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Italy castle wedding venues

Every bride wishes to feel like a princess on their wedding moment! How better to make this awesome feeling, than by being wedded in a castle? Most are the place high above the neighboring land amid gardens and graceful parks, offering breathtaking views. Few of dominates cities and towns. Or have breathtaking sights on the sea or the lake.


A few of them are romantically planned; few others are surrounded by surrounded by the hamlets when secured. Entire of them are loving preserves and restored, with the addition of advanced comforts, and most have accommodation for a fine number of guests so that everybody can share the noble experience. The unique, historical and complete atmosphere, Italy castle wedding vanes offer several of possibilities regarding event's design: effects, flowers, lights, draperies, modern or vintage in furniture, the possibilities to create them ever more sole are infinite!



Castle near Florence


In the core of the Florentine hills, only 30 KM for Florence and fifty km from Siena, well linked to the highly suggestive places of Tuscany, you'll find the antique castle of the 15th century. Inside the castle walls, our visitors can give their event and wedding greeting: the whole ground area with its arcades, frescoed halls, the courtyard, and its elegant gardens, will be the backdrop of your wedding moment. We can also offer the hospitality. Beyond the walls, but remain in the land, there's a mansion, cuddle up in the mounts of Chianti, sunflower fields, and olive groves.



Castle near Gaiole in Chianti


Such as pixie tale, this castle states itself in the Chianti soil at the last of the pleasing driveway lined with junipers & cypresses, between fields and vineyards kissed by nature. The castle with its places, welcomes your wedding reception and ceremony: at the guests disposal is the complete main floor of the castle (a series of frescoed and furnished rooms),terraces overlooking the Chianti mounts, gardens, finally the old stables that has an open area that you can beautify to make everything you pick from a relaxing lounge or dancing place to an area to have exceptional meal.



Castle near Rome


The corridor of the Caesars, secret garden, the antique tower, the room of Arms... 500 years of age carries on to live in the gardens and rooms of this stunning castle in Rome. The dearness of the historical masterworks of the Renaissance is extremely well joint with the range and functionality of areas. Your events will be an idea for a small number of guests or ceremony up to 1000 people. The attention to each detail: lighting, atmosphere, music and floral decorations, is followed by each time of our staff including the entire paper works required to have your special wedding here. We'll be glad to develop an impressive and unique atmosphere to offer each guest an unforgettable welcome.



Castle near Fiesole


Castle near Fiesole is an antique mention of the 12th century, in the countryside, but only a few minutes' drives away from the Florence. Here you can arrange charming wedding ceremonies and receptions, also in state style and have accommodations for your guests in the field in the property. The antique courtyard becomes a perfect place to set a stunning appetizer, whilst the eating place, where they're up to 70 people, will take your breath away thanks to the stunning sights of the Tuscan countryside. Here, the cook reinterprets the recipes of the local civilization, mixing the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine with pioneering ideas.



Castle Near San Casciano


This castle dominates a medieval town and old house on the slope of the mount, whose landscape reaches the valley below. Inside these walls, you'll find out the ideal is to arrange your exceptional occasion. The garden patio is perfect for aperitifs with amazing sunsets over the mountains of the Chianti region. The event carries on in the delightful loggia and patio, wherever you can eat outsides, or in the corridors, remarkable for the melodic atmosphere. Extremely romantic is the small Romanesque church placed in the town that'll make your religious event unforgettable.



Castle on the hills of Florence


This place is one of the most stunning and romantic in complete of Tuscany, placed a few Km from the city center. Nestled in the mountains overlooking Florence, it's the ideal setting to celebrate your special events. Having one of the most picturesque sighs of the elegant city and the romantic climate of the courtyard, it'll frame your party amazingly. The has several areas that can be applied for the occasions: the romantic courtyard and beautiful gardens will make the ideal climate for the summer while the indoor areas furnished with antiques and painting of the 15th century alongside with winter garden veranda, will offer an exceptional alternative in case of bad weather situation or during the colder term.


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source: civitavecchia.portmobility

Indian wedding in Italy ǀ Hindu Wedding in Italy

The Indian wedding or Hindu wedding is the most vital event in Hindu culture. Indian wedding ceremonies might vary according to the local traditions of the various parts of India, they follow antique rites and the wedding ritual can last 3 or more days. And the climax of the complete ceremony is the ritual 7 steps when the groom and bride exchange 7 promises that'll blind their lives always.


