconfondibile musica del film cult Grease.


Non sono mancati nemmeno i momenti romantici, come quando Fedez è salito sul palco e ha iniziato a cantare, dedicando le frasi più romantiche alla sua novella sposa che si è sciolta in una visibile commozione.


Ma siccome i Ferragnez sono una coppia social non dovevano di certo esimersi dal dare spettacolo con trovate d'effetto rappresentate dal putto di ghiaccio che allieta gli ospiti versandogli direttamente in bocca una serie di bevande alcoliche o le bancarelle che rendevano disponibili simpatici souvenir: piatti e tazze con la faccia della coppia impressa.


Il taglio della torta c'è stato poco prima della mezzanotte, effettuato sotto un gazebo tempestato di piccole lucine viola. Per questo momento i Ferragnez hanno scelto delle canzoni particolari, che ricordano il mondo delle favole: The circle of life, il cerchio della vita, ossia la colonna sonora del film Disney Il re leone, e la canzone de La bella e la bestia. Ogni riferimento ai fatti e alle persona non era di sicuro casuale.


All'alba la festa si è conclusa e i novelli sposi hanno postato sui social le ultime foto. Queste rappresentano il viaggio in macchina dei due fino in hotel e gli ultimi saluti al pubblico.


Il menù


Il menù della cena è stato prevalentemente dedicato ai sapori del territorio. Molti si sono lamentati della scarsità dei piatti i quali, oltretutto, sono risultati anche poco elaborati. Un crostino di pastasfoglia con mousse alle erbette ed avocado dava il benvenuto agli ospiti. A seguire un raviolo di ricotta ragusana con lamelle di melanzane fritte e basilico per poi arrivare al secondo di pesce: pescato del giorno ai profumi mediterranei con pomodorini, olive e patate.


Piatti semplici dai sapori antichi che i più hanno trovato troppo semplici per l'evento ma forse perché non sapevano che alcune di queste portate avevano un significato per i Ferragnez.

I ravioli, infatti, erano un omaggio al soprannome che Chiara e Federico si erano dati dopo la loro prima uscita.


I vestiti


A una festa simile non potevano mancare look stravaganti, eleganti e alla moda. La sposa ha sfoggiato tre abiti, tutti firmati Dior e disegnati da Maria Grazia Chiuri. L'abito della cerimonia era composto da un raffinato body di pizzo accostato a una gonna lunga con sei metri di strascico. Durante la cena la Ferragni ha indossato un altro meraviglioso vestito ricamato con dei versi di una canzone, la stessa con cui Fedez l'ha chiesta in moglie, e delle sagome di leoni, in omaggio al figlio. Come scarpe la nota influencer ha scelto un modello con punta stretta, laccio sulla caviglia e un tacco basso, il tutto rigorosamente personalizzato con il suo nome.


Per il party e il parco divertimenti la ragazza ha preferito un abito corto e scarpe comode, delle ballerine con cinturino.


Anche gli ospiti hanno voluto sfoggiare dei look d'impatto. Marina Di Guardo, la madre di Chiara, ha preferito un abito acquamarina da cocktail: spalle scoperte e un drappeggio leggero. Anche la madre di Fedez ha optato per scoprire le spalle, scegliendo un vestito blu intenso.


Le damigelle erano vestite in un raffinato e romantico rosa e, anche in questo caso, non sono mancati sfoggi di outfit esagerati, come il look scelto da Gilda Ambrosio che portava un vestito troppo corto o gli stivali esageratamente alti indossati da Veronica Ferraro.


I messaggi dai social


Sono state moltissime le persone che hanno commentato il matrimonio dei Ferragnez tramite i social. C'è chi fa gli auguri, chi scrive parole carine e romantiche e chi invece sottolinea i lati negativi dell'evento usando vocaboli spiacevoli.


Ma i Ferragnez non se la prendono più di tanto perché in fondo è proprio quello che si aspettavano.


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