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12 Intimate wedding ideas

There're lots of perks to having an intimate wedding. Not just ideas do having less number of guest down or marriage costs, but it also lets you and your wedding guests have more intimate small social interactions. Having an intimate wedding provides you the ability to get really creative with seating charts and them, allowing you to leave a more personal fee that really reflects you and your partner. You will be capable of making a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all. If you're allowing for having an intimate marriage and are in need of a few inspirations, check out these intimate marriage ideas for the ideal intimate event. When you find the idea that works for you, you will be itching to begin planning and send out a few delightful save the dates.


Select an intimate, non-traditional place


Not having to set several of guests below one roof means that you're free to get creative with your destination. Consider getting wedded where you and lover first met.


City Hall wedding


Avoid the expenses of conventional marriage place by getting married at City Hall. Be sure to check the Max amount of guests when you're setting you to date you can determine who to invite.


Destination wedding


Destination marriages are smaller since a lot of guests would not be capable to easily attend a marriage that is far away. Perhaps you and your partner have a place you are both dying to travel. If so, this'd be the ideal option to cross it off your bucket lists as well as you would not need to go for your honeymoon.


Camping celebration


Do you your life partner like the great outdoors? Go on a camping tour with some family and friends and get married between tends and trees. Supplements a marriage cake with some tasty S'MORES and celebrate around the campfire.


Backyard wedding


Having a backyard marriage is a simple way to celebrate you and your life partner's love out of soothing of your own house. Place chairs and tables below a canopy decorated with some string lights and natures for your guests to eat and socialize. You can even create a dance ground on the grass area with some pallets from rebuild wooden.


Create marriage favors or welcome gifts


Inviting just a few guests frees-up your budget to get creative with marriage favors. Teat wedding guests to homemade pastries, granola or preserves or their own filled with tea or coffee.


Get creative with your seating plan


Fewer seats make it simpler to get creative with your seating plan. Play with diff styles or from a spiral aisle to walk down with presides in the middle.


Make invitations more personal


Make your family and friends feel even a bit more appreciated by calling any of them individually to invite them to your special day in addition to sending a formal invitation. Try sending wedding guests customized champagne flutes as a save the days for a creative feel.


Plan events around the marriage


Perhaps you are getting married in an exciting town or city. Arrange some site is seeing to keep each one entertained. Split guests into groups to compete in a fun scavenger hunt that's tailored to you and your life partner's attention. Have a special reward ready for the group who wins.


Make an intimate seating arrangement


Having less wedding guests allows for a smaller reception where everybody can get to know one another. Select to have one wide circular table for each one can be conversant more simply.


Splurge wisely


Having an intimate wedding frees-up your expense to splurge on some major elements of your intimate wedding. Whether it is the flowers, the meal or the destination, ensure you determine what's most vital to you and your life partner.


Shrink the bridal party


Having an intimate bridal party or none at complete is a very budget friendly and makes it simple to keep everybody organized. If you cannot imagine getting married without your friends by your side, consider only having a maid of honor and the ideal man for your bridal party.


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Puglia beach wedding: Real Italian Beach Wedding

Situated at the southeastern tip of the Italian peninsula, Puglia is an elegant venue perfect for those in search of a sole wedding in Italy. Gorgeous sandy beaches, very old and historical towns, characteristic fishing towns, delicious wine and meals, and the wonderful national park of the Gargano make this venue a charming place.


The venue is characterized by classic trullis, the National Park of Gargano, the city of Ostuni, the gorgeous region of Salento and the Pietra Leccese which boats an extremely fertile soil and which is popular for its wine and olive oil.


Trulli is conventional stones dwelling with a pointed roof and a lot of these have been rehabilitated into celebration homes, a few of which are also perfect for a typical Puglia beach wedding. Other usual buildings of the Puglia regions are very old Masseria (farm houses), and most of which have been rebuilt and turned into magnificence accommodation. a few Masseria are also situated by the sea side and can be the perfect venue for those in search of unique and character settings.


A genuine Italian Puglia beach wedding


Who stated that a marriage on the beach must lead us unavoidably on the other part of the globe?


Amazing Italian seas and beaches are waiting for you, and now we'd like to talk about Puglian Sea and coastline and the extensive garden beaches of this charming Italian venue.


With this post, we'd like to offer you a dreamy alternative in Italy which is known and appreciated not just for its seaside, but also for its food, art, wines and many more. It's definitely a venue that your wedding guests will appreciate for several reasons it'd be charming elope for 2, but it'd be the true party that combines the marriage day and relaxing vacation for your friends and family.


If you consider the beach is the perfect venue for your marriage, Puglian land, and its seaside are waiting for you!