Before telling you about the best places to get married in Italy I show you a beautiful video of SHAADI VIDEOGRAPHY



Indian wedding in Italy


Italy has a lot of graceful and prestigious wedding destinations with the possibility of special rental and accommodation for a remarkable Indian wedding celebration with your guests: antique castles, wonderful vials with a super luxury garden where to build your "MANDAP" decorated by picked floral designers.


We can help you to pick the ideal destinations and experts for remarkable Indian Wedding in Italy. Among the various marriage celebrations in Italy, Indian marriage are glamorous, traditional and spectacular. We like to plan them as we cannot help you find the most elegant and beautiful destinations for your Hindu marriage in Italy. A lot of Italian venues, in fact, are ideal for such a vital occasion and most of them are highly suitable for 3 days celebrations like most of Hindu wedding in Italy require.


If you're planning a Hindu marriage in Italy, we can help you arrange the complete ceremony: the Mehendi for the ladies, a Sikh or a Hindu celebration everything else. It'll be so vital for us to listen to your needs and to suggest you some super plans for the decoration of the MANDAP with some exceptional flowers.


We cannot wait for hearing from you regarding the entire your desires. Arranging a Hindu marriage in Italy provides us the option to forever learn new things and we're ready to lean novel ones from you Designing the ideal marriage is a vital job that can be achieved just by listening attentively and knowing the couple's desires and wishes: your individual wedding organizer will accompany you during the entire planning stage, helping you step by step.



Top venues for Indian wedding in Italy:



Wedding in Rome


Romance and Renaissance imperative Rome is an ideal venue to celebrate your marriage. So good looking is this city that each corner severs as a breathtaking backdrop for you Hindu wedding ceremonies.
A sole amalgamation of the age and romance, Rome is also an extremely convenient venue to have a destination Indian wedding. You, guests, will like wandering via Rome's fabulous streets.


The Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Picture perfect super antique churches with the remarkable dining experience at Michelin Star Restaurants will provide them memories to relish for a lifetime. The advance architecture joint with renaissance hills makes this city a desirable Indian wedding destination.



Wedding in Amalfi


The Amalfi coast is one of the most hospitable destinations in Italy. The amazing ocean views, warm sunshine, and the ever Blue stunning sky make it an ideal setting for a wedding venue. Sample a few of the finest seafood, liquor, and wines, ornate Pizzas with yum gooey mozzarella dripping completely over.


The purple and red bougainvillea flowers add a typical decoration to the cliff peak homes and make them look exceptional. The antique monitories, flowering gardens, picturesque villas and Moorish areas offer you various option to pick from for your Indian marriage functions.



Wedding in Lake Como


Have the Indian wedding of your dreams in one of the highest luxury wedding venue of the planet – Lake Como. Home to the famous star George Clooney, the village boasts of enchanting typical good looks that'll leave you spellbound.


The antique towns, Menaggio, Lenno, Bellagio, and Tremezzo alongside with ancient vials are the ideal backdrop for your Hindu destination wedding in Italy. Lake Como has an amazing romantic charm that'll move you. Create some magic as you say I do in the graceful and elegant town of Lake Como.



Wedding in Tuscany


Welcome to the most photographed and painted place in Italy. The scenic towns, rolling vineyards, and sprawling Squares will leave you fascinated! This dreamy destination is also blessed with an elegant coastline which boasts of breathtaking sights and azure waters.


Get the married in a little antique venue or in a Cliffside castle lit with traditional things; the experience is equally romantic. Villages such as Lucca, Pisa, Certaldo, Montalcino, San Gimignano, and Cortona serve as an ideal setting for Hindu marriage venue. Intimate to the core, this place will leave a solid stamp of love on deep of your heart and soul.



Wedding in Venice


Imagine a couple taking a Gondola ride on the glittering Grand Canal to access your marriage destination. This amazing city Venice is the stuff dreams are made of. It spoils you for the enormous option when it comes to hosting an Indian wedding ceremony. Pick to get married in the individual renaissance areas or deal in the remarkable garden and luxury grounds of an antique island of Monastery.


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What is the BEST TIME to Get married in Italy?

