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Ravello Italy wedding: The Amalfi Coast's best wedding Venue?

Without any doubt, Italy is one of the planet's most famous choices for venue weddings, and its stunning AMALFI cost is amongst the most romantic and chic options avail. But with a range of stunning small villages to pick from, what makes a RAVELLO Italy wedding more amazing than weddings in POSITANO or Sorrento, or even its major town?


In my opinion, it is the exclusive mix of culture and arts, joint with an ever so a little off the main strip venue that provides it pole spot.


Perched top on the mountain overlooking the amazing Mediterranean Sea, RAVELLO is hugely regarded as the most elegant town on Amalfi Coast. As-well-as RAVELLO Italy wedding, romantic venue, this chic is a Mecca for visitors Thanks to the wonderful views, elegant historic structures, and remarkable formal gardens. RAVELLO also has a wide association with the architecture and is remain regarded as a traditional hub to this day thanks to its yearly arts festival and music. Entire of which are incredible elements for magical RAVELLO Italy wedding day!


What makes RAVELLO an Ideal Destination?


Did we mention the stunning views? RAVELLO is graced with a few of the most amazing vistas that state has to offer. Not just does it boasts sights of the impossibly blue sea, but it is dotted with elegant old buildings, colorful formal lawns and gorgeous cobbled streets lined with amazing flowers.


Needless to say, there is no shortage of photo shot spots for your RAVELLO Italy wedding images, and even your wedding event. Civil marriage can take place in a beautiful 1200 town hall, or by arrangement, in several gardens and Palazzos. For those who chose a religious marriage, there is an option of elegant old churches in the village, including the lovely DUOMO, overlooking the main township square. RAVELLO is also an ideal base for discovering the remaining places alongside the Amalfi coast, with Sorrento, POSITANO, and the Capri Island all nearby!



RAVELLO Italy wedding venue:


  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Palazzo Tolla – A graceful medieval building that homes the RAVELLO Italy wedding Room a simple but beautiful room with marble finishes and terracotta furnished in old style.  The marriage room can contain approximately 40 guests.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at San Francesco d'Assisi – one more Catholic church with an extremely intimate and private feel, San Francesco d'Assisi is situated on the peak point in RAVELLO, extremely close to the stunning Villa Cimbrone.  It's reached through a private pathway and has a gorgeous ornate interior.  The church can hold up to 80-90 guests, making it ideal for small to medium RAVELLO Italy wedding ceremonies.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Santa Maria a Gradillo – a little less luxurious than the Duomo, but still a good-looking antique church of stunning white marble with towering pillars & conventional domed ceilings.  Santa Maria a Gradillo is one of the venue's oldest churches and is situated in a little quieter part of the town, so far still just a short walk from the core square.  It's the ideal setting for a private, small Catholic RAVELLO Italy wedding.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Giardini Della Principessa di Piemonte – For all who desire a garden marriage, this dramatic garden setting situated next to the RAVELLO Town hall gives an outside wedding ceremony place with dramatic panoramic sights of the Amalfi coast.  This can accommodate up to 80-90 guests for a civil marriage ceremony.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding Duomo – situated on the main piazza of RAVELLO and dating back to 1000, the Duomo is a majestic Catholic cathedral, lavishly decorated all through with marble, bronze and very old mosaics.  It can contain up to 170-200 guests and gives the ideal setting for a stylish and very grand RAVELLO Italy wedding.


Ravello Italy wedding reception venue


  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Hotel Caruso – The ideal place for graceful and upscale RAVELLO Italy wedding reception, absolute with breathtaking sights both day and night. Inside and outside function spaces are avail.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Villa Cimbrone – One of the most well-liked places for a RAVELLO Italy wedding – couples can get married in the grounds of the villa (lawfully binding Jewish, Protestant and Waldensian events are possible) or hold a symbolic wedding ceremony. Onsite wedding receptions and cocktail periods can also be organized in a variety of spaces within the places. A bridal picture on the "veranda of Infinity" is a must for your RAVELLO Italy wedding album.
  • A RAVELLO Italy wedding at Palazzo Avino – this is a gorgeous 1200 villa in the heart of this place that has been restored as a 5-star hotel.  It is a well-liked spot for RAVELLO Italy wedding receptions that can take place in its reception room, on one of its amazing terraces.


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Most Romantic Venues to Stay For Italy honeymoon

Italy has long been a staple of love and romance.


Fittingly, most of the newlyweds flock in the boot (Italy) so elegant to celebrate a marriage. Indeed, you cannot go incorrect with an Italy honeymoon, but the question is where you go, and where you stay is vital?


Due to these issues, we have selected some of the most romantic venues to stay for Italy Honeymoon!


  • Portofino


An exquisite mixture of pure class and rustic charm, this elegant scenic harbor town is something of the hidden gemstone. Few than 450 people make their house on the holidays, creating Portofino a soothe and small resort village, but is rapidly gaining value for its charming - a walk along the waterfront is possibly the most romantic and elegant stroll on the planet. Life in this elegant venue has resolved around fishery for a very long time, though, its marina is house mostly to cruisers and yachts, the town's Roman founder named it Port of the Dolphinfish because of several dolphins that lived nearby.