We're professional marriage planner and experienced coordinator in Puglia. Our local land has provided us so many and continues to provide us with several emotions. We work as marriage planners helping our couples to make their Puglia beach wedding come real. We'll love to let you know the entire popular Puglian venues where you can arrange your ideal Puglia beach wedding.


Imagine if your marriage to be made with a bit warns sun, elegant golden beaches and super clear sea where you can mirror in, Puglian coast is the most excellent venue with nearly 700 KM beaches. Coves, white sand beaches, caves and overhanging cliffs of real beauty will let you discover untouched places. Several brides and grooms have picked to stop their research here, as soon as they explored Puglian sea, lidos, and beaches where you can organize both party and your ceremony.


Danilo and Nastasia (one of our client couple) chose a late Aug sunset to say I DO on the Puglian beach. Friends and family arrived in Puglia or Apulia from diff states.


Tow very young guys who actually wished an informal marriage with a predominance of essential and white but gorgeous elements to make a stunning romantic environment. Our parts as a wedding planner in Puglia beach wedding was guiding them in this real adventure and let them explore the whole the elegance and charm of this brand new wedding venue. Puglia region has presently facilitated explore.


Amazing sunset way to an actual beach event just on the beach sand. All the guests were excited. Groom and bride were actually moved but at the similar time relaxed. The Puglian environment helps them to access a gorgeous site. All was boosted by the sunset, the appropriate day to complete joy the elegance of the backdrop.


Flowers, candles, and soft and white curtains, for the structure of the event canopy, and sofas, Poufs, and branches of palm trees for a smooth teat incredible set-up of the reception, delicious and fresh cooked fish at the period could not miss. Usual Puglian meals as-well-as superfine Italian menu to suit entire palates escorted by famous white wine from Puglia: Negroamaro Primitivo, and Salice Salentino. Puglia is the region of some amazing Italian traditional food.


Puglia is the venue of amazing Italian tradition food.


Exclusive Weddings in Puglia


  • We Do marriages in Puglia and have a team of marriage experts to help you from start to end.
  • Puglia is a good-looking region, and we recommend it for lovers of "off the beaten track marriages" and "exclusive venues".
  • We have a gorgeous selection of villas, masserias, trullis, beach venues, castles, luxury hotels, and restaurants, town halls for civil events, and gorgeous chapels' churches cathedrals and for Catholic marriages.
  • The choices are several and with our assistance, you can be sure to have an exclusive marriage experience.


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Italy vineyard wedding venues

Is there something more elegant and romantic than getting married in the vineyard? Italy vineyard wedding venues are truly a magical location, it is no secret that Italians like deeply and complete heartily. It is always an elegant, relaxed experience and many of the bride and grooms come back to celebrate their marriage anniversaries for years to come here on the lands.


So, why so several of our families and friends and many romantics we do not know pick to celebrate their nuptials at Italy vineyard wedding venues? We can think of 4 correctly good reasons!


Nothing compares to the charming loveliness of Italy's wine country


One of the most excellent things about Italy vineyard wedding venue is that it does not take much decoration to make an incredible setting, especially here in nature stunning Veneto area. Among the charming green vines, the paved patios and the façade of most winemakers themselves, it is hard to beat the unique elegance of an Italy vineyard wedding venue. A lot of couples picks to accessorize their huge day with candles, flowers, and some dozens of bottles of amazing wine!


Lot of wineries in Italy offer indoor and outdoor location spaces


Italy has mastered the art of outdoor and indoor living. Often time's bride and grooms feel torn among the vision of charming blue-skied, sunshiny outside ceremony and event and the fear of the unwanted weather. Because Italy vineyard wedding venues are often housed in converted old buildings, they are normally wide enough to accommodate both outdoor and indoor events. At the stunning Tenuta Polvaro Estate, for instance, bride and groom utilize the little chapel, the elegant dining hall, and the costly outdoor grounds in entire types of weather conditions.


Weather is elegant all year around


Speaking of weather, it is vital to note that a lot of couples pick to get wedded in Italy precisely just because cool weather is so great! Here in the eastern side, you can enjoy an amazing seasonality that allows for crisp, cool evening in the fall time, sunny days in the summertime, and mild weather in the springtime. Winter in the southern part is an especially cozy period for indoor marriages, accented with unique touches like spicy and fireplaces, complete wines. No issue, what vision you've in mind for your Italy vineyard wedding venue, the weather will only boost your experience.


Nobody does wine and food likes Italians


The actual reason you are considering an Italy vineyard wedding venue? It is the wine and food! Italian wine is Globe renowned for its taste and skill to pair fine with a meal. Since Italians tend to eat locally and seasonally, a wedding meal takes on much more yummy meaning here in Italy! Whether meat, fish or produce based, the meal served here pairs amazingly with Italian wines. And when hold your marriage at an Italy vineyard wedding venue you can assure the wine you serve will be professionally linked to the menu you have chosen.


