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Organizing a wedding, especially today, requires a lot of attention, and to be sure to bring out the best in the location and style selected by the Bride and Groom, it is essential to turn to a professional Wedding Planner. Being supported by a Wedding Planner for the organization of a wedding in Puglia, means exploiting the immense potential of this lovely territory, from its gastronomic specialties to its landscapes, and from the most traditional to the most innovative ideas.


Complete planning, creative and organizational support throughout the entire organizational phases are at the couple's disposal to guarantee and satisfy their every need. HeraEl Wedding Planner in Puglia, a magnificent region boasting breathtaking landscapes, is a commitment to the Bride and Groom for a personalized event with special attention given even to the slightest detail. The secret for a wedding's outstanding success? Custom-tailoring based on the wishes and desires of the Bride and Groom.


One of HeraEl's strongest skills is the capability of fully understanding the couple's wishes and being able to transform them into a unique and unforgettable Wedding Day. For assistance in making choices: from invitations to apparel, from an original Seating Arrangement Board to decorations for the ceremony and reception, from the event's color scheme to the ever-important choice of flowers, everything to ensure that the event is an astounding success. SMILES, JOY, PEACE OF MIND and intense emotions are the essence of your "I Do".


A wedding in Puglia is filled with many surprises, such as the vast choice and variety of spectacular locations, from the very traditional, such as restored farmhouses for a dramatic scenic effect, or charming countryside villas and locations with amazing ocean view, to small hamlets or villages for those who prefer a quaint, stylish, elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The atmosphere in Puglia is the framework of a dream come true. In addition to impeccable organization, the location is as important in ensuring the event emanates joy and offers peace of mind to the Bride and Groom and their guests. Your guests will feel "at home", at an event that has been personalized by a Wedding Planner able to perfectly reflect the personality of the hosts, highlighting the most important aspects of their lives.


A wedding should be a party for everyone. It is the quality of the services offered, as characterized by the commitment and passion of the person organizing the event, that makes the difference and ensures that the couple is completely satisfied by the way their Special Day unfolds.


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"Creating a lifetime of memories"
Wedding Planner Puglia
Create memories that will last a lifetime. Puglia is the perfect place to fulfil a dream of love. I should know, because I first fell in love with this land, its colours and flavours, crystal blue sea and beautiful landscapes dotted with charming villages and farms bathed in light. You and your sweetheart want to create the most beautiful day of your life together and I am here, at your side, to lead you hand in hand through the most exclusive locations and fascinating places where you can tie the knot.
Wedding Planner Puglia
Wedding Planner Italia
Elena's immense passion, innate style and keen sense of responsibility are qualities that inspire confidence and trust when selecting a professional. Born and raised in Verona, Elena now lives in the beautiful region of Puglia, where she has created and given life to HeraEl, a brand dedicated to wedding planning. Elena's professional journey began while she was still living in Verona, where she attended courses to become a Wedding Planner, and then went on to obtain a Master in Executive Management
Wedding Planner Puglia
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Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner Puglia
Wedding Planner Italia
Wedding planner in Italy
Wedding Planner in Italy

Serena & Francesco

Consiglio Elena perchè riesce ad essere non solo una wedding planner creativa , disponibile , gentile, cordiale, precisa e affidabile ma anche ad essere un'ottima ascoltatrice dei desideri, dei dubbi e delle incertezze degli sposi nella realizzazione del loro grande giorno. Siamo molto soddisfatti. Provare per credere!

Antonella & Gerson

La nostra wedding planner Elena, è stata più di una wedding planner, si è impiagata al 100% nel nostro progetto e ha dato più di quello che gli era richiesto. Tempo, disponibilità, ascolto, professionalità, creatività, dolcezza sono stati i suoi punti forti come molti altri. È una persona piacevole con la quale il contatto è stato subito positivo. Vivendo in Svizzera è stato anche facile prepare tutto insieme. Ha dato il meglio per offrirci un matrimonio che ci assomiglia. La giornata è stata incantevole per noi e per gli invitati. Siamo stati contentissimi del suo lavoro e non possiamo fare altro che raccomandarla a chi vorrebbe sposarsi.

James M.

HeraEl wedding planner is very well organized, professional, modern and elegant. I had my destination wedding in Italy and Elena made my dream wedding come true. Elena and her team were great. I would definitely recommend her wedding services to anyone. If there is one advise I can give you is to book her immediately since she's very popular in Puglia Italy. Thank you so much Elena for all your help and dedication to my destination wedding.


I attended a wedding in June that was planned by HeraEl wedding planner Elena.
The location of the wedding in Puglia was at city of Vieste,FG Italy. There was an acoustic guitar player playing for the guests, as they made their way to the front entrance of the beautifully ceremony in the garden. The food was delicious,amzing sea view and the live music was wonderful, she even created a baby sitting for the younger guests attending. It was a perfectly planned wedding and I had a great time.

Celeste e Mattia

Grazie ad Elena, il mio giorno più bello ha raggiunto l'altezza delle mie aspettative, regalandoci emozioni indimenticabili! Grazie Elena, per il tuo impegno e la tua dedizione.