  • Amalfi Coast


This traditional landscape is listed as a UNESCO WHS (World Heritage site), and for a fine reason. Steep hills meet the sea and make for amazing sights, sprinkled with stunning towns and archeological views. The name which is given to the place, is an intriguing collage of quaint homes, narrow alleys, and winding staircases with amazing views and simply reaches the beach. Top south for FURORE, more handfuls of town and vineyard than a village or Praiano for what a few claims are the most amazing sunset of the venue. There're many holiday homes in the small societies so that early lovebirds can choose and pick.


  • Terracina


This coastal venue is perfect for Italy honeymoon as well as for beachgoers who wish to sophistication and sunshine. Relax on the beach sand or head for the gorgeous Pontine Island, reachable by ferries from the port. At the finish of the day, retreat to one of several restaurants for enormous dining. Those more inclined to walk somewhat than wade can top to TERRACINA's historic Centro STORICO township, where extraordinary winding stairs, very old walkways, and small plazas construct for background strolling. Many of Roman remains can be discovered throughout the venue. Their centerpiece is Temple, which dominates a mountainous top and can be visited on foot.


  • Sorrento


Harbor of Marina on the north coast of the Capri Island, close to Sorrento, Perched top on the cliffs beyond the bat of Naples, this place is the famous venue for those more interested in souvenirs and sights rather than parties and parasols. The venue is especially well-known for earthenware: a lot of vendors sell fine, locally made lacework and ceramics. Sorrento is also a spectacular base for venturing out on day tours. POMPEI is a must-see venue for several, and other historically vital areas can be found nearby. Down south area, the unblemished nature across the complete neck of land is well rich a visit, as is the famous island of Capri.


  • Tivoli


This small venue but spectacular hillside place makes for a very Italy honeymoon cherished stay. Stroll hand between lingering and backyards at the patchwork of superb falls. After a day complete of impressions and walk, kick back in one of the amazing thermal springs on the plains under the town. Among a lot of highlights are two famed historic sights: A cottage is a sprawling complex of residences and pools which once were the landscape house for King. Now, they shape a main visiting attraction. Rather smaller but remain notable historical Villa is a 16th-century palace with some notably lavish lawns, gorgeous for show romantic strolls.


  • Lake Como


This place is a most favorite of stars, even Bond Villains have created their house here - and the hill area is lined with stunning villas. Holiday rentals are avail along most of the lakeside, with options to stay in houses of all sizes. Dotting the beach are many towns worth visiting, Lake Como is busy and beautifully situated, with a famous cathedral as its midpiece. While Bellagio provides many of cafes and remarkable promenade along the Lake Como. On the eastern beach, VARENNA gives a relaxing and calm mood, ideal for admiring the elegance of the hills.


  • Tuscany


With backgrounds right-out of romantic novel and sufficient historical luminaries to cover the phone book, a venue is an excellent place for Italy honeymoon. Florence lone can overwhelm everyone with its exclusive boutiques, galleries and sheer good looking. Top south of SEIAN and its striking medieval village center, or lush venture to the coast and tour the popular plazas of Pisa. Once you have ad your fill of town life, hope on a motorbike and discover the archipelago for a feel of wind suffering, scuba diving or canoeing. Those keep receiving hand on with tradition look for wine trips or some cooking classes. Do not forget to pack your bags with some additions to your attire - Tuscany is house to a few of the world's most excellent fashion markets.


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Lake Garda wedding villa: Ideal destinations

Lakes marriages in Italy magnetize a lot of couples from all over the globe. The vibrant antique cities of State are existing. The elegant lands of Italy are mutually wealthy in natural good looks as in the traditional heritage. If stunning hills views with clean water surface and old forests take your breath away - Lakes in Italy especially lake Garda is the most excellent venues (Villas) for your wedding in Italy.


Lake Garda wedding villa


One of the largest Lake In Italy, Lake Garda is 30 minutes drive from Milan. This lake is a true natural wealth and an ideal place for wedding each time of the year. The gentle and pleasant local atmosphere is made by the Alps and is Characteristics of the whole venue.


Lake is at the crossing of 3 closing areas: Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Veneto. Tens of small villages bath in the shiny sun and the scents of the natural on its shores. The eastern side cost of the Lake Garda named the Riviera an ideal Mediterranean atmosphere that helps olive trees rising well. And Lombardi port of the Garda is the lemons of Riviera. These gardens formed as wide steps of terraces descending straightly to have blue water alongside the sloping shores. The area becomes popular thanks to the wealthy culture of winemaking and cuisine.


Lake Garda wedding villas


Just like any place in else in Italy, we can help you plan any kind of wedding villas at Lake Garda. Local officials have approved many antique villas and lawns for civil weddings. Those not approved for civil marriages are ideal places for symbolic events. There're dozens of churches avail for Catholic marriages and places appropriate for other kinds of religious events.


  • Romantic and exclusive weddings Lake Garda


Garda Lake is a quintessential unique and romantic venue. While the weddings takings place here is romantic. Take a luxury boat ride, have you're even arranged in front of the mirror like blue waters of the Lake Garda, celibate with Italian wedding dinner on the courtyard or inside an antique frescoed reception of one of the stunning villas. What can be more romantic and exclusive?