A few of the best Italy vineyard wedding venues are:


An exclusive Italy vineyard wedding venue for a memorable wedding in Italy!


This charming and elegant venue is located in a special venue in the heart of the Tuscany countryside covered by over 150 hectares (340 acres) estate that makes this very old castle a flawless option for romantic magical Italy vineyard wedding in Chianti. The 30 hectares of vineyard, producing a few of the most excellent wine of the venue, will be the stunning and most amazing landscape of a memorable day.


If you make the decision for Italy vineyard wedding no venue is more charming then Chianti: its mountains, its extensive age, its towns such as Siena and Florence make this space the ideal solution to satisfy both you and your wedding guests, offering them the option of small vacation in an amazing location.


Contact us now for any kind of details about this charming venue and you might need to get prepared to fall in romance for this super duper exclusive place and it is amazing vineyard: a marriage in Chianti could roughly find a superior venue.


The entire this talk about Italy vineyard wedding venues has us prepared to renew our vows! Italy is a wonderful location to be in love, romance and make the ultimate commitment to your loved one. Romance is alive and well here and there are no super locations to celebrate in that at one of Italy's premier vineyard location.



Intimate wedding venues in Italy

We've carefully picked the most elegant and romantic Intimate wedding venues of Italy at Tuscany, famous places of Italy for intimate destination weddings, that offers a huge range of wedding venues for small as-well-as huge wedding receptions: elegant villas, romantic farmhouses, ancient castles, exclusive wine estates and entire immersed in a elegant nature atmosphere with panorama to die for, beautiful Italian gardens where you might arrange unforgettable receptions and cocktails using the freshest Italian food and the best wines.


Intimate wedding venues situated close to Florence feature ancient villas and monumental castle with stunning view of the city, or with scenic backyards overlooking the elegant nature environment around the venue; a few of these places have been changed into completely staffed exclusive hotels, meant for intimate or large numbers, with accommodation to each one on site, while all others are to apply on the wedding time.


If you've in mind a unique, effortlessly, chic, romantic, intimate wedding in Tuscany, this might be the ideal wedding venue for you. Intimate wedding venue of Chianti, Siena, monumental castles, and Val D'Orcia are stunning villas, medieval and rustic BORGO: the entire boast stunning views and open lands ideal for small numbers, a few are characterized by amazing Italian gardens, other by a romantic and cozy environment and wonderful views over vineyards and mountains - a few are set in wise areas. The entire are ideal for Intimate weddings with an elegant feel.


CORTONA is the ideal option if you're looking intimate, idyllic, scenic villas and venues to wedding under the Tuscan Sun. Here you find old BORGO, unique villas and rustic farmhouses converted into elegant wedding places for small size weddings.


And the gorgeous countryside in Tuscany, yellow sunflower fields, dotted red poppies, gold wheat areas, vineyards, and green olive is the ideal backyard for unforgettable wedding celebrations. Below is a list of amazing intimate wedding places, regularly updated whenever we find a new stunning location. We would be thrilled to help you turn your all dreams into reality.


Ideal Intimate wedding venues:



Val D'Orcia and Siena: Say I DO in the heat of Tuscan


Val D'Orcia and Siena provide a really charming setting and antique Tuscany climate, where exclusive places, romantic villas, and award-winning wine estates are immersed in a wonderful natural atmosphere permeated with time and very old tradition. The incredible city of Siena boasts the Medieval in the amazing Piazza Del Campo, frame to the well-known Palio horse race and to memorable small ceremonies.


The venue center is dotted with stunning palaces, exclusive hotels and a range of elegant churches where Catholic events might be held. The amazing rolling mountains of Val D'Orcia are the breathtaking view on enjoys from PIENZA, while the medieval mountain village of MONTALCINO sits boldly atop a mountain overlooking the amazingly beautiful view of Clay mountains and stunning BRUNELLO vineyards.


Set on the peak of the mountain among Val D'Orcia and Valdichiana is Montepulciano, characterized by regal palaces, Vino Nobile vineyards, and monumental churches. Val D'Orcia and Siena venues are whole potentially exclusive views to celebrate your memorable intimate wedding in Tuscan.


CORTONA: intimate wedding Under the Tuscan Sun


Wonderful and historic center of CORTONA set on peak of a mountain 1 hour away from Florence and Siena and with amazing view of VALDICHIANA - features a gorgeous Town hall palace and many romantic churches, ideal for if you wish to say I DO amidst age and with a wonderful view of elegant natural atmosphere complete of silvery green olive groves with yellow sunflower fields, a vital Etruscan resolution in BC times, CORTONA turn out to be popular thanks to the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.