If you're planning to get a wedding in Italy at one of the super finest venues of the world, but you have remained some doubts when is the best time to get married in Italy, then you are in the correct place! As we know Italy is an enormous state for venue weddings and provides the infinite type of destinations, styles, and atmosphere. Now we will discuss some of the best marriage locations all around the state and the best time to get married in Italy to complete your plan ideally.


For each and every Italy lover, I would like to say all day is the best time to get married in this country but of course, there are a few aspects to have in mind. The most usual queries are: which months are perfect to get married? Will it be too hot? Will there be many tourists? In this blog post, I will try to answers entire these questions. To start with I'll tell a few ground facts about getting married in the country:


  • The marriage season normally runs from late April till the last of October and most of the marriage takes place in this time.
  • The hottest time of the years is August and normally most of the people would discourage you to get wedding this time period (keep away from the week of the 15th Aug, it is Ferragosto, the most famous holiday in the country and it is more likely that all is completely booked and the entire roads actually crowded).
  • If you're willing to get married in the country out of the marriage season, you might save some wealth because in simple words planners could provide you with some solid discounts.


So here is our best timetable divided by the season, in which you'll find the best and time and destination to get married in Italy.





If you're a cold season lover your ideal wedding is surrounded by a few stunning hulls fully covered in clear while snow. Italy provides a few spectacular hills ranges like the Dolomites, a UNESCO Heritage in the North part of Italy.





For most of the people, spring is the best time gets married in Italy. With the starts of spring season starts the marriage season in Italy, so if you are planning to get married in this time I highly suggest you start looking Minimum 4 to 6 months before. In this time period, I would suggest the huge cities of love and art.
The Venice city is one of the most romantic cities of the planet and its ideal option for those who're looking for elegance and romance. Here you can have either a symbolic or civil marriage ceremony in a few amazing Palazzos decorated with some elegant Venetian style and in a few exclusive marriage venues entire around the city.


A Gondola ride is the most romantic experience too with your Groom/Bride, or you'd take a water taxi and do a romantic tour Venetian island, such as Burano, Torcello, and Murano! In every case, both are the ideal way to visit this city from various points of view and I am sure you would really like it.
Birth area of the Renaissance the venue of Florence will overwhelm you with its gracefulness. Not to describe this elegant countryside of Tuscany near to hand. Here you can have your marriage ceremony in a stunning city where art is entire around, a true dreaming backdrop of your vital day!
For the party and the reception, a fine plan is to move to the good-looking Tuscan countryside, such as Monteriggioni or Siena, where the sights will easily amaze you and your respectable guests.


Each and every city lead to the Rome, might be the most popular city in the Globe, you would not find the same climate anywhere else. It's a venue complete of romance and story. At Rome, you can have your VESPA drive and have a romantic tour like Audrey did in her Roman vacation!!





Summer is a fascinating time. Summer is almost ending colors are changing and the sun has a diff light. An enormous choice for you to get married in some place surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, September is the ideal month of the grape harvest and this'd be a fine leitmotiv for your marriage.


Summer is the best to get married in the South of Italy. It remains warm but not too much, there're fewer visitors and there're more choices for you to book simply your wedding destination. The options are various and each amazing. Most of the people love Puglia venue, it has unique lands and rustic and vintage atmosphere. No to describe the Trulli structures, and the Masserie, amazing location get married in summer time period!


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WOW!! 6 Masserias for a beautiful Wedding in PUGLIA,Italy

Like wedding planner Puglia I tell you that Wedding Puglia Masseria is becoming more and more famous for venues weddings in Italy because this area is so exciting! Miles of ideal sandy beaches and sheer cliffs facing the pure crystal clear water of the Mediterranean.. stunning towns of complete of history... A yummy cuisine prepared with fresh, locally grown components... A Wedding Puglia Masseria is a 360-degree experience that'll make your huge day unforgettable both for couples and your guests!


Wedding in a Puglia Masseria


A Masseria is the conventional Apulian mansion when the area of the place of the aristocrat families of Puglia. These mansions normally are built like fortified areas, made of a lot of buildings planned across a courtyard. A lot of these have been cautiously restored and converted into 5-star hotels and impressive graceful manors. The whitelisted walls make s sturdy contrast whit the stunning blue sky, the home is surrounded by the stunning olive groves and Mediterranean Scrub.