  • Lake Garda villas


Diamond of the Lake Garda! This villa on the shores of the Garda Lake is an ideal setting for one in a lifetime event!


A stunning reception on the garden with views and a calmer environment, it's possible to spend the whole night in elegant rooms straightly on site. The villa, in fact, five double rooms and can be taken at your individual use. Reception aperitif can be completed on their tower lawn and sit down welcome in their Lake Garda view lawn cozy. The property has also held a nice exclusive hotel nearby.


  • A Romantic Villa on Lake Garda Island


A wonderful and romantic will on the small Island of Lake at only a few minutes away by boat from SALO and Riviera!


A very special place for a unique event!


The villa can be rented exclusively for you and your celebrate until 2.00 am in the night. You can use their elegant and breathtaking lawn, the courtyard on the Garda Lake for the event, Loggia overviewing the Lake Garda for the wedding reception. The area does also include the boat trip from SALO' and GARDONE for you and entices your guests to access this stunning venue.


This villa could hold up to 40-50 people for the reception. A very special and sole venue for your wedding in Lake Garda!


  • Elegant luxury villa on Lake Garda


An exclusive wedding with stunning views of the breathtaking Garda Lake.


Wonderful 1900 historical villa on Lakeside: covered by the most elegant nature and plunged into the most charming and peaceful environment, the lush villa is characterized by its refined frescoed imposing and ceiling furniture. Comfort and luxury blend jointly making an ideal setting for the most romantic and exclusive ceremonies. Accommodation is given in more than 15 refined and lush rooms decorated with modern furniture and equipped with entire advanced comfort! Gorgeous swimming pool and refined gourmet restaurant situated directly on spot.


  • Countryside villa on Lake Garda


Historical, Lush LOCANDA plunged into the most elegant countryside at the heart of a stunning town!


This imposing 1800 mission is set in a medieval town covered by elegant green and has been newly refurbished and brought back to its antique looks in complete respect to the legitimacy of this amazing historical place. The venue is only minutes away from the gorgeous beaches of Garda Lake and at just a 30 Mile from Verona city and its airport and 150 miles from Venice city. Two large swimming pools and Gourmet restaurants are to be found directly on spot. Golf Club and wellness center in the contiguous proximity to the wonderful villa.


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Tuscany wedding villas Ideas

Holding a wedding in a Tuscany wedding villas offers limitless possibilities and an unparallel environment for a lifestyle marriage in Italy!


Wonderful countryside farmhouse, gorgeous and luxurious villas in the Chianti, unique and secluded villas in Florence: stunning Tuscany gives you an amazing range of unique possibilities for your villa wedding in Tuscany Italy. Feel like an actual princess and prince: live your dream.


Tuscany wedding villas: the ideal place for an elegant and charming wedding



Having your marriage in Tuscany villa is celebrating your love and romance in grand style: an exceptional option for all the brides and grooms who're looking for a stunning setting without equals in a real Italian climate! Our selection was created after the high experience of a wedding planner in the state in making some of the most special marriages in Tuscany, including some splendid weddings in Tuscany villas, even planned.


With a marriage in Tuscany, there's something to everybody's liking. We recommend contacting us as there're several options for villas for marriages in Tuscany as well as in Florence, and it simpler to talk with us for a first free consolation on your wedding plans. We'll provide you with a smaller list of Tuscany wedding villas according to your vision, plans, and wedding budget.


Lifestyle marriages in Italy find in Tuscany the ideal venue. We'll help you to discover Tuscany in entire its elegance: an emerald green, brown, yellow, landscape of the soft rolling mountains, peaceful nature views side-by-side with most well-known architecture creations, friendly climate, and delicious wine. The ideal blend of relaxation and nature, art and architecture, fine food and wellness, Tuscany wedding villas one of the favorite's marriages locations of the country for private villas, and a perfect setting for one our celebrated lifestyle marriages.


Having your marriage in Tuscany wedding villas, you'll be living your marriage day plunged into a stunning, uncontaminated nature while being a seal to the most well-known sights.


Elegant setting, wonderful nature, charming history! Make the Italian marriage time something incomparable and unique. Have your marriage arranged in a wonderful older cloister rich age and elegant or a wonderful villa with private pool. What about the fairytale villa with amazing panoramic views over an exceptional lake?


Are you dreaming of a Tuscany wedding villas? Just have a look at some of the best Tuscany wedding villas and contact us for your marriage plans. We're looking forward to helping you find the ideal place.


  • Luxury Villa with Views of Florence


Splendid villa for a gorgeous marriage with views on Florence!


This Tuscany wedding villa overlooks Florence from the top mountains of Fiesole providing breathtaking sights over the village as-well-as the surrounding terrace. It's one of the most requested places with amazing exterior places as-well-as exceptional interior. It's therefore, ideal for a wedding in every season and perfect for a wedding any size up to 140 guests (bigger groups are fine too with applying of a marquee in a matter of backup plan).


a romantic antique church lies within a walking distance. In fine weather protestant, catholic or symbolic events might be held in the oak lawn of the villa. This place was in much demand by movie directors because of its lush and atmosphere set, perfect rightly for your memorable day. Just across the way, we can organize accommodation for up to 60 people in the annexed charming farmhouse. So, all is on site. Other wedding guests can stay within in a few minutes walks, either in Fiesole or Florence.