This is not just the popular red wine created from grapes, but also is also one of the most elegant rural venues of the Tuscan. Set among Siena and Florence, Chianti not just features elegant wooded mountains and stunning vineyards, but this venue also dotted with most amazing mountain towns, antique abbeys, intimate wedding villas and historic red wine places that offer the ideal ambiance to romantic intimate wedding events and stunning wedding celebrations.


Lucca: Say "I Do" in Puccini's House


An elegant wall encloses the antique center of Lucca, a charming Tuscan city close to the Tuscany Riviera named VERSILIA. The climate of this town is calm and extremely enjoyable and the backdrops are dotted with incredibly elegant intimate wedding villas that boast amazing garden and a gorgeous art, the ideal frame to romantic and fairytale small weddings. The stunning wedding villas and locations areas are Lucca's traditional heritage have been in the age nobility holiday spots; a lot of them remains individually owned by the actual families and are avail just for some picked elegant intimate wedding and receptions.


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Small intimate wedding venues: why these venues are so popular?

Several couples are feeling the pressure from the marriage filed to arrange a wider and better wedding day receptions. It is therefore understandable why a lot of couples pick to book Small intimate wedding venues for smaller events, more individual affairs. So what benefits are there to having a Small intimate wedding?



Make your Small intimate wedding more personal

Selecting Small intimate wedding venues you do not have to invite your old neighbors from 10 or 15 years ago or your mother's colleagues. In its place, you will be surrounded by your best friends and family members who actually meant to you. And you will actually have the option to spend time with the entire of them.


Cut the costs


A lot of Small intimate wedding vendors will change according to the list of guests you've. Chair covers, Caterers, favors - the expenses will complete being lower if you've few wedding guests.


More suppleness in your financial plan


By not allocating your financial plan to your guests, you'll have more suppleness to splurge elsewhere. Perhaps pick an exclusive honeymoon or back your favorite band for the wedding reception.


Make the Small intimate wedding day more about you as a couple


The small intimate wedding is more individual and provides you the chance to make the wedding day more about you. You can be very much more one to one with your family and friends and make the most having your loved ones in single place.


Simplify the planning


With a small number of guests to entertain, planning becomes a lot easier. Spend less time and cost on table planning, Small intimate wedding venue, and favors and a lot more time enjoying the real excitement the run up to your Small intimate wedding day.


Less stressful on the wedding day

Regardless of whether you Small intimate wedding small or large, it remains a vital day. With a small list to impress, you'll feel more calmed and be capable to enjoy yourselves. If you are looking at Small intimate wedding venues, the small Silver Country Hotel is the ideal option. This venue offers a romantic Small intimate wedding for smaller affairs of up to 25 guests.



Best small intimate wedding venues



Castle Mago Estate


Castle Mago is a 1600 castle that is located on the Tuscan coast with attractive sights of the sea. Castle offers a rich and luxurious setting, and for couples who wish a lavish Small intimate wedding this is the wonderful venue.


Monte Nero

Villa Monte Nero is a good-looking old stone mansion that is a dream Small intimate wedding venue for all bucolic lovers! It has been wonderfully renovated while keeping its unique rustic charm and gives the ideal set up for a gorgeous, relaxed outdoor Small intimate wedding.


Casa Chieto


Casa Chieto is a magnificent venue for Small intimate wedding celebrations and parties.  The property advantages from 5k sq meter park and panoramic sights of rolling landscape for a stunning outdoor intimate wedding.


Villa Santini


This fine-looking stone holiday home is located within a characteristic Umbrian medieval town and is idyllic for couples who wish for a real Italian feel for their small wedding. Think calm day, warm ambiance, stunning food, and enormous settings.


Villa Il Gufo


Villa Il Gufo is an attractive land comprising of numerous traditional Tuscan mansions set within an image perfect medieval town. Villa If Gufo is the ideal venue for couples who're after genuine Italian charm and wish a Small intimate wedding.


Villa Torre


The beautiful villa Torre sits top in the Tuscan landscape. This is a wonderfully refurbished house that joins modern soothe and the genuineness of old stone residences. This is the ideal Small intimate wedding venue for chic but laid-back marriages.



Villa Vinci


Villa Vinci is impressive, there are no 2 ways about it: the villa exudes nobility and wealth. This 1800 property is the wonderful setting for a delightfully stylish and stylish all-white Small intimate wedding.


Villa Subtila


Villa Subtila is a good-looking 1600 farmhouse sitting in the mid of Umbria. This Umbrian mansion enclosed by lemon and lavender trees is the great Small intimate wedding venue for couples who wish an outdoor small wedding with a rustic touch.