The Masseria is popular vanes in Italy for Wedding Puglia Masseria: most of the permit to have wedding event and wedding banquet on the similar area, and can put up your guests for a real family celebration. Just imagine your occasion outsides under the stunning bluest sky or in a cherished frescoed chapel, and followed by a wedding cocktail with an amazing locally grown wine and an alfresco dinner between the elegant olive trees with the tasty Apulia cosine. We've selected for you some of the finest Puglia Masseria.


Masseria Le Carrube


Situated near the antique city of Ostuni, the classical farmhouse will create your experience a real conventional Apulian feel. Wedding ceremonies can be hosted in huge interior areas for people up to 220, including the old oil mill containing stunning olive press with the milestone, or outsides in the orange fruit groves and the amazing Mediterranean garden, for more than 320 guests.


Peculiar Trullo indoor the olive grove is ideal for marriage occasions. Accommodations are avail on the site in up to 10 comfortable rooms and seven suites, the entire recently decorated with advanced facilities and in respect of conventional designer.


Masseria Montenapoleone


This stunning mansion is surrounded by the olive groves and placed just 10 minutes away from the seaside. Marriage banquets can be arranged outsides for up to 120 people. Accommodation avail on the side for up to 40 guests: a real rustic experience with stone floors, wood beamed ceilings, and exceptional antique fireplace. A min stay of three nights is needed.


Masseria Potenti


Potenti enchanting Masseria, just twenty minutes drive from the Mediterranean, can host cherished or huge wedding occasions for up to 130 people. Ceremonies are allowed when Masseria is taken entirely from a minimum three nights. If you want to stay here with friends and family, the Masseria Potenti can accommodate up to 40 guests in amazingly furnished apartments and suites. The max place with additional beds is up to 60 guests.


Torre Coccaro


This unique place dating back to 1600 is ideal for wedding ceremonies with up to 120 people, outsides among centuries antique olive trees or in the three restaurants of the land: one is placed in the antique stables, another one by the pool and one by their stunning private beach which is only a mile away. This Masseria Puglia is immersed in a natural Apulian landscape has over forty doubles rooms divided into greater rooms, luxury rooms, Suites, Jr Suites, and Jr Deluxe, the entire gracefully furnished with a Mediterranean taste. Their ideal suite has an individual pool! There's no Min stay expect for Aug (seven nights) and a few holiday weekends (two nights).


Perfect place if you want to joint your wedding moment with a holiday at the sandy beach, a lot of activities are possible, oil, sports, and wine testing, excisions, cooking classes...


Masseria Don Luigi


Elegant and Quite, this antique Masseria Puglia is immersed in the landscape of Puglia. It's an elegant and quiet Bed and Breakfast in a comforting and usual countryside. The staff is amazingly friendly and attentive and gives an extremely personal welcome: the ideal area where to experience a real Apulia feel.


Wedding receptions for up to 180 guests can be arranged outsides in the elegant gardens or in the exceptional Gazebo that also serves as a backup choice in case of unwanted weather situations. One of the high-class Apulian cuisine with the locally grow components. Over fourteen romantic rooms can accommodate up to 25 people on the site. The pool is exceptional!


Masseria Traetta


This Antique Masseria is situated in a large park immersed between olive groves. The royal building with its graceful park is one the extremely exclusive and refined marriage places in Puglia. Very suitable for huge ceremonies, the place has a wide hall that can host civil events with lawful validity. Accommodation on the area is avail for the couples: the weddings guests can reside in affiliated hotels just a few minutes' drives.


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Wedding Katja and Matic


Theme / Style: they wanted immediate family and closest friends to join their in a intimate, personal ceremony that would be followed bylaid backdinner party. And they knew we wanted to celebrate outside.they first came across the venue, a fine diningrestaurant adjacentto 18thcentury mansion and historic treepark,on the Internet. they arraigned ameeting withtheirin-house wedding planner and itfelt right from the moment they got there. The venue itself looked as they hoped -natural and relaxed -but kindness and generosity of the people working at the restaurant, that would also be their caterer, was whatmadeour minds. When they tried the food served there they were hooked!


Photography: they knew they wanted Katja and Simon to photograph their weddingever since they had first seentheir work online -even before they got engaged -because they simply lovedtheir photography style and sense of aesthetics. They likedhow they made they us feelcomfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot. The photos they made reflectthe atmosphereand emotionsof the dayperfectly. They could not have chosen a better team to capture their day and will be forever gratefulto them for the beautiful memories!


