Weddings in Italy



My name is Elena Le Fosse,

I organize intimate weddings in Italy through
My agency HeraEl


Since 2014, I have been helping couples around the world
Realize their dream of a wedding in Italy


To date, my clients have been mostly American, British and Australian and a few Swiss couples with a love of history, the arts, and Italian romance have also turned to me.


I work with the goal of making sure that every couple and their guests go home with the memory of an extraordinary all-Italian experience, living "La Dolce Vita" to the fullest, with their loved ones.


I do this with my team and I involving the best professionals in the industry , on an ongoing basis and constantly keeping updated on the most effective organizing techniques and new trends to create the most beautiful intimate Italian destination weddings.


These details ensure that couples and their guests leave with a most memorable souvenir of the occasion.


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A little bit of background


I was born and raised in Verona, but now live in the beautiful region of Puglia, where I gave life to HeraEl, a brand exclusively dedicated to the organization of intimate weddings in Italy.

My professional training started while I was still living in Verona, where I attended Wedding Planner courses, and then completed a Master in Executive Management, specializing in Wedding Management.


My deep passion for this industry lead me to study with, and closely follow, one of the world's most well-respected professionals in the sector, David Tutera.


Why did I decide to organize only intimate weddings?


The reason for my decision is that, after having organized many large weddings, some of which included over 200 guests,


I noted:


  • Stressed brides and grooms, having to spend hours circulating the tables
  • Guest lists where the bride and groom didn't know half the people because they had been invited simply for convenience or fear that someone might be offended.
  • Family and friends who only came to eat and criticize.


Instead, at an intimate wedding:


  • You will enjoy the most important day of your life surrounded by people who truly love you
  • You will experience the true meaning of the celebration more, because you did not have to create a circus surrounding your wedding.
  • You will be able to spend more time with your guests. A small wedding allows the bride and groom to spend quality time with each of their guests, making them feel truly unique and welcome.
  • You will no doubt have a wedding that your guests will remember, because it will be different from all the other weddings they've ever attended. Since the intimate atmosphere will evoke greater emotions, its memory will surely linger in the hearts of your guests.


Would you like an intimate wedding in Italy?


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