Villa Trullo


Villa Trullo located in Puglia is the perfect Small intimate wedding venue for couples who're looking for something a little diff for their particular day! The conventional Apulia stone house is the ideal mix among Italian complexity and contemporary elegance.


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Photo Ilenia Caputo
Photo Ilenia Caputo
Getting married in Verona

The Planet's most popular city for Romance and Love, the exceptional setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and one of the country's highly sought and captivating after places for an Italian wedding venue.


Small video of Cities in 4K showing me Verona in all its beauty



This place has been a UNESCO WHS (World Heritage Site) since 2002 and each move you make, each step you take in this stunning place will fill your hearts and eyes with joy and wonder at the traditional heritage and rich of unique artistic monuments and jewels within its historic walls. Only when you think that you've found a small gem or a sight that cannot get much superior, you turn a spot and find and one more to take your heart and breathe away! Verona is a jewel heart of artistic and traditional wealth funds but popular also for a few Italy's most excellent foods and exceptional quality wines.


The well known Arena DI Verona, one of the Planet's most excellent preserved Roman amphitheaters where each summer the planet popular Opera season take places. Just imagine inviting your wedding guests to have an Italian dinner in Verona followed by a smooth night at the opera the evening before your wedding time? Lots of musicians we use are members of this popular chorus and orchestra.


The lovely CASTLE VECCHIO bridge that spans the River Adige and when lit in the evening time is too elegant and romantic with lights of city sparkling and reflecting in the water. The stylishness of PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI with amazing SCALA DELLA RAGIONE being an amazing place for photo shots!


Piazza DELLE ERBE wits its restaurants and streets, a remarkable venue to sit and everyone watch. Also, a perfect location to have a pre-marriage dinner, we've an amazing restaurant here which are perfect. Castle San PIETRO, a stunning castle set on the mountain above the venue and proudly looking down on its treasure heart below.


Once again a super romantic place to share some moment alone and take in the sight of the exceptional venue you has picked to become Bride and Groom.


  • Il Ponte di Pietra an antique Roman bridge reflecting in the River.
  • The Giusti Lawns, Italian gardens at their excellent and once again amazing for wedding photos shot.


A super antique Roman bridge reflecting in the river, of course, there's also popular Juliet's home with popular terrace and Juliet Tomb for those of you on the track of our popular lovers. Juliet's Tomb is also venue applied for civil marriage events. But you'll be the well-known lovers this time around.


Remarkable stores and few of the well-known names in the fashion sector are to be found here. Prada, D&G, Tods, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton --- they're all here in the stunning banquets lining the major shipping places. So entire, you Romeos out there of you lose your Juliet in the City you'll know you just where to find them. It is a heaven for shopping lovers!!


If all that is not enough then add the amazingly tranquil and beautiful setting of the VALPOLICELLA location. Clearly rolling mountains, hilltop towns, olive groves, rows of cypresses, stunning fruit orchards and amazing vineyards producing the well known AMARONE and VALPOLICELLA wines!


Still not enough for you!!! The shining blue waters of one of Italy's famous Lake (Lake Garda) and the towering peaks of the Dolomites are just hill's throw away.


I continually ask myself?


  • Can a single city truly make me feel so at calm with the Planet and so happy to be at here?
  • Can a single city truly have so much to offer?
  • Was famous poet Shakespeare correct when he said, there's no Universe outside of Verona's walls?


When I realize that the answer to entire of that question is yes, then I Thank my lucky charms that I'm fortunate to work and live in such a great place and I cannot wait to share it completely with you. Verona is a city where romance hangs largely in the air and where the natives have a joy for life which they'll send out to you in the friendly, real and courteous manner for which they're so fine renowned.


We'll make you feel that you've not only come as a visitor or get married in a foreign land but that you've come into our house and have become part of our unique family. That's the least we can do when you make the decision to trust us with the most vital day in your whole life. That's why when you pick Verona as the setting for your marriage day, we feel so proud and honored to have you here and we'll put our complete hears into make sure that it's a day you'll keep in mind and cherries forever.


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Grotta Palazzese Polignano Wedding



A wonderful and enchanting venue, a stunning restaurant with courtyard developed inside a natural cave. The restaurants of GROTTA PALAZZESE take its exclusive name homonymous cave and from the venue that was once also named GROTTA DI PALAZZO. It is a luxury and atmospheric venue, used for GROTTA PALAZZESE Polignano wedding, banquets and parties since 1700, as proved by a watercolor of 1783 by Jean Louis Desprez. The stunning blue of the sea and the clean sky contrasts with the mysterious climate of the natural cavities. The colors of the day make the elegance of the coastal backdrop shine, while those of the evening, at super sunset, make memorable nuances, the elegance, and charm of the restaurant lights.