  • A Medici Tuscan Villa


A stunning historical Medici Villa, halfway among Florence and Pisa, with amazing views over the surrounding backdrops, within simple access of both Tuscan airports! Ideal for bigger weddings. Accommodations might be either in annexed gorgeous villa's 5-star hotel, in wonderful medieval BORGO within the simple walking area with residences to accommodate up to 120 people or in the apartments and B & Bs nearby.


Civil marriages can be celebrated within the lands of the villa in an elegant side room or even outside on the scenic lawn with stunning views. Catholic marriages take place in nearby churches.


  • Wonderful Villa with Panoramic sights over the City of Florence


A romantic exclusive villa for a marriage near Florence!


One of the most elegant courtyards overlooking Florence! This is a perfect place for any kind of marriage event: a stunning dinner for 2, a small group of buddies or a huge group of up to 90 guests. The feeling of an outside reception, with this amazing view, is only magical and makes your marriage day furthermore special. Surprise your respectable guests on the luxury terrace.


Protestant or symbolic marriages can be arranged either on the panoramic terrace or in the elegant Italian lawn. Memorable Florentine events, Catholic and civil marriages to be organized in Tuscany, Florence city mid at just ten minutes, The villa accommodates up to 40 people in elegant rooms, but it's possible to book this place just as a reception location, too.


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Italian wedding food Receptions Ideas

What are the associations do come into your mind, when somebody is speaking about a marriage? Photographs, guests, white dress, relatives and food menu? And what if we add the sole word Italian? Will all thing change? My own first thoughts, when I hear about the Italian wedding bring past memories of Godfather film. Character showed this the wedding in whole the details. If you do not remember I suggested you o watch the film or continue the careful reading of this important article, where a significant part of any wedding in Italy is revealed, I am mean Italian wedding food reception.


Italians are full of made about the food. They do talk much and eat tasty food even more. This is problem or shame to look into somebody's plate in the cafes or restaurants, just to see what they've. Of course in any other state wedding food is among the biggest parts of a budget. But in Italy the Italian wedding food just the biggest one, with each new occasion we planned or attended as a professional planner, we do feel how strong our love for local Italian wedding food become.


Planning Your Italian Wedding Food Menu


When it comes to wedding food, no one knows it or does it better than the Italian people. Italian wedding food is a way of life under the charming Tuscan sun, and the fact so many eager grooms and brides to pick Italy for their wedding venue. Food in Italy is a reason for celebration each day, though during a marriage it actually becomes the show stopper of the show. You want guests to spend the banquet gushing and excited about the Italian wedding food menu you've prepared for them. Which might have you asking yourself, how do I plan the Italian marriage food menu? Your wedding planner will be a remarkable resource in this matter; just remember, it's completely about parting courses.


Initially, begin with the Antipasti, factually translating to before the food. Although it has PASTI in the Name, this is not where you and your weddings guests will get the beloved Italian pasta. At Italian marriages, there'll often be an Aperitif, which is the same as a cocktail hour. Weddings guests will come here after the event and enjoy a huge range of Italian appetizers, both cold and hot.


The aperitif is often a mixture of cheeses and cured meats, such as MORTADELLA, salami, Prosciutto, etc. to be uniquely paired with Italian cheese like Mozzarella, Parmesan or Pecorino. You might also find BRUSCHETTA, and toasted bread topped with tomatoes and many other toppings, in the combination. When eating means in Italy, the plan of eating local is a given, so you'll surely taste the freshness in all you pick.


Now following the Aperitif, comes in PRIMI, you and your wedding guests will now relocate to the reception area where you'll discover that tasty pasta you've traveled so far for. While a lot of pasta meals boil down to the similar simple ingredients, the range of textures, styles, and sauces make and countless range of sole experience from one Pasta meal to another. With a lot of to pick from, it's common to pair a selection of 2 diff meals perhaps, RAVIOLI and a Risotto, or fresh yum pasta with a dry one. Pick your favorite and expect to be wowed.


If you are keeping track, we're now at our 3rd course, aptly called SECONDI. At this time your palette has caught-up with your luggage, it's time for one more fresh and tasty Italian food menu. The SECOND gives the main food. POLLO and MANZO, ANGELLO and PATATE (Chicken, Beef, and Fish), can entire be found on this side of the wedding menu. If you remain have room, consider adding a CONTORNI or kind of side mean, such as sautéed delicious vegetables to accompany your food, here you can joy a fine white wine with your fish or chicken or even more classic ROSSO with red meats and pasta.


A great Italian wedding food end with great dessert, Italy is house to a lot of tasty desserts to satisfy any wedding guests' sweet mouth. PANNA COTTA is really sweet cream dessert served in a gummy, flan-like state, and also be topped with fresh barriers and chocolate.


For a treat in the heat, there's nothing finer than famous Italian ice cream. Never the less, if you wish to actually celebrate you marriage antique Italian style, you do so with Mille-foglie. A wide flat cake with some layers of pastry, fresh barriers, fresh cream, and powdered sugar, for more fun, the pastry ceremoniously assemble the meal, correct in front of you and all entire your wedding guests! It's an absolutely yummy desert and comes with one of a typical experience, wash it completes down a few yummy Muscat and you'll be ready to kick off the heels and dance the right away.