Bride's dress: Katja wore Envy Room dress.When she first saw it on the Internet she was pretty sure that would be the dress she wouldget marry in.
She was looking for simple design, something that would resemble her personal styleand she wanted lace.
That dress had everything she wanted, so she didn't even look further. Everyone was shockedhow easy it was!


Bride's shoes: Kurt Geiger block heel sandal in ivory


Wedding rings: He had chosen Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring in white gold for she.For wedding rings they choose DiamondEternity Band in white gold for she and classic wedding band in white gold for him.


Jewellery / Accessories: Katjia wore Gold Bridal Comb by The Wild Rose Accessories in her hair. Groom wore Hugo Boss cufflinks, Tie Bar navybulletin dot bow tie, Hugo Boss ivory pocket square.


Grooms attire:Drykorn two-piecesuitin navy,Hugo Boss shirt in ivory and Hugo Boss brown leather shoes.Hair: he wore his hair curled and tied up in half up-do.

Bride also hada golden leaf wedding comb that I bought on Etsy in her hair.


Makeup: she wanted simple, romanticmakeup, the kind that would give her dewy, natural looking glowI think her makeup artist did an amazing job accomplishingthat. It was exactly what she envisioned.


Stationery / Invitations: they designed wedding invitations and other stationery (menus, name cards, photo booth speech clouds, gift bags) together with groom's best man, through some gin tonic fueled creative sessions.


Favors / Bonbonniere: they guests were giftedbottles of their homemade limoncello, because who doesn't lovegood limoncello and also, they will be honeymooning at Amalfi Coast, so it made sense.Also in the gift bagswere tubesfilledwith tarragon infused sea salt, provided by thecaterer.

Flowers & Bouquets: With the whole summer garden wedding concept in mind, they wanted florals that would only enhancethe beauty of the venue itself and wouldn'tbreak the bankat the same time. They wanted to keep things simple, neutral toned and natural looking. So they decided for all-white flowers with some greenery to go along.

Floral arrangements and bridal bouquet included peonies, roses, hydrangeasand baby breath.


Preparation: /Ceremony Decor / Reception Decor: their friends and family had helped they gather some old stuff, like books, suitcase and telephone, that they arranged laying around the venue, to give ita rusticfeel. They had photos of their hangedon twine,wrapped aroundthetree trunks. Wooden chairs and hanging overhead lighting added extra charm to the whole setting.As the night progressed, the stars came out, the lights and candles shined brighter, and the venuebecame even more beautiful.


Wedding Planner / Wedding Stylist: Katja & Maric said:" He made the wedding planning process effortless. He accommodatedour every wish, but also contributed himself with ideas that made overall aestheticcome together.During our wedding day he made sure everything ran as smooth as possible. He did a terrific job and we could not be happierwith his wor".


A special thanks to Katja&Simon - Destination Wedding Photographers


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One of the most exciting parts in planning a wedding is digging into the process of how to choose wedding flowers. Simply put, the type of floral arrangement that is chosen can play a great role towards setting the tone for the wedding. This allows the individual deciding upon the flower choice to become an auteur of sorts. Considering the vital need of picking the right flowers, such an individual is one of the most important of wedding planners. Therefore, only the most inspired of planners should take part in this aspect of the selection process.
Of course, passion along will not allow you to make the best decision in selecting flowers. Rather, clear and wise choice must be made with selecting the flowers. That is why it is best to look towards well-known conventional wisdom in order to make a right selection for wedding flowers.Gratefully, many have went through the path of making wise choices on wedding flowers which you can tap from their right choice for perfect wedding flowers.


Here are some of the more common hints associated with successfully choosing the right flowers for wedding:
Financial considerations need to be weighed when choosing flowers for the wedding. It surely would not be effective to choose a wedding flower arrangement that is well out of affordable budget. Nevertheless, it is also essential to point out that some of the very best floral choices are not necessarily the most luxurious. There are a lot of reasonable wedding flower choices that can be purchased even on a small budget. The important thing is to perform enough effective comparison shopping to arrive at a cost-effective end result.


Contracting the right florist is a must when making decision on choice of wedding flowers.Here is a saying that needs to be realized: one cannot arrive at the appropriate wedding flower choice without hiring the right florist. It is the florist that designed and places the flowers in a custom manner and you will want the most talented florist available for such a job. Also, you will want a florist that has a great inventory of flowers and related stock. This will upturn the ability to select those arrangements that would most correctly suit the wedding. And, of course, you will want to handpick a florist that is inexpensive. Again, much of the success of the flower choice will always return back to the talents of the florist. That is why selecting the right florist is a must.
Make sure you work with the florist every step of the way to make sure you are happy with the variety. Leaving everything up to the florist is not advised since you want to be sure what you are getting and not be shocked at the last minute.