Video of Luxuryes



Timeless charm


GROTTA PALAZZESE has forever an amazing venue as a destination for those who like discovering enchanting venues and looking for refined cooking. Since the 17th century, a traveler arriving from EU to southern Italy stopped at this amazing venue whose elegance was reported in their chronicles. Since then, the elegance has remained similar, with a feel of modernity that has created the venue even more exclusive and welcoming.


A refined cooking


The Grotta PALAZZESE restaurant is not just known for the elegance and uniqueness of the stone in which it's set. In fact, the kitchen is ideal for all those who're looking for amazing exclusivity and refreshment. The meals are forever taken care of in each aspect, with max attention to the class of ingredients and harmony of the visual meals. They're blessed widely on meals belonging to the Apulian culinary culture, with the addition of spices, aromas, and elegant fragrance for a remarkable modification of the dishes.


Wedding in Grotta Palazzese Polignano


If one was to ever dream of Italian wedding dinner by the sea, then the ultimate venue has to be the amazing GROTTA PALAZZESE. The Grotta PALAZZESE Polignano wedding restaurant is an absolutely breathtaking place and a definite must to include the image for the Italy Issue.


The ideal wedding location:


This limestone Grotta (Italian for cave) ideal wedding venue located within a hotel in the village of Polignano a Mare of the elegant Puglia, on the Sothern part of Italy. The village is a 40 minute driven from the Bari. The venue itself? Venue located 23 meters above the sea.


About the restaurant:


What was when a grand reception fit for balls and banquet in the 17th century, now homes an elegant and photographed venue for Italian wedding dinner and hotel perfect for your wedding celebrations! The place is not open during winter term - this seasonal place is only availed for summer dinners or a la carte food menu selections while enjoying the sight and live music!


Also loving:


Try, desire and hope for a wedding reception by the sea, as these are quite clearly the most excellent! Wedding Guests are seated first come, primarily served at this eating place, so come early. The best shots are those taken from the windows, the vantage spot looking back over the cave with the location in clear view.


About Summer Cave – Grotta Palazzese


The antique village of Polignano a Mare sits atop a stone cliff. Over axons, the limestone and the sea have carved out sea caves which wind under the streets of the village. Of these caverns, the biggest is the Grotta Pallazzese, which lies at the base of the hotel, and then belonged to the feudal King.


Down the old travelers, including Giovanna queen, have sought-out the tranquility and peace of Polignano a mare and its caverns. British and French travelers doing the Grand tip in the Fort of Naples, included the caverns of the venue a Mare on their journey, would write house of their elegance and dignity. By the 17th century, the caves were very well established as feature rooms for local dignitaries and noblemen. Now, these caverns home the Hotel's well known Grotta PALAZZESE Polignano wedding venue.


This venue of Grotta PALAZZESE Polignano wedding was described in weekend magazine: you'll find that the dining area is not just open air but is suspended indoor the most popular of these caverns: the Grotta PALAZZESE Polignano wedding cavern, so while you enjoy your delicious seafood Italian wedding dinner, above and entire around you the stones sparkle and earlier you lie the boats fishing near to the shore...


When we primary laid eyes on this venue, truly it was love at first sight, and now fondness for cave-like rooms is bordering on passion. Very old and otherworldly, Grotto Palazzese is tucked away into the shore cliffs of Southern Italy. This perfect space offers a truly unexpected setting for wedding reception revelry to unfold, and who would not want a background of the Mediterranean Sea while they eat dinner? Now that is a Grotto Palazzese wedding you'll never forget.


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Borgo Egnazia Wedding: Resort in Puglia, Italy

Located perfectly halfway among the airports of Bari and Brindisi your wedding guests will capable to pick the airport that they find a bit more convenient. This five-star resort covering a luxury place is literally a small town available for you and your wedding guests in the extremely privileged place.


I want to show you a great video produced by VARNA STUDIOS Photo & Cinema



Site Description


An enormous blend of colors:


A site made of white limestone and covered by colors , wonderful the green olive trees in contrast with amazing brown of the ground, the blue of the water and elegant orange in the sunsets - the BORGO EGNAZIA is cluster of structure of refined taste and gorgeous modern comfort that'll satisfy even the most demanding customers and desire. Ideal for couples and families, older and young will find their heaven at BORGO EGNAZIA! Several diff setting is avail for your BORGO EGNAZIA wedding reception from an extremely gorgeous and sophisticated foodie restaurant to the more relaxed climate of the usual Puglian farm or the beach club, we'll build your event backed on your needs.