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Romantic places to get married in Italy

When getting married in a most romantic place is vital to you, you cannot pick more romantic places than Italy. With many lovely places to choose from, how do you select the ideal setting for starting your next life together? Here're our best romantic places to get married in Italy:


Best Romantic places to get married in Italy


  • Capri Island


A legendary romantic island of unspoiled elegance and the most desirable wedding places in Italy, Capri is a mixture of tiny squares, shiny white homes, breathtaking beaches, Moorish architecture and narrow medieval alleyways with the ideal Mediterranean appeal. The most loved place of VIPs for summer vacations, the Island has two diff souls: Capri, charming and lively with its popular PIAZZETTA and its charming hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and Ana-Capri, a little seclude hence an ideal gateway for an intimate and quiet wedding. Our most favorite places on the Island are: VIP Island at The Place of Marina Grande for small marriages and a cozy gathering, Restaurant l Geranio – overlooking Rocks is an actual piece of gem!


  • Portofino


If you are looking for a cliff-top setting, but do not fancy traveling south and then seem no further than the Ligurian Coastline, La Cervara on the way to Portofino – mixes the balanced style and the grandeur of the unique architecture and the elegant gardens. It's the perfect place for those in search of romance and peace. When you cross the threshold of the Cervara, the cloister is there to greet and protect you. The exclusive, varied style of the Cervara allows you to grip the diff sides of an occasion in diff locations or rooms, entire accompanied by the unique setting of the antique monastery.


  • Villa del Balbianello, Como Lake


Whether you're up for a few Hollywood stargazing or the more romantic type, this place stands among the top wedding places in Italy. This Villa is definitely the most romantic Place for a dream marriage in Lake Como. The true masterpiece is the panoramic shaped exceptional garden dominated by the gorgeous Loggia with 3 arches which stand on the peak point of the promontory. Dusk lights hug groom and bride, alongside with their guests, who can reach the Villa with individual boat landing on the charming quayside of the gorgeous villa. The charm and majesty of Villa was also a movie set in popular films like Casino Royale that'd be an actual plan for a film wedding theme.


  • Kempinski, Venice


A marriage in Venice is most romantic by itself. If you've Private Island for a single day, it's also more romantic! A marriage at San Clemente is a trip through the time. Set in the very old park, which homes antique courtyards and an antique church built in 1200, the elegant hotel offers the ideal setting for each marriage style, might it be a unique, theme wedding or garden style. The hotel has it individual church, the super setting for the event and why not, for the cut of the sweet cake? Courtyards, Terraces, dramatic halls, flourishing gardens make the location a one of a type of wedding place in Venice.


  • Rome


Rome, The eternal city, with many opportunities to take your marriage snaps in front of a few of the world's most popular monuments, and throw a coin the TREVI Fountain for file measure, it is no wonder that the City is the 2nd most famous city in Italy to get married in the country. Rome is a charming and mesmerizing place, perfectly situated amongst a countless range of antique sites and monuments that offer the city its sole character: ensure you hire a skilled photographer because the backdrop is unique!


The house of the Vatican, where the history and romance touch everyone who visits, and the city makes a stunning setting for a marriage. If you're considering a Rome marriage, you can pick to have religious event in one the several antique churches or a civil marriage in a garden or on a courtyard overlooking the Rome or in a villa in the Hills of eternal city – the possibilities are countless: perched in a dominating place on the crest of the Villa Aurelia boasts elegant gardens, the Janiculum Hill and a stunning view of Rome.


  • Langhe, Villa Pattono


Big thanks to its popular local items like white truffle and Barolo wine, the LANGHE place boasts a heritage only waiting to be discovered and joy during the marriage reception, in the company of guests you love. The uncontaminated view of this place of Piedmont changes with every season, in autumn the vineyards tine the countryside with yellow and red, while in winter term the rows of vines shape geometric patterns on the snowy mountains that draw the eye-up to the Alps. Each and every season embraces this part of the place in its remarkable way.


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Malcesine wedding at Lake Garda

MALCESINE is well known for the SCALIGERI castle perched on a face overhanging the Lake Garda.


The stunning castle is believed to have been made in 568 AD, A unique maze of thin and snaking streets leads down to the clean water's edge. The main point of MALCESINE is the gorgeous spot. Behind the village is Monte BALDO that is the top hill in Lake Garda.


There are 2 ceremony rooms in the elegant castle, 1 is suitable for an intimate wedding of up to 30 guests. This place is located on the edge of the castle with wonderful views over Lake Garda. The 2nd room is a bit bigger and holds up to 80 guests. This room is created of unique white stone and is in the castle tower. There's seating for 60, standing room for all else. It's also possible to a wedding in the courtyard with amazing Lake Views, the seats up to 70, with a standing area for several more.


Most marriages at Lake Garda take places on the outside courtyard of the castle at MALCESINE. This place seats up 80 with standing are for another 40 guests. The courtyard has stunning views all around.


The castle is situated at the peak of a mountain overlooking MALCESINE and the blue waters of Lake Garda.