On the other hand, you do not want to control the end result since this would undermine the ability to arrive at a quality arrangement and selection.
Giving attention to the season of the year into consideration is helpful when making choosing a wedding flower. Matching a flower selection to the season of the year really improves the visual impression that they deliver. On the other hand, mismatching the flowers and the season can have a very damaging effect. That is why is it definitely helpful to look towards those seasonal flowers that fit the time of the year. This will impressively aid in making the flower selection look impactful.


Be sure that the choice of the floral bouquet for the bride fits the design of her gown. The floral bouquet needs to well complement the design, size, and shape of the gown or else the flowers will present a clash. Needless to say, this is not the wanted result. Moreover, the bridal maids should have a near matching arrangement to the bride's but somewhat scaled down in size. You would not want the bridesmaids' bouquets to detract from that of the bride's.


Really the steps taken when choosing wedding flowers can be often a lot of fun.In fact, you could consider choosing the right flowers to be among the most rewarding areas of planning the wedding. Sure, it entails some extra work but the work will be well worth it in the end.


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Really every wedding needs a theme.


Your wedding theme is the shooting off point at which wedding planning begins to come together. It normally dictates the style, formality and colors of any wedding. Choosing a wedding theme takes some thought and planning to ensure the theme fits your personality as a couple. Your theme needs to be easy to accomplish and should fall into the category of good taste.


A lot of couples jump into a fad theme and drive, it into the ground. Just because you are particular sport fans, doesn't mean your wedding theme should be that of the game. How will you feel years from now when you look at your wedding film and images? Will you jump? Or will your wedding stand the test of time? If you use good taste as a guide, you'll be on the right track. If it offends Grannie, do some soul examining.


Here are some tips to get your creativity flowing and find the right wedding theme that will rock your wedding and make your wedding planning stress-free. . Once you come up with your first idea, let the creativity begin to free flow.


  • The Proposal: Did he propose in a romantic place? If he proposed on a beach under the moonlight, think of a beach, or tropical theme. Use cool blues, silver to simulate the moonlight and palm trees and orchids for beautifications. Did he propose on a hot air balloon? Think up and away! Use small hot air balloons for table attractions.
  • Shared interests: Do the two of you have shared interests? Do you both like mountain biking? Then think of a mountain theme, wildflowers, gibbering brooks, soft greens and mossy woodland colors.
  • Favorite Flower: of course flowers speak the language of love. Perhaps he picked you a bouquet of wildflowers when you first met. Plan a field theme, full of wildflowers and colors that balance with the theme. Perhaps he sent you roses after your first date. Pick your color palette out of the colors in the roses.
  • Favorite Color: You have a usual color that you love. You dress in this color; you paint your room this color. There's your first hint!
  • A period in the past: You love Victorian architecture, ball gowns and tiny prints. You can use a Victorian theme, violets, fresh flowers, tapestries and ladies wearing gloves. You in love with the Deep South, think southern hospitality, antebellum mansions, Scarlett O'Hara, jasmine and hanging moss.
  • Shared hobbies: You both love going to wineries and sampling fine wine. Why not use a vineyard theme? Think grape arbors with hanging grapes, wine from a particular location, rich reds, purples and gold, corks and wine presses.
  • Seasons of the year:   Winter Icy cool colors and a lot of crystals for sparkle. Rich velvet fabrics, White and Silver, Candles, roaring fireplace and topiaries dusted with white to simulate snow.

    Spring Bright spring colors, tulips, daffodils, lilacs and other aromatic spring flowers. Think fresh breezes and a new life.

    Summer Hot summer colors, light fabrics, outdoor activities and barbeque's. Use in season flowers, serve lemonade and ice tea, think garden weddings.

    Fall Rich fall colors, oranges, pumpkins, spices, olive greens combined with a fall harvest menu. Serve warm apple cider; beautify with colorful fall flowers and leaves.