BORGO EGNAZIA is the heart of several activities for you and your guests - guided visits, cooking courses, and sports of all types, fishing, wine tasting and selecting in season, delicious olive oil tasting and selecting in the season... and so on.


BORGO EGNAZIA Wedding Ceremonies


Symbolic, civil or protestant events can take place at the location while for a romantic BORGO EGNAZIA wedding we'll suggest an elegant church on the seal in the village mid.


The ideal Rural heaven in Southern Italy


BORGO EGNAZIA boats over 40 acres land, including the San Domenico Golf-Club covered by the sea. If you are looking for a location to fully calm down earlier than saying I DO, BORGO EGNAZIA gives signature management's rejuvenation & bringing you harmony. This exclusive resort also boats a reading room - the ideal venue for any avid reader to go and drop themselves in a book or 3. BORGO EGNAZIA provides an excess of family or friendly events - with tennis Club for both adults and kids, bike rides, an inside pool, and cooking institute, you can spend class time with your dearest before walk-down the aisle.


This wonderful resort combines the age of Puglia with advance life, fitting ideally into the rural town aesthetic of Fasano. Model of native stone that's seen throughout Fasano, the resort itself was developed to look like a smaller town within the village, taking 6 years to make. Borgo is Italian for the town and EGNAZIA references the antique archaeological place in Puglia, near Fasano.


With over 25 villas and 62 hotel rooms, you have the option to appoint out all BORGO EGNAZIA wedding for wide fairytale theme wedding in the elegant countryside of Fasano. There's also the choice to say your vows as the water glistens in the landscape, on 1 of their 2 private beaches. If you wish a summer BORGO EGNAZIA wedding, there's the option to have the reception with a marquee. A marriage in such a luxury location is sure to impress. Whether you are looking for an intricate marriage that caters to 15-20 people or a grand affair for 350-400 people, we will chauffeur your people from either Bari or Brindisi airports to BORGO EGNAZIA.


A special location fit for Hollywood's Stars


This special resort has been desired a place for a many of star weddings, making it wedding place difficult to book. High profile Hollywood couple, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake said I DO at this wonderful wedding location, and their guests included Andy Samberg, Jimmy Fallon, and Timbaland. Jessica Biel wore a wonderful custom petal pin gown, and their wedding that was reported to cost over 6 million USD was covered by Hello Magazine. Combing exclusive with the rural cultures of Southern Italy, it's simple to see why people fall in love with this super wedding venue.


Depending on the airport your wedding guests are dropped off so we will arrange for an exclusive transportation to BORGO EGNAZIA resort. Whilst you and your lover are getting prepared to dine with your dearest friends and family before the marriage, your guests will joy a tasty cocktail or Aperol Spritz.


After a tasty drink, you and your loved ones will dine in one of the 6 restaurants in BORGO EGNAZIA, depending on what you wish to eat. From succulent seafood in Pescheria Da Vito or in Due Camini, this place is the ideal place to fill your every craving.


When you book your BORGO EGNAZIA wedding with us, we'll make sure you have a memorable experience. From the time you make an inquiry to the final 2nd of your ceremony, we'll work tirelessly with BORGO EGNAZIA to offer each customer a prestigious and comfortable experience.


Our planners are experienced in arranging events across Italy and we'd be delighted to help you plan your dream exclusive wedding in the BORGO EGNAZIA.



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How to Organize a Small and Intimate Marriage

Many couples choose to organize a "small" wedding simply because they are fascinated by its intimacy, sometimes it happens instead that they choose to organize an intimate wedding because of economic difficulties. One way to save money is to reduce the guest list. Even if the list has been reduced, remember that the guest arriving at your ceremony will feel very special to have received the invitation.


This solution offers the possibility of making extra preparations for them, which is not always possible with a wedding with more guests. For example, rather than giving them some chocolates, consider personalizing giving each one their own box of sweets or chocolates or better still offering each one a champagne toast. You can indulge !!... The ideas for small weddings are endless.


Most couples mistakenly believe that planning will be easier for a small wedding, but this can sometimes be challenging.
It is important to consider every detail when an intimate marriage takes place.


Some details can be hidden in a crowd of 150 people; but, in a small wedding, every little detail will be evident. An excellent suggestion will be to hire a wedding planner to make everything easier. Planning a wedding is one of the most emotional moments of your life but it can also be one of the most stressful moments in the life of two future spouses.


Every couple wants the wedding of their dreams, gifts romantic and beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of life. Turning this dream into reality on a limited budget and organizing an intimate and romantic wedding is a real challenge, but it can be achieved by using streets creative and with the help of professionals in the sector.


For a ceremony and a reception, lighting is a fundamental element.


A combination of the sunset light and hundreds of tiny white lights can create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere for an outdoor wedding.