  • The event is performed in Italian with a translator.
  • The amazing castle is a medieval citadel that dominates the village.
  • There's a short rising hike from the street to the castle.
  • This is a gorgeous location for wedding images with dramatic views all around.


We recommend a keyboard and violin during the MALCESINE wedding at Lake Garda to be played earlier than the event why not have a boat outing with a champagne toast on board or champagne toast by the Lakeside?


MALCESINE at Lake Garda


MALCESINE wedding is celebrated in this stunning castle overlooking the lake, the roots of this crate lie in the very old region of the in 580 AD, in the 1300 SCALA family, rulers of medieval Verona, rebuild the castle and changed into a fortress to secure their areas. It's built in extremely attribute SCALIGERI theme, like most of the castles all around Verona.


Situated on the peak of a mountain boats a simply a stunning view over the clean blue of the Lake and the old MALCESINE. In the clear and bright days, from the peak of the castle, you can joy entire of the northern area of the Lake Garda.


MALCESINE civil wedding can be performed in 2 rooms inside the castle or outdoor on one of the towers. The initial room and romantic area on the edge of the castle with wonderful views over the Lake Garda, it can hold up to 20 guests.


Civil weddings at MALCESINE, thanks to the elegant Italian lawn and the amazing views over the Lake Garda, offer one of the best backyards for your MALCESINE wedding at Lake Garda Pictures!


MALCESINE wedding at Lake Garda can take place in the castle each day of the week (though it's much expensive on a Sunday). There're 3 venues in the castle, 2 indoor and one outdoor:


  • The CASERMETTA (a small barracks) is an elegant room with stunning views over the lake which seats up to 40 guests and perfect if you wish to have complete privacy during the wedding event itself.
  • The SALA LABBIA is a bit bigger room at the base of the castle's tower area and seats about 80-90 people with many further standing rooms too. It's a simple theme room with wood made rafters and usually houses an art exhibition during the summer periods. Once again, perfect if you wish complete privacy.
  • The RIVELLINO courtyard is the outside place within the castle grounds. It has the most amazing and wonderful views of both lake and entire the rooftops of MALCESINE. It seats about 80-90 guests with standing room for more.


Captain's Palace


MALCESINE wedding at Lake Garda can also take place in the Captain's Palace, down by the Lakeshore, only off the main harbor in the mid of town. It has been renovated in recent times to its actual look. The wide impressive upstairs marriage hall in this area is reached by an old stone stairway and amazingly decorated with frescoes dating from the 1500 and impressive old chandeliers. Top ceiling and terrace windows look over the Captain's Palace small terrace garden onto the Garda, making this royal setting both magical and romantic. There's seating for 100-120 guests.
We've planning a wedding at Lake Garda for a lot of years and so our wedding experts will be capable to help you plan each small detail for your wedding at Lake Garda - form choosing the place, helping with entire of your marriage extras, assisting with lawful papers and helping you and your wedding guests with travel arrangements.


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Wedding venues in Siena Italy

Siena, Italy is one of the most popular and gorgeous towns in Tuscany, preserving its medieval image and environment within its very old walls and a maze of cobblestone streets. The town boats elegant gothic structures, including very famous Palazzo PUBBLICO and Cathedra, or Townhall, where lawful civil marriage events take place, as-well-as many churches.


For arranging a lawful civil event, the Palazzo PUBBLICO, town hall, overlooks Piazza de campo charming place and one of the enormous squares in the state. Very famous throughout the globe not just for its amazing architectural elegance, the square is also very popular for the PALIO horse race, possibly the most amazing annual festival in the country, taking place each summer.


Lawful civil marriage events are celebrated in the historic marriage hall, a very beautiful and famous SALA Del CONCISTORO, next to the Museum where brides and grooms admire one of the greatest art collections in Siena, Tuscany, as-well-as the elegant halls covered with Renaissance frescoes, popular painting, and sculptures. After the event, this venue is ideal for spectacular wedding images.


If you're planning a Catholic event, there're lots of amazing, historical churches indoor the walled town, as-well-as elegant abbeys, and brides and grooms in the in the surrounding places to pick from. You can joy an wide and varied panorama including Southern Tuscan with its wine yards and olive groves in the mountains of Chianti. Wonderful Siena is also the perfect setting for the most romantic Protestant marriage event, either lawfully binding or with no lawful effects.


Siena town is also very beautiful and its warm and welcoming climates make it an ideal place for marriage for a wedding. Siena's sole place in the heart of Tuscan makes it a perfect to visit gorgeous nearby villages like Montepulciano, Montalcino, Asciano, and Pienza those in Chianti, the entire simply accessible for a half day ride.


Here you find a selection of some of the finest wedding venues in Siena Italy and Chianti. The places are full of stunning places, if you don't find here the ideal castle or villa for your dream wedding, it doesn't mean we don't have one, inquire for more places and info.


  • Abbey of San Galgano


This place is a roofless church close to Siena Italy. It is one of the most seen venues of Tuscany, though just a few know ideally what it's and where is situated. The venue is the most impressive place for civil marriages in Siena, Tuscany. You can ask the Civil officers to execute the service jointly with the celebrant. Just a few minutes walk away on the mountain, is the church of MONTESIEPI, very suitable religious events. In the matter of unwanted environment, the service is celebrated in the SALA CAPITOLARE. Unluckily you cannot organize receptions within the Abbey.