Pick a theme that is easy to accomplish and fits into your personalities. Please don't over theme your wedding. Too much of a good thing is awesome to your guests. Your wedding theme shouldn't smack the guests in the face. It should be smart. You aren't putting on a Hollywood production; you are celebrating your marriage. Make it personal, makes it memorable!


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As with any wedding ceremony, there are million different things that need to be planned. So it is very significant that you begin planning your wedding six to twelve months before the time. This will ensure that you have enough time to get the wedding all set. By beginning early, this will also ensure that you can book the right reception hall, photographers, videographers etc.


The first part of your wedding organizing begins by creating a wedding financial plan. There is much of free advice on creating wedding budgets online including online budget planners or excel spreadsheets you can freely download.


Once you have put a financial plan into place, be sure that you stick with it. Having a budget in place will ensure that you have sufficient money for all you will need for the wedding. If you go over in one place think of the other thing you need to reduce.


One of the next important tasks is to set a wedding date. This is perhaps one of the most essential steps, since everything will hinge on the date you have chosen. You will need to harmonize everything with your wedding date. Your selection of wedding date can also make a difference to the cost of things for instance the reception venue.


The next is the guest list. If you create a guest list in advance, you will it will be easy for you to know what size of the reception hall you will need. The guest list also gives you numbers for the invitations and wedding favors. While you may have quite a few months before the big day ensure you get out your invitations at least six weeks in advance. If it is even still far in the future, you might want to send a save the date card.


After you have your planned budget, wedding date and guest list all sorted, you can then look for a place to have the wedding reception. You will perhaps want the reception location to match with the theme and overall tone of the wedding. If the wedding is on the more formal side, then you will need a more formal reception hall. Nevertheless, if you are planning an informal wedding, then the backyard might be perfect. So be sure to keep the tone of the wedding in mind when looking for the perfect reception location.


If you are considering having a church wedding, ensure the church is available. You will need to schedule a meeting with the priest or pastor to ensure that everything will work out for your selected wedding date. Be sure to find out if the priest or pastor call for pre-marital counseling, as a lot of them do nowadays.


After you have the main components of the wedding in place, you can then carry on with the wedding organizing. No matter what type of wedding you decide on to have, it is significant that you remain organized throughout the whole planning and preparation process. With some simple wedding organizing, you can have the wedding of your dreams.




The wedding planner is somebody you can applause to the highest heavens with the success of your wedding or one to blame in case something gets off-center. The consultant plays a very essential role in your event and the caliber of the planner you have picked can make or break your ceremony.


It is therefore very important to be very careful when choosing your wedding planner. You can never change horses in the middle of the race so once you have selected your consultant it is risky to get a replacement especially at the last minute of your preparations.


Here are some tips to pick somebody you wouldn't regret once the wedding ceremony and the reception are over.




Most wedding planners are suggested by family and friends of the couple. Nevertheless, it would be best to pick someone whose work you have already witnessed. The planner can be the very person who took charge of your friend or sister's wedding and who did a very good job.




If you are short-listing planners who were very much recommended by a colleague or a friend, ensure you talk to other couples who got made use of the planner's services before. It can be a person in the community. Ask if they would vouch for the same planner or if they have some regrets about using him in the first place. Make your decision only after you are pleased that his reputation is not a fluke but a product of hard work he has maintained through the years.


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Because of the difficulty of the economy, many couples are choosing to organize small, but intimate weddings rather than a huge wedding. One way to save money is by trimming down the list of invitees. Even though the list has been trimmed down, bear in mind that the guest who make it to your final list will feel extra special for getting an invite. This offers the avenue for you to do extra preparation for them which would not have been possible with a huge wedding. For instance, rather than give them a few chocolates, consider giving each of them their own box of candy or better still offer each one a champagne toast.Wedding ideas for a small wedding are limitless.


Most couples erroneously believe that the planning will be simpler because the wedding is smaller – this is far from the truth. It is important to consider every detail when putting together a wedding. Nothing will be hidden from a huge crowd of 150 people; in a small wedding, every minute detail will be noticeable. One great suggestion will be to hire a wedding planner to make everything easy. Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in one's life and it can also be one of the most stressful times in the life of an adult. Every couple would want a wedding of their dreams which will offer them romantic and beautiful memories to treasure for the rest of their lives. Turning this dream to reality while on a budget is such a challenge but can be achieved using creative avenues to organize an intimate and romantic wedding.