It's a solution that is well studied and it can be economic and can help both to keep a limited budget and at the same time to create a place for an intimate and suggestive wedding.
Another way to create a beautiful and elegant background for a dream wedding is the use of chairs and flowers so as to improve the lighting. Chair covers can be made at home with discounted fabrics, or they can be rented at a price accessible.


Often, the couple can rent elegant objects to help them create a chic setting for their wedding. Chairs, tables, centerpieces, lighting, tablecloths, plates, and covers for chairs are all items that party rental companies offer at very affordable prices.


If you do not want to consider the option of renting objects for parties and ceremonies, organizing a wedding between a few intimates in natural settings can be a fantastic way to create a theme for your wedding, such as water, it can also be used as a background to create a romantic, inviting and memorable atmosphere.


Choosing locations that offer a landscape on the sea or with waterfalls/pools will create a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere that is at once intimate and elegant.
Small electric fountains will show the water flowing over the rocks and can be used as a leitmotif for the wedding reception to keep the theme of water during the ceremony.


For a variety of reasons, maintaining a budget for weddings is important; the husband and wife will have to start their life together peacefully without worrying about the expenses incurred for the wedding.


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How long do you have to be in Italy before getting married?

Getting married in Italy need some documents if you plan for it to be lawfully binding. In Italy, Catholic and marriages of a few other religions can obtain lawful validity during one sole event. It's named MATRIMONIO CONCORDATARIO. Both civil and religious documents have to be papered well in advance.


The most usual question we're asked is:


How long do you have to be in Italy before getting married?


The answers are normally 2 or 3 days are enough, there're no residency needs, but depending on your nationality and place of your wedding, you might need be in Italy for at least ten days before. If you can be in the country once at least between 3 to 6 months before the wedding, you can prepare the entire the documents them and show up only at the time of the wedding.


Both Catholic and civil weddings in Italy – unlike a lot of other states in the world, have to be celebrated, respectively in commune the town hall premises or official churches. There're few cities that let lawfully binding civil marriage events in villas or castle that have a special wedding paper. You might wish to plan to have an individual, lawful binding ceremony in the local town hall and then a symbolic event with your guests at the place of the marriage reception, such as a villa castle or where other venues you wish.


Let's know talk about diff options and needs for your wedding Italy as a foreigner:


Getting married in Italy, the Couple


The couple will need to get a NULLA OSTA to be capable of performing a lawfully valid marriage Italy. Diff states need diff process to releases this paper to let you get married in Italy. As a general law, if marriage in Italy, as a general law, if marriage is celebrated according to Italian laws, it'll also be valid in your native state (given you can bring a NULA OSTA or something same). The document is to be ready before you come, sometimes while you're here and after you've left, depending on the nationality of any spouse, in every case, timing is vital.


General laws for lawful wedding Italy


The main laws to be capable of getting married in Italy are:


  • Both the groom and bride have to be either single, lawfully divorced or widowed.
  • By rule, if the lady divorced less than 300-days earlier the new marriage day, a medical certificate of her son pregnancy should be given to the local court.
  • Groom and brie can't be relatives' 1st or 2nd degree: father-daughter, Brother-sister or mother-son. Not even the link was adoption or by the Blood.
  • Catholic marriages if one of the two had been wedded earlier with catholic celebration, can't be performed, you can just have a civil lawfully binding marriage or a symbolic marriage. The single exception to this if the Christian Celebration part obtained a Catholic church, this process is so time-consuming. And most times, unsuccessful. If this is your mater, we recommend you don't plan a Catholic marriage until you have a correct certification with you or plan either symbolic or civil marriage.


Documentation for Wedding in Italy


If none of you Italian, banns are waived, and you only need the document issued by the consular of foreign officials in Italy. The legalization is not demanded the following states (it might apply to a few others, please consider the following category as a reference, and contact us for further confirmation if your nationality is not listed):


Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Norway, Holland, the San Marino Republic, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Alternatively, you need the records of an able foreign official, confirmed by the Italian Consulate or the delegation.


The identification shall attest that there're no impediments to the wedding. It also shall include the following info: name and surname, date and location of birth, nationality, residency, marital status, maternity, and paternity, (complete names of the parents), and birth papers.


A few states will need other paper on top of the NULLA OSTA. Like Australian and US citizens. Most of the nationalities will need the bride and groom to meet the consulate in person, so Please plan your trip accordingly, a lot of the consulates are just in Milan and Rome.


Do not worry; we can help you out with entire this and send whole the paperwork to the correct officials to have your marriage registered in your home state too. All you've to do is plan to be in the country for some days in advance... as we'll be there releasing you from every stress, imagine that time as a splendid advanced honeymoon!

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