It is vital to have transportation to access the Villas in the surroundings. The ideal resort in the place is BORGO, less than 5-6 minutes drive from the Abbey town. The estate of the BICHI BORGHESI can home receptions with more than 90 to 100 people, in the small town of SCORGIANO. Tenuta di Papena and Villa Podernovo are also very suitable for intimate wedding, only a few Miles away from the Abbey.


  • Villa Sunset, magnificence Wedding in Certaldo


This magnificence villa for marriages in near Siena, Tuscany sits on the Chianti Mountains over-looking Certaldo that can be accessed in just a few miles. The villa is halfway among Siena and Florence. Luxury, quiet, discreet, with wide common places for the people, surrounded by fine gardens where the exceptional swimming pool places, Villa sunset can house 20 people in 10 spacious bedrooms.


  • Villa Serena – marriage in Radda in Chianti


This place is a State home which was made in the Middle Ages and recently restored in 2012 to 2013 by the holder, keeping in brain the historical structure and character and the entire modern needs. This is an ideal venue for typical Siena Wedding.


  • Villa Romance, marriage With a View in Chianti


The stunning landscape and the ideal place of this villa make it the super venue for romantic marriage in near Siena, Chianti. This villa has over 12 rooms (one of that is a suite with 3 bedrooms) for a complete space of 30 people without, considering further beds. 2 covered places for up to 45 guests and can be applied in case of unwanted weather, both overlooking the Siena Rolling Mountains.


  • Wedding Retreat Near Siena


Marriage retreat near Siena, the ideal wedding venue to get married in the core of Tuscany. The permanent marquee on the place without rentals expenses, Catholic marriages allowed similar sex unions friendly.


  • Villa Green, marriage Tuscany Style in Montaione


A town with the villa for marriages in clean Tuscan theme, the villa is placed in a green park and immense just 20-30 minutes from three main cities, and five minutes from the closest town. 40-50 minutes from either Florence or Pisa international airports. The magical town is composed of six building with many rooms' hotels for a complete space of 80-90 people.


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Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat

How refreshing and cool would it be to arrange a Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat? After all, water is the elixir of life, and to get married by the lake or beach is simply one of the most panoramic and romantic experiences that every couple can live!


Here's a selection of some of the most favorite destinations about Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat!


Top venues for Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat


  • Romantic boat wedding at Lake Garda: Lake district (Trentino Algo Adige, Lombardy, Veneto,)


The Lake districts in Italy has inspired a generation of famous poets: Maggiore, Lugano, Iseo, lakes of Garda, Como, Orta, Monate and Varese, and all-time favorite and ideal place for Romantic boat weddings.


Especially, the Lake Garda is a pure jewel complete of history and stunning surprises: SALO and its stunning bay, the wonderful medieval Scaliger fort in Malcesine, in the most amazing Sirmione... any place you turn, you find ancient walls Longobard and Roman ruins, aristocratic villas, the entire of that give a pure magical feel to the venue. If you'd rather think an act external the box, why not arrange your marriage on a boat right on the Lake Garda? And not only have any boated. For instance, you'd pick a period sailing boat from the early 1900s, which has survived 2 world wars and has rebuilt to its splendor in a stunning way!


  • Romantic boat wedding at Argentario, Tuscany: (Argentario, Tuscany)


Dramatic cliffs, wild Mediterranean nature, and deep clean waters: the Argentario provides this remarkable view for your Romantic boat wedding. The super iconic hotel in the place, Il Pellicano, overlooks an individual bay close Port ERCOLE and is a real hang out for a lot of artists and fashions.


If you're looking for a hip and chic destination for the boat wedding in Italy, this is what you're looking for! Italian TV stars and famous Russians have picked the Argentario Promontory for their special event, organizing amazing ceremonies at boat near exclusive villas or in the antique Spanish forts. This place also provides a diff panorama. When an Island, this promontory is now linked to the mainland via 2 ten km long and strips that have shaped a lagoon, The native fauna includes amazing pink flamingos and rare migratory species, protected by world wild Foundation Oasis. Inner the logon there's a charming small town named Orbetello. Picture your marriage at the local Tuscan style DUOMO, followed by a boat on the lagoon, during which your wedding guests can savor home fish delicacies such as well known BOTTARGA!


  • Romantic boat wedding at Taormina: Northern Sicily and Taormina


Simply incredible! This place features medieval art, an antique Greek Soul, Dramatic Sea sights and Mediterranean vegetation. It's the perfect post for Romantic boat wedding in Italy.
The northern cost also provides stunning sea views. For instance, San Vito Lo Capo and Mondello, Scopello are covered by immaculate nature and overlook the exotic Gulf of Bonagia, Macari, and Castellammare. Just a piece of stone throws away from stunning Palermo, the village of Bagheria boasts a wonderful villa named Palazzo Villa.


To enjoy Sicily from water, you can have your marriage on the super chic boat! The number of marriage guests is not an issue! Splendid film style boas can carry up to 180-200 people, including en-suite fancy and cabin areas. A bit warm Sicilian weather lets for this type of experience to be arranged even during winter term, absolute with water sports for your guests!