Lighting is a very effective item to use during a wedding ceremony and reception. A combination of evening sunlight with plenty of tiny white lights can produce a romantic and lovely atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. Lighting is budget-friendly and can help a couple maintain a limited wedding budget while at the same time create an intimate and beautiful wedding and reception venue.
Another way to accomplish a splendid and elegant backdrop for a dream wedding is by using chair covers and flowers for enhancing beautiful lighting. Chair covers can be either homemade with discounted fabric, or may be rented from a wedding and event rental outfit at an affordable price.
Many times, people are able to rent beautiful items to help them create an elegant setting for their wedding. Chairs, tables, centerpieces, lighting, tablecloths, plate settings and chair covers are all items that party rental companies provide at affordable rates. If renting party and ceremony items is not an option, keeping them intimate and simple is an awesome way to create a theme for a wedding. Water can also be used as a backdrop for establishing a romantic, inviting and memorable wedding ambience.
Citing the venue of an outdoor wedding close to an aquatic landscape with a waterfall will create a beautiful and lovely atmosphere that is both intimate and elegant. Small, electric fountains showing water flowing over rocks may be used as a cynosure for the wedding reception to maintain the water theme of the ceremony.
Maintaining a wedding budget is important so the couples do not begin their lives together with worries about wedding debt.


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Are you still engaged and searching for a memorable wedding destination where to get married?


Weddings abroad are memorable occasions, but getting married in romantic Italy, land of renowned splendor and history will be at all times remain in your heart like an unforgettable event!
Discovering the best wedding destination is a concern for all couples planning to get married. Choosing the right place can be very challenging when there are a lot of options and possible venues. Italy is one of the countries with more wedding locations, rich in magnificent venues and places for an excellent wedding and honeymoon.


Places like Florence, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Venice and in the last few years even Puglia are all destinations that have an exceptional combination of romance and history. They are locations in Italy which can turn your wedding into a special date to keep a good lasting memory. Places like Florence, Rome, and Venice have their history and their stylish and charming buildings, breathtaking and famous churches. Unique landscapes and views all make them perfect as wedding destinations. A place like the Capri and the Amalfi Coast, you will enjoy romantic and breathtaking natural terraces overlooking the sea and luxurious villas and hotels. In Puglia, you will be spellbound from her coasts and from her magnificent absorbed farms in the green, surrounded by the mighty his secular olive trees.




Really getting married in Italy is easy. For one, there is no citizenship requirement and you can fix your marriage on any day of the week (but special permission is required for Sunday weddings). Wedding organizers and planners would be a great help to get all done especially if you are not living in their settlement. They would know who the best vendors are the town, and can help get your wedding details prepared so that as when you arrive, virtually all you'll have to say and do is "I do".


This lovely country is a complete favorite for wedding locations. There are a lot of options where you can hold your ceremony - aside from the mentioned cities and towns. No matter where you decide on, it would be one of the most romantic places in the world. Just everywhere, in the country, there is beauty under the blue Mediterranean sky.
Other essential decisions are the kind of wedding ceremony you want, the number of guests that will be attending and your preference in terms of setting for the event; whether you prefer a villa or a castle if an indoor or outdoor wedding is better. All necessary in order to determine what kind of romantic location that will best suit you.


Once you have picked up your perfect venue, your wedding organizer will offer you a typical Italian meal or a rich buffet, both will be a real gourmet Italian wedding menu!
As soon as the needed confirmations are made, your personal wedding planner will send you regular emails with the updates on the progress of the event being organized for you and the available choices to suit your personality.
Each added service (either from the transportation to the flowers that will be used, again from the bride hairdo and make-up to the photographer, etc.) will be picked for you according to your preferences.


The services are given to the brides and grooms will always comprise reservations for the professional photographer, florist, musicians, make-up artist and hair stylist. Fireworks will also be provided. Others include wedding favors, handwritten invitations on special Italian Renaissance paper, vintage cars, balloon and boat rides and all kind of guest activities (wine tours, cruises, etc.).
In order to avoid a bad situation you need to be sure about the trustworthiness of your wedding planner: most of them sometimes are not based in Italy (even if seems yes in their site) and are not professionals. An additional guarantee for you is to choose a planner with one licensed tour operator and travel agency; as they are better and authorized by the Italian law to organize for anyone any kind of service including a memorable honeymoon!
A wedding is the most important and unique time in one's life and it requires the services access and excellence planners.


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