As with any wedding ceremony, there are million different things that need to be planned. So it is very significant that you begin planning your wedding six to twelve months before the time. This will ensure that you have enough time to get the wedding all set. By beginning early, this will also ensure that you can book the right reception hall, photographers, videographers etc.
The first part of your wedding organizing begins by creating a wedding financial plan. There is much of free advice on creating wedding budgets online including online budget planners or excel spreadsheets you can freely download.
Once you have put a financial plan into place, be sure that you stick with it. Having a budget in place will ensure that you have sufficient money for all you will need for the wedding. If you go over in one place think of the other thing you need to reduce.
Because of the difficulty of the economy, many couples are choosing to organize small, but intimate weddings rather than a huge wedding. One way to save money is by trimming down the list of invitees. Even though the list has been trimmed down, bear in mind that the guest who make it to your final list will feel extra special for getting an invite. This offers the avenue for you to do extra preparation for them which would not have been possible with a huge wedding. For instance, rather than give them a few chocolates, consider giving each of them their own box of candy or better still offer each one a champagne toast.Wedding ideas for a small wedding are limitless.

Most couples erroneously believe that the planning will be simpler because the wedding is smaller - this is far from the truth. It is important to consider every detail when putting together a wedding. Nothing will be hidden from a huge crowd of 150 people; in a small wedding, every minute detail will be noticeable. One great suggestion will be to hire a wedding planner to make everything easy. Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in one's life and it can also be one of the most stressful times in the life of an adult. Every couple would want a wedding of their dreams which will offer them romantic and beautiful memories to treasure for the rest of their lives. Turning this dream to reality while on a budget is such a challenge but can be achieved using creative avenues to organize an intimate and romantic wedding.
Weddings abroad are memorable occasions, but getting married in the romantic Italy, land of renowned splendor and history will be at all times remain in your heart like an unforgettable event!
Discovering the best wedding destination is a concern for all couples planning to get married. Choosing the right place can be very challenging when there are a lot of options and possible venues. Italy is one of the countries with more wedding locations, rich of magnificent venues and places for an excellent wedding and honeymoon.
Places like Florence, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Venice and in the last few years even Puglia are all destinations that have a exceptional combination of romance and history.They are locations in Italy which can turn your wedding into a special date to keep good lasting memory. Places like Florence, Rome and Venice have their history and their stylish and charming buildings, breathtaking and famous churches. Unique landscapes and views all make them perfect as wedding destinations. At place like the Capri and the Amalfi Coast, you will enjoy romantic and breathtaking natural terraces overlooking the sea and luxurious villas and hotels.In Puglia you will be spellbound from her coasts and from her magnificent absorbed farms in the green, surrounded by the mighty his secular olive trees.
Setting up a perfect confetti is a custom especially in a wedding in Puglia where tradition is deeply rooted. There are many things to do and the fear of making some mistakes comes. Enter my blog and I'll explain how to do it.
Whether it is a life-long dream or you have never really given it much thought, a wedding is a truly unique event. However, the happiness and joy of organizing this special day can give way to stress with the preoccupation of making mistakes.
Paying special attention to even the smallest detail is the secret to organizing a unique and unforgettable wedding.
The "Confettata", a typical Italian tradition, and very deeply rooted in the region of Puglia, is a beautifully decorated table of sugar coated almonds, known as "confetti".
Puglia, the land of marvels and tradition. The landscape of Puglia lies as a breathtaking background to the beautiful images in the wedding album that will be proudly shared with family and friends.
Wedding celebrations in Puglia are not a one-day affair. The festivities continue for two or three days with sumptuous food, entertaining music and lively dancing for the enjoyment of the Bride and Groom, as well as family, friends and sometimes even neighbors and passersby.
There are many reasons to seek the help of a professional Wedding Organizer, and we have listed the main ones below.
By consulting an expert, you will be assured of the highest quality of services and you will avoid the stress and fatigue of organizing the event by yourselves. The attention paid to every single detail will make the difference between a simple wedding and a wedding that is a truly unique and memorable experience. You will be relying on someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field and is specialized in all the creative aspects, from the setting and location to contacts with the various professionals who will be involved with the event, and so much more. Your Wedding Organizer is there to grant your every request, making sure that the most important day of your lives is extraordinarily special. Do not leave anything to chance: when engaging a Wedding Organizer, all you will have left to do is think about enjoying the moment, without worrying about anything other than having fun.
Jeff Sutton, the Manhattan real estate tycoon and 522nd wealthiest man in the world, chose the breathtaking scenery of Puglia for his daughter's wedding. The fairytale wedding between the young Renee Sutton and Eliot Cohen was celebrated on August 31, 2017, at the Lido of Santo Stefano in Monopoli, at a cost of approximately 25 million dollars.
Over 400 guests were flown in from New York, by private jet, to attend the billionaire Sutton-Cohen wedding and were treated to $500 per night accommodations at the Borgo Egnazia Resort, with private beach, and dinner selected from a 20-page menu prepared by international chefs. Former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, was among the many VIPs attending.
The staggering budget was certainly not a problem for Sutton, known as "King of Retail" and member of a Syrian Jewish community that dominates business in Manhattan and whose fortune of over $3.5 billion, according to Forbes, surpasses that of Donald Trump.