  • Romantic boat wedding at Wedding on a gondola, Venice: Venice (Veneto)


Venice city could not miss our list of Romantic boat wedding in Italy! The city is wealthy in all its aspects - music, art, food, traditions, culture and it's amazing landscape made of the stunning period of buildings and reflections of in canals, easily create a fairy style marriage location. Your boat marriage can take place among the exceptional Venetian buildings and special Gondola, embellished with the most amazing hand engraved gold decorations.


  • Romantic boat wedding at "White City", Ostuni: Salento (Apulia)


The elegant SALENTO venue in southern Apulia created it to the worldwide headlines when a famous actress Jessica Biel and a well known pop star Justin Timberlake. For a marriage by the water complete of age and character, pick Ostuni: this amazing place is regarded as an architectural jewel for its naturally white painted creations and its baroque shape churches and fortified antique walls. On the boat the sea view from up here is exceptional! For feet in the sand marriage, a lot of stylish beach clubs alongside with cost offer an exotic, a pure Hawaii style setting.
Choose any of these stunning destinations for your Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat that will make your marriage a memorable ceremony!


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Rustic Italian wedding: Get married in Tuscany

We all know that the venue is one of the most significant components of an unforgettable, unique, and pleasing wedding. While the most well-liked venues include Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands, Italy is the leading option for those who wish to celebrate in romantic style, in Europe. And Tuscany, Italy one of the busiest and most charming Rustic wedding venue for each couple!


Rustic Italian wedding: Get Married in Chianti, Italy


Rustic Italian wedding! Chianti, your Rustic Italian wedding celebration perfect for trendy honeymooners!
Rustic Italian wedding in Chianti is, arrange your Rustic wedding! We can provide for the most excellent wedding planner in Tuscany if you desire: play your whole party in a wonderful Chianti resort and create your dream come true.


Start your life jointly as a couple in the most stunning land, say your most important Yes covered by the stunning Chianti mountains, let your wedding rings sparkling among the fascinating olive groves of our country, enjoy the refined bucolic climate, the most lovely venue for Rustic Italian wedding ever. Your civil shabby chic event at Borgo I Vicelli Relais Firenze, a very old medieval small Tuscan town, live fairytale!


Tuscany is the charming area offering an antique and very pleasant moment. Sometimes the region is pretty rough, but forever charming the elegant soul of people and items, with its cultures. That is why the Rustic Italian wedding in Chianti resort becomes quickly fairy tale, on small Rustic Italian wedding or intense event, a unique experience, just like surpassing film. And the charming bride, in her elegant white outfit, will be the protagonist of an incredible dance of flowers, gesture, sounds, and memories.


The EVO restaurant boosts conventional flavors with an advance innovative feel, the gorgeous part deigns an amazing natural setting, your buddies are dancing to the sweetness of the swing band on the green garden, all recall the Dolce theme and the belle époque term, it is almost a dream of a midsummer night...


The amazing view of the terrace, overlooking the Chianti zone, will leave each one speechless. Contact us and start your Rustic Italian wedding in Chianti; we are just listening to your plans! We're already at your removal to organize each aspect of your Rustic Italian wedding, ready to get in touch with one of the best experts of Italy, (wedding planner, Musicians, photographer, etc), while the chef will support your to build an Italian food menu symbolizing your Rustic Italian wedding.


Design an alternative Rustic Italian wedding in the Chianti, countryside, wedding guests will luminous, spacious and comfortable rooms, also enjoying the free of cost access to the wellness area (spa with sauna and whirlpool) and to the pool. Are you prepared for the most excellent Rustic Italian wedding and honeymoon ever?


Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding


Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding style, your ideal day in the Chianti area!


Your Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding, a fairy tale becoming true! Arrange your Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding style in the Chianti area and enjoy a state chic celebration, a wonderful and passionate honeymoon vacation, also for your guests. Contact us and we can provide some of the best ideas about your Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding.


We can offer for an original and alternative party, what about 3 days jointly with your best buddies and families? The 1st day dedicated to jokes and preparations, the 2nd day the Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding and the 3rd ( and more if you want) to spend with day tour out of village or town, among Siena, Florence, Val d'Orcia, Arezzo, the Chianti mountains or even the amazing sea, not so far from this exceptional resort.


This is the most romantic and ideal venue to host groups of guests in a gorgeous and classy atmosphere, an enticing measurement highlighted by the wonderful olive groves. In summer times as in spring, you can plan an outside Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding, with a swing band to play some exciting tones on the lawn (or do you opt a DJ?)


We can contact an expert photographer (he'll build a photo shot and a video of the most excellent day in your life), and also a luxury car, if demanded (what about a unique vintage Model?), the wedding cake, your hairstyle, makeup, and invitations. If you wish we can also contact one of the best chefs in Tuscany.


These will elaborate a Tuscany Rustic Italian wedding theme menu with you, a conventional Tuscany and gourmet one improving the antique culinary cultures with advanced and innovative feel. Taste and pick one of the many organic more virgin olive oil ranges, capable to represent with its charming gold color, a lovely meeting, your gorgeous rings, the union of 2 people (bride and groom) lasting a complete life.


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